ROH star Danhausen recently joined The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast and during his appearance addressed comparisons that have been made between he and WWE Superstar Sami Zayn [fka El Generico]. He also opened up about his desire to draw in “casuals” to ROH programming, among other topics.

While reacting to Allie Kat saying that Danhausen “is bringing back the energy” to ROH that Generico was renowned for, Danhausen said the comparison humbles him since he idolizes WWE’s current Great Liberator.

“And what did El Generico do? He fought everybody, all kinds of characters, main eventers, everything. He was a jack of all trades if you will. That’s what I would like to do as well,” said Danhausen.

He added, “I do hope [to fill a similar role] in ROH. I have always looked up to him. If someone views it that way, it is very humbling.”

When asked to comment on his collaboration with Zayn for a PWT shirt, Danhausen revealed that a fan initially drew a Danhausen art as El Generico. This led to Danhausen donning the mask during The Collective weekend.

“I wasn’t comfortable putting out the t-shirt without talking to anybody because that’s not me,” he said. “So, I sent an email to Austin Creed [Xavier Woods] and said, ‘I have this artwork. Could you ask Sami if its ok that we can collaborate on the t-shirt that would benefit Sami4Syria [Zayn’s philanthropic project].’

“Sami agreed and the t-shirt was a big success. We made over $3,000 to benefit mobile clinics,” added Danhausen, who ranked in the top 25 top sellers on PWT in 2020.

When asked if he sees himself appealing more to casual wrestling fans, the very evil ROH star emphatically said, “That is exactly what Danhausen is trying to do.”

He went onto add that all the wrestling purists already watch ROH but he is bringing fresh ideas to the table.

“Danhausen will bring new eyes to Ring of Honor,” he says confidently. “Mix it up, put me in matches with PURE wrestlers to see what happens. This will produce a nice mixture and everybody wins.”

He also gave props to Mike Bennett, who recently returned to ROH. “Look at how strong he looks. I would love to wrestle him.”

The topic of Danhausen possibly joining a stable like The OGK [fka The Kingdom] now that he is with ROH.

“Yes, maybe! I did call myself The King of Wrestling. Who knows? Maybe I am their secret leader! Maybe I could be like coffee fellow. We could have the espresso man and Chris Hero.”

Danhausen also spoke about bringing some more of his indie friends like Warhorse, Allie Kat, Effy and Dan The Dad into ROH.

“Bring them in, let’s see if they fit. Why not? What’s the worst that can happen? If it doesn’t work, who cares? At least we tried. I got one shot in an extra match and now I’m signed and am making the most of it. They could do the same.”

Danhausen added that he would rather team up with someone like Dalton Castle since they are friends and both don “fabulous and great outfits” to the ring.

“We have wonderful costumes. We are beautiful and want to fight the gritty wrestlers.”

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