Danhausen Wants CM Punk To Come Out Retirement For Match With Him In ROH

On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, ROH star Danhausen made his return to the podcast where he and Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman discussed all things Danhausen. Recently, Danhausen released a CM Punk inspired shirt on Pro Wrestling Tees. The design was made by indie star Lee Moriarty, but Hausman asked if Punk was consulted about the shirt.


"No, Danhausen did not tell him, just kidding," Danhausen joked. "That is Danhausen's first wrestling shirt he ever bought, the Best In The World shirt, original. Danhausen still owns it. It's his favorite wrestling shirt. So he wanted to pay tribute and do a design of his own in the same vain because it looked quite nice. I don't know if he's (Punk) seen it. Who knows? Danhausen has no contact to CM Punk.

"He's tweeted at Danhausen twice. He reposted a wonderful drawing that Danhausen made of him, and he also told Danhausen that he was a good tweeter once. Hopefully, he's not mad about this t-shirt, but Danhausen just wanted to put out a tribute t-shirt that he liked. Danhausen tried changing it enough to be more of Danhausen's thing."


Danhausen has expanded his t-shirt influence all over, not just with PWT but also at ROH and Hot Topic. Hausman asked Danhausen if ROH has an influence over any of his third-party ventures.

"No, Danhausen controls Danhausen's world," Danhausen stated. "So Danhausen can put out whatever merchandise he pleases and then he also has some shirts on Ring of Honor's website."

Danhausen is known to be very nice and very evil. While Danhausen did not state the evilest thing that he's ever done, he did suggest a match against Punk.

"Danhausen is quite the good fellow, never cheats in a match to win, never does anything like that," Danhausen noted. "Who really knows? Danhausen will not incriminate himself on this interview television show. You're trying to trick Danhausen into getting in trouble by saying how evil he secretly is.

"You're also trying to cause a bout between Danhausen and CM Punk. He sees what you're doing. Do it. Go coax him into coming back into fighting Danhausen! We can have a t-shirt fight. I don't know. To clear that up, maybe we could team together. Who knows? That would be quite wonderful. We could drink a couple of Pepsis, do a nice time.

"We'll just do the Diet Pepsi's or whatever may have you. Also, we don't even have to fight. We can just get Dave Honor to pay us a million dollars apiece to do nothing. 'Look at this! He's on TV again!' No fighting. No bumps and bruises. Yes, people would watch."


Danhausen can now be seen every week as part of ROH TV. For more information please visit ROHWrestling.com.

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