Hollywood actor Kevin James was recently on Hot Ones, eating spicy wings and answering a range of questions. When asked how it was like to be on the same high school wrestling team as Mick Foley, James revealed he had many fierce battles with the WWE Hall of Famer.

“I played football, and never wrestled before, but they needed another heavyweight to go with Mick [on the team]. So they brought me over, and we had some battles,” recalled James. “I used to throw him around a little more, I think I was in better shape than him.”

James said Foley was already finding innovative ways to take bumps in high school.

“That’s where the mind [for pro wrestling] was developing,” felt James. “I remember him jumping off his roof on cardboard boxes, he was just doing these weird things and he’s the nicest guy ever. He’s incredible, writes children’s books, does so much for charity. Just a great, great guy. But he’s definitely a little off,” said James while pointing to his head.

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