Impact Wrestling Results (2/2): Swann & Dreamer Vs. Moose & Bey, ODB Returns, More

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D'Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with a Knockouts grudge match!

Tasha Steelz (w/Kiera Hogan) vs. Havok (w/Nevaeh)


Kiera Hogan distracts Havok on the apron, which helps Tasha Steelz get the first swing on Havok. Havok picks herself out of the corner with a big boot. Tasha works on kicks to the hamstring, bringing Havok down to the canvas. Tasha hooks the leg for only a two count. Tasha locks in Havok's leg. Havok crawls towards the bottom rope for a break. Tasha goes back to working the injured leg. Both women get up. Tasha connects a heavy back elbow. Havok shifts the momentum by blocking a running bulldog and smashing Tasha's face into the canvas. Havok then throws Tasha across the ring.

Tasha looks for an opening with a series of forearm shots and chops. She gets caught off the second rope with a swinging DDT. Havok tries to put Tasha away. She kicks out at two. Havok takes care of Kiera Hogan by choking her out on the apron. Nevaeh grabs Tasha's legs causing her to trip, which helps Havok seal the pinfall victory with a tombstone piledriver.

Winner: Havok 


D'Lo Brown and Matt Striker recount what happened after the eight-man tag team main event last week. They show footage of Ken Shamrock clocking Sami Callihan in the face and putting a referee in an ankle lock. Other referees were surrounded at ringside trying to stop Shamrock. Then, they had security guards come in. But Shamrock fought them off one by one.

Backstage: In Scott D'Amore's office, he has had it with Callihan and Shamrock. D'Amore informs Callihan he has suspended Shamrock indefinitely. Callihan says he's glad he did; if D'Amore didn't do it, he would have.

Backstage: Tommy Dreamer and the Impact World Champion Rich Swann are having a chat. Dreamer is excited that his career has come full circle. He looks forward to having his birthday celebration be a title match against Swann. Tonight, Swann and Deamer will be in action. Dreamer tells Swann that he'll do everything he can to help Swann out in their tag match.

Although they have a big match tomorrow night on AEW Dynamite Beach Beak, the Good Brothers still have targets on their backs here in Impact. Not only is it Private Party, but it's also Chris Sabin and James Storm. Storm confronts the Impact Tag Champs for their actions during the No. 1 Contenders match a few weeks back.  Storm challenges them for a match next week. If they don't accept it, Storm and Sabin will fight them tonight in the parking lot. The Good Brothers accept their challenge for next week.


We head back to the ring for the second match of the evening.

Madman Fulton (w/Ace Austin) vs. Josh Alexander

Josh Alexander looks for Madman Fulton's leg for a takedown. Fulton catches on towards his strategy and sends him crashing with a release suplex. Fulton connects a headbutt and big stomp in the corner to keep his offense on point. Alexander escapes the back and creates space with a big suplex. Alexander takes an awkward fall off the apron, which gives Fulton a chance to go back to being in control. Fulton sends Alexander off his feet with a giant chokeslam for only a two count! Both men find themselves on the middle rope. Alexander cuts Fulton off with a nice spinebuster, which turns into a double underhook finisher. Alexander goes for a cover. 1-2-3, Alexander pulls the match off with a pinfall victory.


Winner: Josh Alexander

Coming back from the break, we hear from Brian Myers. He feels somewhat responsible for his eye injury he took from Eddie Edwards last week. He calls Eddie an unprofessional wrestler and that his trainer and mentor Killer Kowalski would be rolling in his grave to see what Eddie has become. Eddie has heard enough. He runs down and jumps on top of Myers, whaling punches. Hernandez comes out to help Brian Myers. Myers tells Eddie that Hernandez is going to cover for him at No Surrender. Matt Cardona runs down to the ring to help Eddie. 

At Swinger's Palace: Alisha, Fallah Bahh and John E. Bravo are gambling, while Johnny Swinger watches on. 


Backstage: Eddie Edwards thanks Matt Cardona for having his back out there. He thinks they should team up at No Surrender and face Brian Myers and Hernandez at No Surrender. Cardona is all in for it.

Up next, Decay makes their way down to the ring for Crazzy Steve's scheduled match!

Crazzy Steve (w/Rosemary) vs. Larry D (w/Acey Romero)

Larry D makes some wild punches after the bell rings. Crazzy Steve catches him with a few cross face punches. Acey Romero throws Crazzy Steve into the guardrail on the outside then sends him back into the ring. Crazzy Steve bites down on Larry D, trying to create some distance. It works temporarily, but then a belly-to-belly suplex ensures for only a two count. Larry D hoists Steve up. Steve escapes from the back after laying in a few forearm shots. Larry D flies on top of Steve for another two count near fall. The referee catches Steve. Romero lays Steve up on the apron. Larry D clocks Steve as he comes off the ropes with a big right for the pinfall victory.


Winner: Larry D

Post-Match: Rosemary stares XXXL down until they leave the ring.

Gia Miller speaks with Trey Miguel about his return to Impact. As he explains why he made his return back, Sami Callihan shows up and interrupts his interview. Callihan says Miguel has zero loyalty towards his former Rascalz partners. Callihan throws shade towards Miguel, saying something similar to what Triple H said about him not having passion. This fires up Miguel. Callihan leaves in time before Miguel explodes.

Gia Miller congratulates Larry D for his win against Crazzy Steve. She asks him if he felt any hesitation when Rosemary stared him down. He and Acey Romero say they do not fear anyone, including Rosemary. They also mention they don't hit ladies. Tenille Dashwood volunteers squaring off with Rosemary on behalf of XXXL at No Surrender.

Speaking of Knockouts, Susan and Jordynne Grace will be in action, next!


Susan (w/Kimber Lee & Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Jordynne Grace (w/Jazz)

Susan needs to take her glasses off before she squares off with Jordynne. Jordynne is sick of waiting. She clocks her in the corner and sends her down with a great shoulder tackle. Jordynne goes for the first cover in the match, Susan kicks out. Susan throws Jordynne out of the ring. Kimber Lee and Deonna Purrazzo roll her back into the ring. Susan takes the lead with a couple of stomps and a foot chokehold in the corner. Susan walks over to confront Jazz. Purrazzo and Lee drag Jordynne out of the ring and double stomp her. They send her back into the ring. Susan hooks the leg, and Jordynne kicks out again at two.

Susan sends Jordynne out towards Jazz. Purrazzo and Lee team up on Jazz. Jordynne goes back into the ring and smashes a couple of forearms Susan's way. Jordynne drives her down with Tiger Bomb for just a two count. Susan rolls Jordyne up while Jazz takes out Purrazzo and Lee. Grace sends Susan out cold with her Grace Driver and gains the pinfall victory!

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Post-Match: Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee and Susan try to outnumber Jazz and Jordynne Grace in the ring. All of a sudden, ODB's music hits! She's back.! She runs out and levels the playing field.


Backstage: Matt Hardy predicts that Private Party is going to win the AEW Beach Break Tag Team Battle Royal tomorrow and then come back and win the Impact World Tag Team Championship at No Surrender. "Big Money" Matt can see it now; a ton of cash and double belts. All he asks of Private Party is to show up. 

AEW's Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone want fans to tune in tomorrow night to their Beach Break special! Before they announce the matches scheduled for tomorrow, Khan continues to throw his weekly shade toward Impact Management.

ODB, Jordynne Grace and Jazz have a good chuckle after ODB made her return. She says she was doing a virtual meet and greet outside the building, and that's why she came down to the ring so fast.


We head back to the ring for some X-Division action!

TJP vs. Rohit Raju

TJP dodges out of the way before Rohit Raju charges him. Raju gets caught in an octopus submission after a short arm reversal. Raju briefly blocks TJP's hybrid offense with a shoulder tackle. TJP picks himself back up and gets a little assist from the referee before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Raju is stomping away on TJP in the corner. TJP counters Raju with a quick schoolboy...nothing comes from that. Raju turns it around with a near fall of his own. Raju drives an elbow on the side of TJP's head for another near fall. Raju jerks TJP down by bending TJP's arm in an uncomfortable position. TJP creates some space with a few midsection shows and a rolling elbow. TJP turns it around with a beautiful tornado DDT. He misses his Mamba Splash but rolls through. Raju goes for his version of a GTS that sends TJP out of the ring. Underneath the ring, Shera surprises TJP and softens him up for Raju to get the pinfall victory.


Winner: Rohit Raju

- Violent By Design would like to extend an olive branch to Cousin Jake. Will Cousin Jake accept their offer?

Backstage: Gia Miller asks Cousin Jake if he accepts Violent By Design's offer. He says he has to think about it, but he'll give his response next week.

And now, the main event!

Moose & Chris Bey vs. Rich Swann & Tommy Dreamer 

Tommy Dreamer and Chris Bey begin the matchup. Bey looks for low kicks in the beginning. Dreamer turns it around with a nice and simple takedown. They restart. Bey comes flying off the ropes on Dreamer before the commercial break.

Coming break from the break, the TNA World Champion Moose is laying down forearms. Dreamer escapes the corner after an Irish whip. He gets a tag out to Rich Swann. Moose also makes a take to Bey. Bey looks for a crucifix rollup for only a one count. Bey applies a side headlock. Swann creates some space with some midsection shots. Swann catches Bey with a big dropkick to the chin. Dreamer is back in and drives an elbow off the second rope. Dreamer stretches Bey out before making another tag to Swann.


Swann lands a hard kick to the back of the kidneys. Moose returns the favor on the World Champion. Bey gets a near fall count on Swann. He tags Moose in. Moose focuses on reconstructing Swann's face. Moose sends Swann towards his corner with a strong short arm reversal before making another tag out to Bey. Bey goes for a sunset flip and gets another one count on the champ. Bey drags Swann away from his corner. Dreamer tries to fire up the champion, and it works! Dreamer comes in and throws Bey over his back. He pays homage to Dusty Rhodes with a few big shots and an elbow. He sends Bey head-first onto the canvas with a DDT. Moose comes in and sends Swann out cold with his Lights Out spear. Moose hooks the leg on the World Champion and gets the pinfall victory.

Winners: Moose & Chris Bey

Post-Match: Moose goes after Tommy Dreamer before the referee stops it. Moose grabs both championships and holds them up high.

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!