Impact Wrestling Results (2/9): The Good Brothers Vs. James Storm & Chris Sabin, Swann/Dreamer Contract Signing

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Tonight's episode is the go-home show before No Surrender, which is live this Saturday on Impact Plus and FITE TV.

D'Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome fans toย Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with an eight-man tag team match!


Trey Miguel, Josh Alexander, Willie Mack &ย  Suicide vs. Chris Bey, Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton), Daivari & Blake Christian

Blake Christian and Josh Alexander kick things off. Both men exchange mat-based takedowns until Alexander turns it up a notch with a power slam. Blake heads to his corner for a take out to Ace Austin. Ace says he'll teach Blake how it's done. Alexander looks for an ankle lock. Austin rolls through. Alexander sends Austin through a snapmare before tagging in Trey Miguel. Miguel comes in hot with a nice atomic drop. Austin rolls out and brings Chris Bey in. Suicide comes in off a blind tag from Miguel.

Suicide flies in with a nice head scissors takedown on Bey. Suicide plants a nice basement dropkick for only a two count. Austin rushes in after Austin is sent to the outside. Suicide hangs in the ropes, and Austin dives into Bey. Willie Mack and Daivari become the legal men. Daivari has Mack cornered with a series of punches. Mack escapes with a standing moonsault for a two count. Bey gets tagged in. He rolls Mack through with a snapmare for another near fall. Austin stomps away on Mack once he makes his way back into the ring. He looks for another cover. Mack kicks out.


Blake Christian tags himself back in after watching Austin's unsuccessful time in the ring. He connects a dropkick for two. Christian exits strategically by backing himself up against the turnbuckles and holding on to Mack until Daivari comes in. Daivari misses an opportunity to connect an elbow off the top. Mack rolls through with a tag out to Miguel. Miguel comes in with seven big moves before Bey and Alexander make their way into the ring. Alexander positions Bey for a Northern Lights Suplex. Christian comes in to stop Alexander's momentum with a 450 Splash! Mack slides back in with a nice senton on Austin in the corner and a standing moonsault on Blake Christian.

Daivari isn't a fan of Mack's spotlight. He comes in with a big forearm. Mack sends him over the top rope. Suicide sends Austin and Bey crashing into each other. He shotguns Bey out of the ring with a beautiful missile dropkick. Miguel and Suicide accidentally crash into each other. Christian flies off the top with a springboard flatliner. He thinks he has Miguel put away...Nope! Miguel kicks out at two. Miguel locks in his new hourglass submission on Christian. Christian taps out. Miguel's team wins!


Winners: Trey Miguel, Josh Alexander, Willie Mack & Suicide

Post-Match: Sami Callihan congratulates Trey Miguel for his big victory. But he wants to know when will Miguel flake out again and leave the company? Callihan says it's in Miguel's best interests to just leave now!

After the commercial break, ODB will make her in-ring return!

- The Impact locker room wishes Tommy Dreamer a happy early birthday before his big match against Rich Swann at No Surrender. He and Swann will sign the contract for their match tonight!

We head back to the ring for Knockouts action!

Kimber Lee (w/Susan & Deonna Purrazzo) vs. ODBย 


Kimber Lee rolls out of the ring to talk to Susan and Deonna Purrazzo. Lee mimics ODB by tucking in her girls and tries to run into her. ODB doesn't move a muscle. ODB's girls push Lee halfway across the ring. ODB lights Lee's chest up with a big knife edge chop. Lee charges in and gets caught with an elbow. Lee breaks up ODB's Dirty Dozen finisher. Lee goes for a cover. ODB kicks out at one. Lee locks her up with a lotus lock. ODB fights back with a back elbow.

Lee removes the bandana around ODB's head. Lee returns a chop in the corner before slamming the former Knockouts Champion face-first into the top turnbuckle. Lee sends ODB out of the ring and distracts the referee while Susan and Deonna Purrazzo whale on her on the outside.

Back from the break, ODB is on the move with a big shoulder tackle. She sets Lee up with her glamorous bronco buster. She looks for a cover, and Lee kicks out at two. Lee whips ODB into the corner. ODB turns it around with her Dirty Dozen. She lands the diving Thesz press part of her move and rolls Lee up. Lee kicks out again. Lee drives ODB onto the canvas with a running slam. She heads to the top, and ODB stops her momentum by throwing her across the ring. Susan climbs up on the apron to distract the referee. Purrazzo goes to town on ODB. Jazz and Jordynne Grace come out to help ODB out. Lee lays and waits, rolls ODB up, and wins the match.



Winner: Kimber Lee

At Swinger's Palace:ย John E. Bravo will not accept Fallah Bahh's cookie for collateral.

Backstage: Susan is not happy with how everything went down with Jazz and Jordynne Grace. Deonna Purrazzo says that this is the Age of Virtuosa, and she'll make sure something like this doesn't happen again. That isn't good enough for Susan. She is going to talk to their manager, Scott D'Amore, and demand a Knockouts tag team match at No Surrender.

Now, Cousin Jake makes his way down to the ring to announce if he'll join Violent By Design. Cousin Jake admits that his head has been swimming. Violent By Design's music hits. They are hopeful he'll make the right decision. Eric Young says that he can see it in Cousin Jake that he is ready to take control. Cousin Jake says if you don't stand for something, then you don't fight for anything. Then, he informs the guys that his new name is Jake Something. Violent By Design does not like that answer. They put a chair around Jake's neck, and Young informs Jake he'll be facing Deaner at No Surrender this Saturday.


Backstage:ย Rohit Raju says he's turning to his monster Shera the same way TJP is turning towards his monster Manik. Raju is excited to have Shera in his corner for his X-Division Championship against TJP on Saturday.

Mr. Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone are back again this week to talk about the "forbidden door" that seems to a big topic in the pro wrestling community. Khan says all along he's been the forbidden door in pro wrestling. They run through what fans can expect on AEW Dynamite tomorrow night, which includes a TNT Championship defense, the Women's Tournament Eliminator, and a Falls Count Anywhere match with KENTA & Kenny Omega taking on Jon Moxley & Lance Archer. Khan warns Impact Management that he'll be back in Nashville sooner rather than later!



Backstage: The Good Brothers list off why they're the best Impact World Tag Team Champions in history. They believe that tonight in their match against James Storm and Chris Sabin, it's just going to be a preview of what's going to happen to Private Party on Saturday; they're going to retain their titles and keep cementing their legacies.

We go back to the ring for more Knockouts action!

Kiera Hogan (w/Tasha Steelz) vs. Nevaeh (w/Havok)

Nevaeh sends Kiera Hogan into the corner with a series of hard-hitting forearms. She hooks the leg for a two count. Hogan backslides with a near fall, too. Hogan kicks Nevaeh repeatedly while she's hung up on the ropes. The referee pushes Hogan off. As the referee is talking to Hogan, Tasha Steelz adds a low blow. Hogan keeps Nevaeh cornered with a foot chokehold. Nevaeh looks for a wear down hold before getting another near fall count. Hogan flies back with a dropkick for another two count. Both women trade heavy forearms on the mat. Nevaeh lands a nice kick close to the side of Hogan's head. She looks for another pin, and nothing comes out of it. Hogan rolls through with a small package. Hogan walks into the STO. The referee catches Steelz planting Nevaeh with a codebreaker. The referee calls for this match to be in Nevaeh's favor via DQ.


Winner: Nevaeh

From AEW: Arn Anderson, Matt Hardy, The Young Bucks, Eddie Kingston Taz, Proud N Powerful, MJF and Chris Jericho wish Tommy Dreamer a happy birthday. MJF just doesn't see Dreamer winning the World Championship this Saturday.

- Fire 'N Flava are mad about losing their singles matches and want Scott D'Amore to do something about it. They blame referee Brandon Tolle for his bad calls. D'Amore says he will definitely ban Tolle from refereeing their match on Saturday, but they will have to defend their Knockouts Tag Team Championship against Havok and Nevaeh.

In the ring, Tenille Dashwood will be helping XXXL with their ongoing feud with Decay. Tonight, Kaleb (with a "K") issues a challenger to either member of Decay. Rosemary says they have an animal who is hungry and ready to feed. It's AAA's Black Taurus! Kaleb and Black Taurus will be in action next!


Kaleb vs. Black Taurus

Black Taurus comes in hot with a big Samoan Drop on Kaleb. He sends him away with another big slam for the short pinfall victory!

Winner:ย  Black Taurus

Up next, The Good Brothers will defend their Impact World Tag Team Championship!

Backstage:ย Hernandez gets half of his money from Brian Myers, but he wants all of it now. Myers says he'll give him his other half if they win their tag match against Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona. Fallah Bahh sees Myers with the stash of cash and has a puzzling look on his face.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) vs. James Storm & Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin and Karl Anderson start the matchup. Both men go straight for a collar tie lockup. Sabin has the arm locked in. Anderson breaks it with a dropdown. Sabin carries it through with another tight arm lock on the mat. James Storm gets a tag in and lands a nice knee on Anderson before tagging Sabin back in.


Back from the break, Sabin and Storm have Anderson cornered with two flying elbows. Storm cradles Anderson with a side headlock. Anderson gets up on his feet and breaks the hold. Sabin makes his way back into the ring. Anderson tags in Doc Gallows. Gallows comes in with some heavy elbow drops. He looks for a cover, and Sabin kicks out at two. Gallows smashes Sabin in the face with a big boot. Anderson looks for a rear side headlock on his own before tagging out to Gallows.

Gallows clubs Sabin with some more elbows. On the stage, Private Party and Matt Hardy are scouting the match. Storm and Anderson are on the move with an atomic drop, then a head scissors takedown. Sabin looks for a snapmare with an assist of a Backcracker from Storm. Sabin hooks the leg on Anderson, and AEW's Private Party breaks the pin. Everyone is furious! The referee calls for this match to be a DQ, but a win towards James Storm and Chris Sabin.


Winners: James Storm & Chris Sabin

Backstage:ย Matt Hardy is very proud of Private Party for seizing their opportunity just a few minutes ago. Scott D'Amore interrupts their hurrah by interrupting the tag team championship match. Hardy asks D'Amore to excuse their behavior; they're young. D'Amore says that on Saturday, the Impact World Championship match will now be a Three-Way Dance between The Good Brothers, Private Party and James Storm & Chris Sabin!

D'Lo Brown and Matt Striker run through all the matches set forย No Surender. Speaking of the main event, Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer will now sign their contract ahead of the main event match on Saturday!

Before Tommy Dreamer signs his half of the contract, he compliments Swann for being a defending champion; however, he informs the World Champion that he has a lot of holes in his defense. He warns Swann that he's going to push Swann to work on his defense this Saturday. All of a sudden, Moose's music hits.


The "Self-Proclaimed" TNA World Heavyweight Champion doesn't understand why Swann is giving a 50-year-old man a world title shot and not him. Dreamer has had it and tells everyone to shut up. Dreamer looks at his phone and reads a text Moose sent him back in July. Dreamer says as long as he's still kicking, he will continue uniting younger and older wrestlers. He officially accepts a shot for the Impact World Championship this Saturday!

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching! Be sure to join us this Saturday for our live coverage of No Surrender.