Impact Wrestling's "No Surrender" Results

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Before his main event match tonight, Tommy Dreamer looks back on his 31-year career in the industry as he celebrates his 50th birthday today.


D'Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome fans to No Surrender! We kick things off with a six-person tag team match!

XXXL & Tenille Dashwood (w/Kaleb) vs. Decay (Rosemary, Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus)

Acey Romero is ready to go, but he refuses to wrestle Rosemary. So, Tenille Dashwood is tagged in. Tenille walks right into a big forearm in the center of the ring. Crazzy Steve is in, and so is Larry D. Crazzy Steve ducks the line and looks for a Fujiwara armbar. He lands a nice takedown before Larry D goes over for a tag out to Romero. Black Taurus makes his presence felt after the tag out with a low forearm. Romero rolls out of the ring. Decay is about to dive out of the ring, but XXXL and Dashwood move out of the way. Decay stops themselves.

Back in the ring, Crazzy Steve makes his way back in with Romero. Kaleb tries to interfere on the outside by grabbing Steve's leg. Romero tags Larry D back in. Larry D crashes into Steve in the corner. He makes a tag out to Dashwood, who stomps away on Steve in their corner. Romero comes flying in but misses a splash in the corner. Steve desperately needs to make a take out. He does so to Black Taurus. Larry D is back in. Taurus slams Larry in the ring with a Samoan Drop. Dashwood taunts Taurus by pulling out a red shirt. Taurus grabs her hair. XXXL steps in.


Larry D flies through the ropes with a 747 dive. Crazzy Steve lands on top of everyone with a big crossbody. Acey throws Dashwood on top of everyone with a big powerbomb! Dashwood hits her elbow hard on the ramp. Black Taurus and Larry D are the legal men. Taurus sprays Acey Romero with the green mist and comes flying down with a moonsault neckbreaker on Larry D! Black Taurus hooks the leg. 1-2-3, Decay wins this match!

Winners: Decay 

Next, we take a look at the buildup between Brian Myers & Hernandez and Eddie Edwards & Matt Cardona. Their match is scheduled next!

Brian Myers & Hernandez vs. Eddie Edwards & Matt Cardona

Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers begin the matchup. Edwards goes behind for a waistlock takedown. Both men get up. Edwards sends Myers off his feet again with a deep arm drag. Edwards makes a take out to Matt Cardona. Myers tags in Hernandez. Hernandez shoves Cardon. Cardona turns it around with a textbook dropkick. Cardona keeps a lock on Hernandez before tagging Edwards back in. Hernandez counters Edwards and Cardona with a double clothesline. Myers makes his way back in. Edwards clocks Myers for a near fall.


Outside the ring, Hernandez clobbers Edwards. He rolls him back into the ring. Hernandez puts a tight bear hug on Edwards, making it hard for him to make a tag out to Cardona. Hernandez backs Edwards towards his corner for a tag out to Myers. Myers looks for a pin. Edwards kicks out at two. Myers locks in a tight chin lock. Edwards fights out with a series of midsection shots. Cardon stomps away on Edwards before bringing Hernandez back in. They take the top turnbuckle protector off. Hernandez makes another quick tag out to Myers.

Myers looks for another tight chin lock and tries to send Edwards towards the uncovered turnbuckle. Edwards counters with a belly-to-back suplex. Hernandez quickly makes his way back in before Myers comes back. Myers pushes Edwards off his feet with a Russian side sweep. Myers makes another tag to Hernandez. Hernandez and Edwards clash at the top with a huge SuperMex! Edwards gets Cardona back in. Myers is back, too. Cardona lands a beautiful missile dropkick on Myers and sends Hernandez down and out on the outside. Myers manhandles Cardona with a sit-down slam for only a two count! Hernandez catches Eddie mid-air with a double slap to both sides of the face. In the ring, Cardona throws Myers off his game with a nicely done hurricanrana, but he only gets a two count! Myers sends Cardona face-first towards the exposed turnbuckle before clocking him with a huge clothesline for the win.


Winners: Brian Myers & Hernandez

Post-Match: Matt Hardy is pumping Private Party up before their Triple Threat Match for the Impact World Tag Team Championship.

Up next, two former friends turned bitter rivals will look for bragging rights on who is the most woken opponent.

Deaner (w/Violent By Design) vs. Jake Something

Both men stare each other down after the bell rings. Deaner is getting manhandled by Jake Something at the beginning of the match. Eric Young has to remind Deaner that Jake is no longer his friend. This fires up Deaner, who slides back into the ring and pulls off some quick forearm counters. Deaner throws Jake out of the ring. Eric Young connects a lethal DDT. Young rolls Jake back into the ring. Deaner stomps away on Jake. Jake rolls out of the corner. Deaner stalks his prey with a nice jumping European uppercut. Deaner goes for a pin. Jake fights free with a kick out.


Deaner tight locks in a chin lock. Jake breaks out with a series of elbow shots. On the outside, Deaner shoves Jake into the ring post and stretches his arm out. Back in the ring, Jake tosses Deaner towards the corner. Deaner hangs Jake up on the ropes and jimmy his way in with a dropkick! Deaner with a cover. Jake kicks out again. Jake gets control of his emotions and focuses back on this match with a nice sit-out slam. Eric Young distracts the referee while Jake has the pin on Deaner. Deaner keeps himself alive. Deaner floats up with a neckbreaker. It isn't enough as Jake kicks out again at two!

Jake catches Deaner with a forearm. Both of them are in no man's land on the top rope. Deaner counters it once they're down with a powerbomb. Jake takes out Violent By Design. Jake sends his former friend away with his new power move, black hole slam, for the victory!

Winner: Jake Something 

Post-Match: Eric Young and Joe Doering charge right into the ring and set up a table. Doering sends Jake Something right through the table with an explosive powerbomb.


Backstage: Eddie and Alisha Edwards bring Tommy Dreamer a gift. They give him words of encouragement ahead of his match tonight!

Back into the ring, we get ready for the X-Division Triple Threat Revolver match. The winner will become the No. 1 Contender to the title! Three men will start, and one by one, they'll continue to come in after pinfall or submissions. Trey Miguel, Blake Christian and Suicide will start the match.

Trey Miguel vs. Blake Christian vs. Suicide

Trey Miguel and Blake Christian start the match off by landing a double dropkick on Suicide. Suicide finds his step with a nice hurricanrana. Blake sends Suicide flat with a head scissors takedown that transitions into a dropkick. Trey slides back into the ring and plants Blake with a nice reverse rana. Suicide and Trey showcase their hybrid skills with a nicely done back and forth that begins with a wheelbarrow counter into another hurricanrana. Miguel locks Suicide up with his hourglass submission. Suicide taps out, and Chris Bey comes in.


Suicide is out. Chris Bey is in.

The other birthday boy, Chris Bey, clocks Blake and Trey with a big flying elbow in opposite corners. Blake finds his offense with a double hurricanrana! Trey and Blake collide with a standing C4! Blake takes out Bey by the ankles with a nicely done stomp. Bey ends Blake's time in the ring with a vertebrae breaker.

Blake Christian is out. Daivari is in.

Daivari comes in hot with a fast-paced attack on Chris Bey. He sends Bey out of the ring with a belly-to-back suplex. Look behind you! Trey flies in with a beautiful Meteora. Trey hooks the leg on Daivari. 1-2-3. Daivari is out. Josh Alexander is in.

Daivari is out. Josh Alexander is in.

Josh Alexander comes in with a big sleeper hold. Chris Bey counters a double underhook. He gets caught with a powerbomb before locking Bey with an ankle lock. Chris Bey taps out. Bey is eliminated, and Willie Mack is in.

Chris Bey is out. Willie Mack is in.  


Trey and Alexander work together on taking Wille Mack out. Trey jumps off the top with a second Meteora that sends Mack out of the match. Willie Mack is eliminated, and Ace Austin is in.

Willie Mack is out. Ace Austin is in. 

It all comes down to these three men: Josh Alexander, Trey Miguel and Ace Austin. Trey was so close to taking Alexander out of the match with a poison rana counter and cutter from off the ropes. Now, Austin and Trey square off. Both men exchange forearms until Austin gets the better of Trey. Trey and Austin throw themselves out of the ring with two brilliant over the top flips. Trey and Austin are stuck in the corner. Trey ducks from under a powerbomb attempt with a nice kick. Trey runs across the other side to keep Alexander down. A few minutes later, Alexander tosses Austin and Trey up on his shoulders and throws them with a big slam! Alexander looks for an ankle lock. Nothing comes from that. Alexander sends Austin crashing into the mat with a devastating death valley piledriver. Josh Alexander is now the new No. 1 Contender of the X-Division Championship!


Winner: Josh Alexander

Up next, Fire 'N Flava will put their Knockouts Tag Team Titles on the line in a Texas Tornado No DQ Match!

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Fire 'N Flava (c) vs. Havok & Nevaeh

Havok and Nevaeh get the best of Fire 'N Flava at the beginning of the match. Kiera Hogan quickens the pace with five huge kendo stick strikes on Havok. Hogan looks for the first cover, and Havok kicks out. Havok gets herself back into the match with a neckbreaker/clothesline combination on Tasha Steelz, but it isn't enough to keep her down. Steelz starts a beat down before Havok turns it around with a double suplex on her and Hogan. Havok gets decked with a handicap sign. Steelz catches Nevaeh with a textbook cutter to retain the Knockouts Tag Team Championship!

Winners: Fire 'N Flava


Backstage: The Impact World Champion Rich Swann is happy to reveal that after talking to Impact Management, Moose will be banned from ringside during his match with Tommy Dreamer. Make no mistake about it, Swann says Dreamer is in the fight of his life tonight.


The title matches continue with TJP putting his X-Division on the line, next!

X-Division Championship: TJP (c) vs. Rohit Raju (w/Shera)

Rohit Raju doesn't let TJP make his way down to the ring properly before ambushing the champion. Raju clocks TJP with a jumping knee. TJP gets back up into a vertical position. He throws Raju into Shera's arms. TJP jumps over with a wild cannonball over the barricade. The bell has not even rung yet. Raju sends TJP over his shoulders with a vertical slam. The bell finally rings. TJP takes out the lower half of Raju with a basement dropkick.


Raju counters TJP with a northern lights suplex for only a two count. Shera cheapshots TJP with a set of forearms. Raju goes for a fisherman's suplex. He gets the same results: a kick out at two. Raju has TJP wrapped up in a sleeper hold. TJP is starting to fade. Raju breaks it up. Raju looks for another cover. TJP kicks out. Raju distracts the referee while Shera locks TJP up. Back in the ring, Raju manipulates TJP's shoulder and starts to bite it! TJP catches Raju in the ropes with a single crab lock. The referee calls for a rope break. TJP misses a Mamba Splash off the top.

Raju rolls through a fireman's carry into a jumping knee. Raju sends TJP crashing with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. He hooks the leg, and TJP keeps himself alive by kicking out at 2.9! TJP and Raju are up in no man's land territory. TJP and Raju fly off with a superplex. TJP knee strikes Raju in the face. TJP looks for a cover. Raju kicks out! TJP climbs back up on the top rope. He lands the Mamba Splash, but Raju turns it around with an armbar submission! Both men exchange rollups. Raju is in awe when he lands another knee strike for only a two count. TJP turns it around with a deadly DDT. TJP heads to the top again for another Mamba Splash. He hooks the leg on Raju. 1-2-3. TJP has done it again. He retains against Raju!


Winner: TJP

Backstage: Gia Miller checks in on Tommy Dreamer before his main event match tonight. He says he's filled with so many emotions he can't wrap his head around it. He wants to give fans one last career-defining match.

We briefly take a break from the championship matches for a Knockouts tag team match!

Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee & Susan vs. Jazz, Jordynne Grace & ODB

ODB and Kimber Lee kick things off. ODB clocks Lee right in the face with a nice forearm. He continues to be on the move with a big kick before tagging Jordynne Grace in. Lee rolls over to make a tag out to Susan. Jordynne keeps Susan in her sights with a back elbow. Susan briefly gets some offense in before the Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Jazz is tagged in. Jazz takes Purrazzo off her feet before Jordynne dives out of the ring. ODB follows, and Jazz comes crashing off the top rope!


Grace and Jazz level the Knockouts Champion with a double suplex. Jordynne looks for a cover. Purrazzo kicks out at two. Deonna pulls through with a nice and brief Fujiwara armbar before making a tag to Susan. Susan keeps Jordynne close in her corner and lands a big spinning forearm before making a tag out to Deonna. Deonna comes in hot with a short-arm clothesline. Grace drives Deonna into the mat with a nice power slam. She desperately needs to make a tag out, and she does to ODB.

ODB rips the sleeves off of Susan's shirt. ODB smashes Susan over and over with her Dirty Dozen. A brawl breaks out. Grace sends Susan out with a spinebuster. Jazz caps Susan with a series of left-hand strikes. Jazz accidentally misfires with a thumb to the eye on Grace. Kimber Lee jumps off the top with a beautiful senton on the outside. Jazz has Susan in the STF. Susan taps repeatedly onto the canvas. Jazz wins the match for her team!


Winners: Jazz, ODB & Jordynne Grace

Up next, the co-main event. We look back on how AEW's Private Party got involved with The Good Brothers and James Storm & Chris Sabin. It could be anybody's game for the Tag Team Championship!

Impact World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) vs. James Storm & Chris Sabin vs. Private Party (w/Matt Hardy)

James Storm and Marq Quen kick things off. Storm shoves Quen over towards the corner with a tight collar-and-elbow lockup. Storm throws Quen over towards his corner. Isiah Kassidy makes a blind tag in. Matt Hardy pulls Private Party aside to talk strategy. Chris Sabin is tagged in by Storm. Both Sabin and Kassidy go back and forth with sunset flip rollups. Kassidy puts a tight sidelock on Sabin. Quen tags himself in. Private Party shows off some high-flying offense before Quen takes over.

Quen baits Sabin in with a chin lock. Sabin rolls through. Karl Anderson tags himself in off of Sabin. Kassidy makes his way back into the match. Kassidy twists Anderson's arm up. He goes over for a tag to Quen. Quen makes his way in but tries to get another quick tag to Kassidy. Anderson drags him over to his corner and brings in Doc Gallows. Gallows lays in some heavy hands on Quen before he brings Anderson back in. Gallows is just manhandling Quen in the corner. He gets his a tag out to Anderson.


Anderson locks up Quen's leg and brings Gallows back in. Gallows drops down on top of Quen for a near fall. Gallows brings Anderson back in. Anderson's dojo training skills are shown with a tight armlock on Quen. Quen rolls over, and James Storm makes his way into the ring. Sabin runs in to help Storm out with a tornado DDT. Storm looks for a cover on Anderson, and the Tag Team Champion kicks out. Private Party and Sabin are now in the ring. Private Party comes in with a combination offense. Quen crashes on top of Sabin's back with a standing moonsault. Private Party continues their beautiful offense with Sliced Bread on James. Kassidy hooks the leg. Storm kicks out!

Chaos ensues with gunshot offense from all three teams. Karl Anderson lands a gut-wrenching powerbomb. James Storm comes in with the Eye of the Storm on Quen. Storm hooks the leg for a two count! Matt Hardy makes his way in with a Twist of Fate on Storm. Anderson slides in after he sees Kassidy and Quen land a Swanton bomb and moonsault from off the top rope on Storm. Anderson hooks the leg on Storm to retain the titles.


Winners: The Good Brothers

Post-Match: Matt Hardy is asking Private Party how could they let him down. He is furious!

Up next, Dreamer is going to fight for the fans and the men and women in the back for a shot to become the new Impact World Champion!

Impact World Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer puts Rich Swann up on the top turnbuckle. Swann puts his fist up. Dreamer pats his shoulder. Swann comes off the top turnbuckle, and both men exchange catch as catch can lockups. Dreamer and Swann lock hands. Dreamer rolls Swann over. Swann slides out of a head scissors. Swann wildly misses a kick. Dreamer creates some distance with a fallaway slam. Dreamer sends Swann crashing back-first with a death valley driver off the apron!


In the midst of their fight, Dreamer dislocates his pinky. A doctor comes out to check on Dreamer. The "Innovator of Violence" pops his finger back into place. He's still in it, folks! Back in the ring, Swann lands a forearm to the jaw but gets caught with a mid-air cutter! Dreamer twists the World Champion up in Texas Cloverleaf. Swann gets his hand on the bottom rope. Dreamer and Swann slam into each other between the ropes and fall head-first to the outside! Dreamer hoists Swann up for a piledriver. Swann catches Dreamer with a knee and turns it around with a springboard cutter on the floor!

Swann and Dreamer are up top. Swann sends Dreamer crashing onto the mat with a superplex. Swann looks for a cover. Dreamer kicks out at two. Dreamer finds his offense with a textbook DDT. Dreamer with a cover. The Impact Champion kicks out. Swann floats over and locks on to Dreamer's dislocated finger. Dreamer screams out in pain, but he claws his way over to the bottom rope. Dreamer sends Swann over with a backslide. Swann gets his shoulders up at two. Swann lands a hard kick towards Dreamer's face. Dreamer moves out of the way before Swann comes off with a splash. Both men roll each other up. Dreamer sends Swann off his feet with another death valley driver! Dreamer goes for a pin. Swann kicks out at 2.9! Swann heads up top again and connects the Phoenix Splash. The Impact World Champion hooks the leg. 1-2-3. Swann retains his championship!


Winner: Rich Swann

Post-Match: Tommy Dreamer and Rich Swann shake hands. Moose slithers into the ring and sends Dreamer and Swann away with two uranages. Moose slams himself into Dreamer with Lights Out (spear). Then, he drives a chair into Swann's ribs. He stands tall with both the TNA World Heavyweight and Impact World Championship in his hands.

Before the show concludes, a teaser appears on the screen of NJPW Gaijin sensations, David Finlay and Juice Robinson, better known as FinJuice! They will be arriving at the Impact Zone this Tuesday!


That concludes Impact Wrestling's No Surrender event. Thanks for watching!