John Cena Trends Online For "My Hero Academia" Poster

John Cena has been trending on social media in a big way this week after he took to Instagram and posted a "My Hero Academia" poster.

"My Hero Academia" is a top manga series from Japan. Funimation, the company that licenses the show for anime series here in the United States, Australia and the UK, commented on Cena's post with the "looking eyes" emoji. They also liked the image.


Cena often posts very random images to his Instagram page, but apparently there is some meaning to the "My Hero Academia" poster. Cena's post went viral after one fan spotted a secret homage to the veteran WWE Superstar in the poster, which is to promote the next feature film from the series. The poster features a character named Izuku Midoriya, known to fans as Deku, doing what appears to be Cena's "You Can't See Me" gesture.

The poster went viral several days ago for the resemblance to Cena's "You Can't See Me" taunt, and then Cena really went viral yesterday when he re-posted the image to his Instagram page. The post did not include a caption, but Cena's Instagram posts usually don't.

Apparently anime fans have compared Cena to another character over the years, named Toshinori Yagi, also known as All Might. The first season of the show saw All Might gift the "one for all" quirk to Deku, to carry on the torch as the world's greatest superhero. Fans have often talked about Cena possibly playing All Might if there were to be a live-action "My Hero Academia" movie in the future.


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