Kairi Sane Reportedly Unable To Get WWE Permission To Wrestle At Stardom Event

WWE reportedly would not grant Kairi Sane permission to work an upcoming Stardom event.

Sane, who returned to Japan to be with her husband last year and to work as a WWE Ambassador in that country, asked WWE if she could work the biggest show in Stardom history, scheduled for March 3 at Budokan Hall in Tokyo, but she was unable to get permission to work the event, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. She remains under contract to WWE.

It was noted that Stardom left Sane's involvement up to WWE. They wanted her to work a big singles match, but also gave WWE the option of limiting her to a Legends-themed Battle Royal match.

There's no word on why WWE did not give Sane permission to work the show. There had been talk of her working for Stardom when she returned to Japan last year, but she still has time on her deal.

Stay tuned for more on Sane.