AEW World Champion Kenny Omega spoke with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT about the possibility of AEW and WWE ever working together down the road.

More specifically, Omega was asked if he thought Triple was being honest when he said WWE is “open for business” in regards to working with outside promotions.

“People change from day-to-day,” Omega began. “You could have a bad day and completely change your mind on a topic. But from when I did speak at length with Triple H, it really felt like he understood a lot of my thought process and not only was I looking to unite and unify the world of professional wrestling and all of that, but he definitely got it.

“The thing is, I also understand their side of things too. There’s no right or wrong way anymore in wrestling. To me — and it’s the outlook I take on everything — if we can make the fans enjoy what we do more, that’s the right way. I do try to get into the heads [of other companies] and see things from a different viewpoint where I’m not a suit in a business meeting, I’m not punching a clock and I don’t have to look at the numbers and crunch the data that goes from day-to-day, month-to-month — I’m just a performer.

The AEW star and EVP ultimately believed that Triple H is still very much in the business to make fans happy, and if a potential situation arose that could benefit both sides, it could become a reality.

“I kind of do have my hand a little in these types of things, but I still find myself worrying about the quality of the show and making the fan/consumer happy,” Omega admitted. “I think Triple H is still being one of the boys for the better part of his career. I’m sure a big part of how he runs his business and how he looks at WWE, NXT and all those things he has a finger in, I really do think he does it for the sake of fans, as well.

“So, when he does say things like he’s ‘open for business,’ I do think if there is a situation which could maybe eliminate some of the worries and fears from the other people that have a say in making these things happen, I do see it being a reality.

“But, for us with IMPACT, New Japan, it took a global pandemic for this to actually happen [Laughs]. So who knows what it would take for it to happen on their end, but as long as they know at least on the AEW side, they’ve got more than one EVP looking to make this a better and brighter place for every wrestling fan young or old and possibly the disenfranchised fan, the fan that used to be a fan but isn’t a fan anymore.

“We want to make this a fun thing for everyone and if that includes working with literally everyone, which I think would make everyone happy, then I’m all for it and I would lobby very hard for it, fight tooth and nail to make it happen. Again, the wrestlers aren’t usually the ones that make those big types of decisions.”

Omega is set to defend his title against Jon Moxley in a Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch at AEW Revolution on March 7.