Pro wrestling legend Konnan is reportedly out of the hospital.

It was reported by Dave Meltzer that Konnan is doing better and was released from the hospital earlier today.

As noted, Konnan tested positive for COVID-19 and was then hospitalized due to a serious kidney issue. It was noted that due to a 2007 kidney transplant and side effects from anti-rejection drugs, the 57 year old Konnan had been very cautious during the coronavirus pandemic because of his weakened immune system.

Konnan was reportedly bedridden for three days before getting his COVID-19 diagnosis and then going to the hospital due to his kidneys failing, according to There is still no word on how he got the virus, or if he still has it.

It was noted that Konnan had been spending time with no one other than his family, and the Mysterio Family, who recently revealed that they battled COVID-19 back in December. Konnan did attend Impact Wrestling and AAA TV tapings in recent months.

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