Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Matt and Nick talks with The Good Brothers about toning it down a bit with what they say. They got a few complaints from people about their segments. Matt says it isn’t 2013 anymore, and they are executives now. He then asks why they’re naked as the camera pans back, both swing their twig and berries around to play a game of “Helicopter” as helicopter sound effects play in the background. Anderson then does his best Vince McMahon impression as he compliments Anderson. The two eventually thank Matt and Nick, then head off.

* The Young Bucks are doing reference photos for the upcoming AEW video game. Matt says he saw a sneak peek and it looks amazing. Nick isn’t happy as he hates taking photos. The camera zooms on him not having much fun.

* Clips of the Battle Royal is shown from last week’s Dynamite.

* Dark Order working on their Valentine’s Day cards. A few of them read theirs out loud. The group rips on 5 a bit, then they go off to give their cards.

* Matt Hardy leaves Hangman Page a voicemail. Says it was great tagging with him, and he didn’t mean to make him mad with the finish (Page had the match won, but Hardy tagged in to get the pin). Private Party roll in and hear Hardy talking. They ask him what’s up with that. Kassidy and Quen wonder if Hardy isn’t happy with them. Matt says he’s very satisfied with them! He has a plan and they just need to trust him. Private Party says they can’t trust Page, he still owes them $12. Hard says he’ll work that out. Hardy mentions on tomorrow’s Impact that Chris Sabin and James Storm jumped them for a tag title match. Hardy says they are going to go to that show and make sure The Good Brothers retain, so Private Party takes the titles from them. Hardy promises they will win both Impact and AEW’s tag titles.

* Backstage, The Good Brothers run into Matt and Nick. The brothers give them props for their six-man tag match with Kenny Omega. They ask if the “forbidden door is open?” with KENTA showing up. They don’t think so. Nick isn’t happy because Gallows and Anderson distracted him during the Tag Team Battle Royal and he got eliminated. Matt says had they won, they planned on picking Gallows and Anderson. The Young Bucks wonder how many times they can just let things go. Ultimately, they smooth things over. Gallows messes with Anderson until he laughs and walks away.

*  Dark Order are ready to give their cards to a special someone. Anna Jay is nearby, but they tell her to get out of the way. The group each gives Wardlow a card, except for 5, who has someone else in mind. He then finds Hangman Page and wants to talk about what Anna Jay said to him last week. Page says he gets it, and had fun with the group, but 5 shouldn’t worry about it. Page says they don’t need him, they’re perfect just like they are. Page heads off, five forgot to give him a card, and leaves it near his jacket.

* Kris Statlander asks Brandon Cutler if he can film something for her. Statlander brings up Valentine’s Day (not really knowing what it is) and says she wrote a song for Orange Cassidy. They head over to Cassidy, who may or may not be sleeping. She then sings her song and runs off. Cutler tells him he should go chase her. Cutler then realizes Cassidy is indeed sleeping.

* Anna Jay gives Stu Grayson a card, then leaves. He opens it and it just says “F*** off.”

* BTE Champion Sammy Guevara watches over a number one contender trivia competition.  Feugo Del Sol, 10, and Brandon Cutler ended up all winning. Next week will be a handstand competition.

* Matt Hardy comes across the Valentine’s Day card for Page from 5 and ends up shredding it with a scowl on his face.