Melina recently spoke with WrestleTalk to clarified that she hasn’t re-signed WWE. Last year there were several reports that Melina was returning to WWE full-time. She hasn’t been with WWE full-time since being released in 2011.

The former Divas Champion explained in the interview, that she and WWE were just talking about a possible return, but she never signed a contract. She also revealed that she has a bad knee.

“It was talks of a return,” she said. “Talks of seeing if it was possible and all that stuff. Everyone made such a big deal out of it. I was in talks with [WWE], but I never signed a contract, there was nothing going on. Just ‘hey would you consider, would you be open?’. I’m like ‘hell yeah’. Well it turned out I have like a bad knee, and I can’t wrestle.”

Melina admitted that even if her knee was fine, she wasn’t even sure if WWE would have re-signed her.

She added, “Who knows if I didn’t have a bad knee if they would have signed me? Or you never know, if I had a good knee they wanted to see if I was open to it, but probably not get signed. That’s just the way wrestling is. It’s never a guarantee.”

Earlier this year, Melina was in a backstage segment with Lucha House Party during WWE RAW Legends Night.