Rob Van Dam On Who Should Induct Him Into WWE Hall Of Fame, Reveals New WWE Documentary

Most fans would concur that former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam is a surefire future WWE Hall of Famer.

During a recent appearance on That 90's Wrestling Podcast, Van Dam was asked about his potential induction and who he would prefer to do the honors of inducting him.


The Whole F'N Show said that there can only really be one choice.

"Kinda has to be Paul [Heyman], doesn't it? I think it has to be Paul. Sabu doesn't talk very good [laughs]," said Van Dam [h/t/ Inside The Ropes]. "On the real, Paul is the only producer/agent that's ever had my best interests at heart and understood me, you know and because of that, ya know it has to be him as predictable as it is."

Van Dam went onto add that Vince McMahon would be his second choice. Mr. Monday Night gave an insight into his relationship with the WWE boss.

"I don't think our relationship was ever really severed [even after WWE departure] ya know, because I keep in touch with Vince, because he's the only one I ever cared about, because I didn't really wanna go back, so they really didn't have anything I wanted. So if there are certain guys that I've burnt bridges with or whatever then, ya know hey shucks."


RVD also revealed WWE recently contacted him about doing a documentary on his career.

"They [WWE] contacted me and asked if I'd be interested and that they wanted to make a documentary on me, and I said sure, I'd be interested," revealed Van Dam. "We haven't actually shot much of it yet, but, [whispering] it comes out in May. So we're gonna be shooting a lot of it real soon. So I'm excited about it, I'm talking to them [WWE] about doing a book, we're in talks."

Van Dam hasn't wrestled for WWE since 2014. He made a cameo during the special Raw Reunion episode of Monday Night Raw on July 22, 2019. Van Dam was last seen with Impact Wrestling in Sept. 2020.