ROH Episode 490 Recap: Flip Gordon & PCO In Action,  World Famous CB Vs. Tracy Williams

Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package.

A video package is shown on World Famous CB (formerly known as Cheeseburger) and Tracy Williams.

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay check in backstage.


World Famous CB and Tracy Williams make their entrances. This match will be contested under Pure Rules.

Pure Rules Match:

Tracy Williams vs. World Famous CB 

Williams gets CB in a Full Nelson. CB gets out of it and gets Williams in a waist-lock. Williams elbows CB to get out of it. Williams takes CB top the mat after an exchange of wrist-locks. CB eventually connects with a pair of forearms to the face to Williams. CB strikes Williams in the midsection several times. CB connects with several more forearms to the face of Williams. Williams pushes CB to the ropes. CB superkicks Williams. Williams clotheslines CB. Williams hits a Piledriver on CB. Williams pins CB for the three count.

Winner: Tracy Williams


Entrances take place for the main event.

Eight-Man Tag Team Match:

Brody King, PCO & The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) vs. La Faction Ingobernable (Rush, Dragon Lee & La Best del Ring) & Flip Gordon 

King and Rush square off. Gordon is tagged in. Mark is tagged in. Mark and Gordon lock up. Mark pushes Gordon to the corner. Mark goes for a chop. Gordon choopps and strikes Mark in the corner. Mark ducks a clothesline attempt by Gordon. Mark chops Gordon. Mark connects with a forearm to Gordon. Gordon dropkicks Mark.

Later in the match, King clotheslines Lee in the corner. King hits a modified STO on Lee. King goes to the top turnbuckle. Lee kicks King. King pushes Lee. Rush pulls the leg of King to pull him off the top turnbuckle. Mark attacks Rush. Jay hits a Suicide Dive to the outside on Rush. Mark hits a Senton to the outside on all of his opponents. PCO sets Rush on a table. PCO ascends the turnbuckles. PCO goes for a Senton to the outside, Rush rolls off the table as PCO crashes through it. The teams continue to brawl as the match is declared a No Contest.

Winners: No Contest

The teams continue to brawl as the show comes to a close comes to a close.