ROH Tag Team Champion Jay Lethal is shown backstage with the rest of The Foundation’s Rhett Titus, Tracy Williams & ROH Tag Team & Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham, talking with Fred Yehi & Wheeler Yuta about tonight’s Six-Man Tag Team Match showing what this company was really built on, that being honor, respect and pure frickin’ wrestling. Two members of The Foundation (Jay Lethal & Rhett Titus) will team with Wheeler Yuta to take on the other two members of The Foundation (Jonathan Gresham & Tracy Williams) & Fred Yehi.

Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH opening video package. McKay throws to a video package on Tony Deppen and LSG.

Tony Deppen and LSG make their entrances.

Tony Deppen vs. LSG

LSG briefly locks in a waist-lock, Deppen gets out of it. LSG locks in a headlock on Deppen. Deppen sends LSG to the ropes. LSG hits a shoulder-block on Deppen. Deppen eventually connects with a running knee strike to LSG. Deppen pins LSG for a two count. Deppen ascends the turnbuckles. Deppen goes for a Double Stomp from off the rope, LSG rolls out of the way. Deppen may have tweaked his knee on the landing.

LSG connects with a Pump Kick to Deppen. LSG hits another Pump Kick on Deppen. LSG goes for a third Pump Kick, Deppen dodges it. Deppen hits a German Suplex on LSG. Deppen rolls LSG up for a two count. LSG hits a Hangman Bomb on Deppen. LSG pins Deppen for the three count.

Winner: LSG

A video package is shown hyping Shane Taylor versus Rush in two weeks.

Entrances take place for the main event.

Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi vs. Jay Lethal, Rhett Titus & Wheeler Yuta

Lethal and Williams lock up. Lethal briefly locks in a headlock on Williams. Williams reverses it into a waist-lock on Lethal. Lethal takes Williams to the mat. Later in the match, Yuta hits a Back Suplex on Yehi. Yuta pins Yehi for a two count. Yuta comes off the top turnbuckle with a Jumping DDT on Yehi. Williams breaks a pinfall attempt by Yuta on Yehi. Yehi hit a T-Bone Suplex on Yuta. Lethal tags in. Yehi connects with a forearm to Lethal. Yehi hits a T-Bone Suplex on Lethal. Titus tags in.

Titus elbows Yehi in the face. Titus connects with a boot to Williams to take him off the apron. Yehi hits an Inverted STO on Titus. Yehi locks in a Clutch Submission on Titus. Gresham holds Lethal back from breaking the submission. Lethal pushes Gresham into Yehi and Titus to break the submission. Yehi chops Lethal. Lethal goes for his Lethal Injection finisher, Gresham pushes Yehi out of the way and eats the mat from the Lethal Injection. Titus dropkicks Yehi. Titus pins Yehi for the win.

Winners: Rhett Titus, Jay Lethal & Wheeler Yuta 

They hype next week’s show as this one comes to a close.