Shaul Guerrero On Deonna Purrazzo's Failed WWE NXT Run, Wanting To Sign With AEW

On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with former WWE NXT talent and former Lucha Underground ring announcer Shaul Guerrero. Guerrero is set to take on Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo at Global Syndicate Wrestling's debut show on February 20th, and she revealed how the matchup was put together.


"Honestly, Brandon hit me up, one of the owners of GSW, and I was wasn't even aware I was going to be facing Deonna Purrazzo, until they posted on their Instagram," Guerrero admitted. "And I was like, 'Holy crap!' I freaked out. I was really excited, really intimidated, but also, I can't wait to learn from Deonna and just get in the ring with her. I feel very honored.

"In a lot of ways, I feel like a veteran mentally in a certain way because I've been in the business since before I could walk. I'm just very used to wrestling, but Deonna, Deonna has been consistent as far as in-ring competition. We've trained at the same place. Deonna trained with NXT and the WWE Performance Center.

"So I'm very interested in seeing how our dynamic will be in the ring. I've only met Deonna one time. So the next time we're going to meet, it will be more than a brief encounter, hopefully, and I can't wait to see what magic we make in the ring."


Purrazzo has been outspoken over how poorly her run in WWE went. Hausman asked Guerrero if she was surprised to see how things didn't work in WWE for Purrazzo.

"Of course I am, but I feel like that about a lot of talent that gets let go," Guerrero said. "I feel like, more often than not, WWE really blows through talent a lot, and I understand they have a very very specific thing that they're looking for. And I can attest. I was not what they were looking for as well. We're part of the cool kids club, but I thought Deonna did a great job.

"I think she's doing a wonderful job at Impact, and she's The Virtuosa. She's amazing. She's such a technically proficient wrestler, and that's what I mean when I say I can't wait to work with her. We have very different styles her and I and strengths in the ring, so I'm excited to see how we can make each other better."

Guerrero expressed her gratitude to still get bookings during a pandemic. She noted that she makes sure that a show fits the proper requirements of safety before she decides to work at a show.

"With the pandemic, I feel first of all, incredibly fortunate that I even have a booking," Guerrero pointed out. "It's difficult for everyone to get bookings, and thankfully, there's so many women wrestlers and there's so many wrestlers in general now and there's so many companies to be able to choose from.


"So I just felt very honored that GSW feels confident in me to be on the debut show and whatnot, and I'm really looking forward to it. Right now, my show requirements are, is everyone going to be safe? Is the talent going to be safe? Are the fans going to be safe? And so long as those things are understood and I feel confident with who I am in the ring with, then bring it. Let's tear the house down absolutely."

Hausman later asked Guerrero how she gravitated towards ring announcing at places like Lucha Underground, WOW and AEW. Guerrero stated that ring announcing is something that she will gladly do, but she admits that the urge to wrestle always lingers in her mind especially when watching others.

"I really loved what I did with Lucha Underground because I did do a little bit of ring announcing, then I got to throw the Three Amigos and have some promo work, which was really amazing, was the best night ever," Guerrero expressed. "I love ring announcing. I will gladly do it any day of the week. It's the best seat in the house. Getting to have fun with my friends is amazing, but there is always that thing where if you're going to be on the sidelines in a way, maybe it's the Guerrero in me, maybe it's the performer in me, I just know I have more to give.


"We'll see how long I can wrestle. I'm hoping to keep my body really in tip-top shape. I'm doing a lot better now that I don't have to bump every single day. I can actually take a day off after I have a really intense match. So that's really wonderful, but honestly, when I went to AEW to announce and I was watching Dustin Rhodes teach the girls, they were having class and the bug was biting you really bad.

"And I was like, maybe I should try and wrestle, and the same thing happened at WOW. I would watch the girls get in the ring and have fun, and it made me tear up a couple times because I was like, man, I wish I could get in there and do that. I'm 30. I'm just like, screw it. Let's get out there, and let's see what I can do before I can't do it anymore."

Guerrero then revealed that her main goal right now is to sign with AEW. She hopes that her hard work in the ring will help her get noticed.

"I would absolutely love to go. That's my big goal honestly," Guerrero revealed. "I'm going to keep working my ass off until they take notice of me as an in-ring competitor. I'm going to do everything I can to get noticed by them because that's where I want to be."

Shaul Guerrero battles Deonna Purrazzo at Global Syndicate Wrestling's debut show on February 20th. The show is available to stream via FITE.


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