Sheamus spoke with BT Sport before his WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match on this Sunday’s PPV. Along with Drew McIntyre, Sheamus will also have to go up against Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and Kofi Kingston if he wants the title.

During his interview, Sheamus felt like it was a shot to him when he wasn’t given a singles title match against McIntyre, especially when he feels like nobody has been better in the ring than him over the last several months.

“I’ve been robbed of a WWE Championship Match, a single, one-on-one opportunity with Drew McIntyre,” Sheamus began. “To be stuck in a cage with five other guys, including Drew — how do you think that feels to me, man? Me, being a four-time WWE Champion, you’re telling me now that I’m not a draw? I’m not big enough to go in there with Drew? What’s the story there?

“Since the COVID pandemic started and we’ve been going to the WWE Performance Center, there’s been nobody who has outperformed me in the Performance Center and in the ThunderDome era. Week-after-week, I’ve been elevating people, anybody and everybody I’ve been in the ring with. Whether it’s Jeff Hardy, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, John Morrison, or Miz.

“I’ve been making every single person in that place up their game. When everyone else is been kind of like, moseying along, I’ve been the one dragging everybody — I’m the most intense person in there, I’m the hungriest guy in there. That’s a huge insult to me when they say I don’t deserve a one-on-one match with Drew.”

Sheamus also noted once he wins the title at this Sunday’s PPV, McIntyre can have his rematch at WrestleMania 37. You can see his full comments in the clip below.

WWE Elimination Chamber streams on the WWE Network tomorrow at 7 pm ET (Kickoff at 6 pm ET),