Sheamus Sends Message To Drew McIntyre After Turning On Him

Sheamus took to Twitter this afternoon and issued a message to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

"Dry your tears. A Clash of Nations bigger than any friendship is... inevitable. 20 years of brotherhood in combat was always leading to this moment. Be prepared. The Brogue is battle proven far superior to The Claymore. So dig deeper... history is written by the victor. [Irish flag emoji] [crossed swords emoji] [Scottish flag emoji]," he wrote.


McIntyre has not responded as of this writing.

As noted, last night's RAW saw Sheamus turn on McIntyre and lay him out with a Brogue Kick. The Celtic Warrior later stated that he's tired of being known as Drew's friend, and that they are no longer friends because he wants the WWE Title. McIntyre responded to that promo and accepted the challenge.

WWE has not officially announced Sheamus vs. McIntyre as of this writing, but we will keep you updated.

You can see Sheamus' full tweet below: