STARDOM are set to celebrate their 10th anniversary with their biggest show, All Star Dream Cinderella on March 3 at Nippon Budokan. In anticipation for the show, they kicked off night one of “Go to BUDOKAN! STARDOM Valentine Special”.

The card was headlined by Syuri defending her SWA World Title and Giulia defending her Wonder of Stardom Title. After defeating Starlight Kid, Giulia ripped off Kid’s mask as a prelude to her Hair vs. Hair Match against Tam Nakano on March 3. Also, after Syuri defeated AZM, Konami appeared and challenged Syuri for a title match at Budokan.

Also on the show, Rin Kadokura of Marvelous teamed up with Mayu Iwatani. After their match, Iwatani called out legend Chigusa Nagayo who was sitting as a spectator. Nagayo went into the ring and said that she will wrestle Budokan if Kadokura is there too hinting at a tag match.

Below is the current card for the 10th anniversary show:

* World of Stardom Title Match: Utami Hayashishita (c) vs. Saya Kamitami

* Wonder of Stardom Title Match: Giulia (c) vs. Tam Nakano in a Hair vs. Hair Match

* SWA World Title Match: Syuri (c) vs. Konami

* High Speed Title Match: AZM (c) vs. Natsupoi

* Mayu Iwatani vs. Yoshiko

* Momo Watanabe vs. Nanae Takahashi

* All Star Rumble

* Chigusa Nagayo & Rin Kadokura in a tag team match

Below are the full results from the show:

* Tag Team Elimination Match: Queens Quest (Utami Hayashishita & Momo Watanabe) defeat STARS (Saya Iida & Ruaka) and STARS (Gokigen Death & Lady C)

* Donna Del Mondo (Natsupoi, Himeka & Maika) defeat Oedo Tai (Konami, Natsuko Tora & Saki Kashima)

* Saya Kamitami and Bea Priestley wrestle to a 15-minute time limit draw

* Mayu Iwatani & Rin Kadokura defeated COSMIC ANGELS (Tam Nakano & Sayaka Unagi)

* SWA World Championship Match: Syuri (c) defeated AZM

* Wonder of Stardom Championship Match: Giulia (c) defeated Starlight Kid