AEW President and CEO Tony Khan and announcer Tony Schiavone were featured on another paid advertisement aired on Wednesday’s episode of Impact Wrestling. Khan and Schiavone were standing in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ home stadium where Khan talked about opening “the forbidden door” with having Impact and NJPW talent appear on Dynamite, and he declared that he is the forbidden door.

“I thought you’d never asked. I’m so glad you asked,” Khan said. “Everywhere I go everyone’s been asking me for months, ‘Tony, when are you gonna open the forbidden door? When is New Japan gonna come to AEW?’ And I kept telling them I don’t know where the forbidden door is. I don’t know what it is, and then I figured it out all along. The forbidden door is me. I’m the forbidden door!

“I just had to open myself, and that’s come from you Impact Wrestling, doing these paid ads. I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve opened myself up to new experiences, and look at all of the great things that have happened. We did a great rating for Dynamite this week. We had Impact people there. We had people from New Japan. Who knows who’s going to be there next?”

Khan’s Twitter location is currently “Forbidden Door”. After previewing tonight’s Dynamite card, Khan took the time to thank AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis, and he announced that he will be at Nashville to be at Impact in person.

“And before tomorrow night’s main event Kenny, I just have to say thank you,” Khan expressed. “Thank you Kenny. Thank you Don Callis. Nobody ever expected me to say that, but thanks to you two and everything you’ve done in AEW. You’ve both opened me up. You’ve changed me, and you’ve opened the forbidden door. You’ve opened me up to these new experiences, and I love it.

“I want to do more big ratings. I want to have more people show up. Let’s do this every week. I can’t wait for tomorrow night, and Impact, since you’re the one that started this whole thing, I got something special for you. I’m gonna show you the forbidden door swings both ways. I’ll be back in Nashville sooner rather than later.”

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