Triple H On How Much Custom Belts Cost That WWE Sends To Sports Teams

Triple H recently spoke with Tony Maglio of The Wrap and talked about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiving their custom WWE Title belt, which was brought to last night's Super Bowl LV post-game victory press conference by safety Antoine Winfield Jr.


It was noted that the tradition of sending championship sports teams a custom WWE Title belt goes back 8 years, but the seed for the idea was planted long before then. Triple H noted that sports players would often stop him and ask him to take photos with his titles during his various reigns when he was an active Superstar.

"You see Aaron Rodgers motion for the title belt," Triple H said of the Green Bay Packers quarterback's regular touchdown celebration. "It's just become synonymous with 'The World Champion.'"

WWE began sending titles to sports teams back in 2013 when the Boston Red Sox won the MLB World Series.

"David Ortiz — Big Papi — was a huge fan. Still is. Here's a guy with all this bling, he's got the earnings and the giant chains and everything. It's part of who he is," Triple H told The Wrap before Sunday's big game. "When they won the World Series, he was such a big fan and was so into them, we [sent him a] title. He wore it nonstop and just put it over like a million bucks."


WWE sent a title to LeBron James in 2014 after the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship. James then purchased custom title belts for everyone else on the team. More requests began coming in after that.

Triple H noted that the hand-made WWE Title belts run a few thousand dollars each WWE ordered side plates for both Super Bowl teams this year so the belt would be ready to wear right after the game ended. He said the "rush process" can be the most expensive part of the promotion.

You can see Winfield with the Bucs' WWE Title belt below, along with Triple H's tweet to quarterback Tom Brady and the rest of the team: