Adam Pearce was a guest on today’s Talking Smack, but received a stern warning from Paul Heyman about making a decision in regards to the WWE Championship. Heyman told Pearce that Edge has yet to make a decision about who he’ll face at WrestleMania 37, but that’s no reason to have WWE Champion Drew McIntyre tied up until that answer is known.

Heyman told Pearce the moment Edge held off on challenging McIntyre, a title match should have been announced for Elimination Chamber, which takes place on February 21.

Paul noted that it’s not just him waiting on an answer, but it’s also Vince McMahon, WWE’s Board of Directors, and the WWE Universe.

“This Monday night, you will show up on Monday Night RAW, and you have no choice but to announce a main event for RAW for the Elimination Chamber PPV,” Heyman told Pearce. “You have no choice but to announce Drew McIntyre’s opponent as the RAW main event for the Elimination Chamber because if you don’t, Mr. Pearce, you have put yourself in a position where you’ll either be heading towards a major advertising campaign for the main event for RAW at the Elimination Chamber, or you sir, will be heading straight to the unemployment line.”

Heyman also noted that Sonya Deville would very much like to take over for Pearce on SmackDown and make decisions for the blue brand.

As noted, McIntyre is set to address Sheamus, after last week’s attack. The two already agreed to a future match, but nothing has been announced yet. Also, no matches have officially been announced for the upcoming PPV.