Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title: Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre

We go back to the Elimination Chamber structure for tonight’s main event as WWE Champion Drew McIntyre makes his way out. The pyro goes off and Drew heads into the Chamber, stopping at the steps to take it all in. Tom Phillips is at ringside with Samoa Joe and Corey Graves. Drew enters and raises the title in the air as more pyro goes off. Out next comes AJ Styles with Omos as Mike Rome does the introductions. AJ and McIntyre are both locked into pods now. Kofi Kingston is out next, followed by Sheamus. McIntyre stares Sheamus down. Sheamus walks to his pod and taunts him. Drew headbutts the pod and Sheamus keeps taunting him. Jeff Hardy is out next to start the match. Hardy gets pyro on the stage as fans cheer him on. Randy Orton is out next to start the match with Hardy. Orton enters the Chamber and the referee locks the door.

Orton walks from pod to pod taunting his opponents. He then climbs in the corner with Sheamus in it, doing his signature pose as the pyro goes off. The bell rings and Orton kicks first, taking Hardy down and stomping away. Orton tosses Hardy out to the steel platform and follows. Orton with a big uppercut. Orton launches Hardy into Drew’s pod and he goes down. Hardy fights back as Orton wastes some time taunting AJ. Hardy beats Orton down against AJ’s pod, then kicks him into it.

Orton gets a break with a thumb to the eye. Orton brings Hardy back into the ring and grounds him in the middle. Fans rally for Hardy. Hardy fights up and out with elbows. Hardy misses a splash in the corner as Orton moves. Orton stomps Hardy on the chest and holds it. Orton covers for 2. Orton grounds Hardy with a headlock now. Hardy fights up and out again but Orton decks him. Hardy drops Orton with a shoulder, then the inverted Atomic Drop and double leg drop, then the low dropkick. Hardy follows up with the splash to the mat for a 2 count.

Orton runs into boots in the corner. Hardy with a splash from the second turnbuckle for a 2 count. The timer counts down. Orton blocks the Twist of Fate. Hardy blocks the RKO. The first man let in the Chamber is the WWE Champion. Drew and Orton unload on each other now. Drew with clotheslines for Orton and a big overhead throw to Hardy. Drew puts Hardy back down, then drops Orton with a neckbreaker. Drew kips up for a pop. Drew takes Orton to the steel and sends him into it. Drew grinds Orton’s face into the steel wall.

Drew tosses Hardy out to the steel now. Drew follows and hits a suplex to Hardy on the steel. Drew goes on and launches Hardy into Kofi’s pod like a lawn dart, almost taking a camera man out. Orton grabs Drew and hits the draping DDT for a close 2 count. Orton stomps away on Drew in the corner now as fans boo. Orton then puts a boot to Hardy’s face, keeping him down on the steel as the boos get louder. Orton comes back in but Drew fights him off. Orton with a neckbreaker to Drew for a close 2 count. The timer starts up and the next man let into the match is Kofi as Orton hits another draping DDT to Drew.

Orton and Kofi unload on each other now. They tangle and Kofi pins Orton out of nowhere for the shocker pin. Orton has been eliminated. Orton is seething now. He comes right back with the RKO on Kofi, then Hardy. We suddenly see Omos ripping AJ’s pod door off the back. He frees AJ and AJ looks to be leaving. He stops and stares at Orton as Orton is leaving the Chamber. AJ runs inside the Chamber instead, entering early, and he tries to pin Hardy and Kofi but t hey kick out. Adam Pearce comes out and yells in Omos’ face, ejecting him to the back. AJ tries to argue from the Chamber but Pearce sends Omos to the back.

Kofi with a big tornado DDT to AJ on the steel. Drew fights Hardy off. Drew with chops to Hardy in the corner now. Hardy goes to the top but Drew shoves him into the pod and he falls down. Kofi with SOS to Drew for a close 2 count. AJ decks Kofi and takes him to the corner. AJ with shoulder thrusts to Kofi in the corner. AJ stomps on Drew in the opposite corner, then tosses Drew to the steel. AJ with more kicks to Kofi in the corner now.

AJ with a Brainbuster to Kofi for 2. AJ ends up blocking Kofi and sending him out to the steel for a rough landing. Kofi blocks a shot into the steel wall and fights AJ off. Kofi launches AJ into the steel wall now. Kofi comes back in and works Drew over. Kofi blocks a clothesline and goes for a Guillotine but Drew powers up with a suplex to counter. Sheamus is the only one in his pod, seething with his back turned on the match. Drew crawls over to cover Kofi for 2. Drew and Kofi tangle on the steel. Drew with a big suplex to Kofi to send him into the steel wall.

Drew goes back to AJ and hits a huge back body drop in the middle of ring for a pop. Drew goes back to the platform and sends Hardy into the steel. Drew brings Hardy back into the ring and hits a neckbreaker while staring at Sheamus. Hardy kicks out at 2. The timer counts down now and in comes Sheamus. Drew is waiting for him as fans boo. Sheamus enters the ring and gets in Drew’s face. Drew rocks him and they unload on each other with lefts and rights. They brawl into the corner. Sheamus with body shots and Drew with knee strikes. Sheamus takes it back into the corner and wails away with forearms. Kofi and Hardy get involved now. Drew sends Hardy to the steel and Sheamus sends Kofi down so Drew and Sheamus can brawl each other again. Drew clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope to the steel.

AJ fights Kofi off as he grabs him from behind. AJ sends Kofi face-first into the chain wall. Sheamus grinds Drew’s face into the steel with a boot. Kofi headbutts AJ to fight him off. AJ with a big right hand. Kofi goes to the top and leaps off at Drew and Sheamus to take them down for a pop. Kofi kicks Sheamus to keep him down. AJ flies off the top but Kofi decks him on the way down. Sheamus and Kofi go at it in the ring now. Kofi with a kick to the face. Kofi goes to the top but Sheamus cuts him off with a big right hand. Sheamus climbs up with Kofi now. Kofi goes to the top of a pod and Sheamus looks to follow. Drew clubs Sheamus from behind in the corner. Sheamus gets crotched with the top turnbuckle it looks like. Kofi is on top of a pod now. Sheamus and Drew trade shots from the corner now. AJ joins them but Drew chops him to the mat. Drew climbs up for a superplex on Sheamus but Hardy and AJ interrupt. Hardy and AJ bring Drew and Sheamus to the mat with a big four-man move. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. AJ and Hardy both make pin attempts but Sheamus and Drew kick out at 2.

We see Kofi standing up on the pod now. He runs and leaps, taking down Sheamus, Drew, AJ and Hardy for a big pop. Kofi covers Sheamus for 2, then Hardy for 2. Kofi crawls to Drew for a 1 count. Kofi is frustrated now and everyone remains on the mat. Kofi grabs Sheamus and chops him back down. Sheamus fights back from his knees. Kofi takes it to the corner and Sheamus keeps fighting. Sheamus runs into a kick across the ring. Sheamus catches Kofi from the top as he leaps. They tangle and Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick on Kofi. Sheamus covers for the pin and Kofi has been eliminated.

Hardy ends up hitting a Twist of Fate to Sheamus but he rolls to the steel. Drew also takes a Twist of Fate but he kicks out at 2. AJ hits Hardy but Hardy drops him with a Twist of Fate. Hardy goes to the top of a pod now. AJ rolls to avoid a move by Hardy so he nails a corkscrew on Sheamus and Drew on the steel. Hardy goes over and drops AJ now, then goes to the top rope for a Swanton. Drew immediately levels Hardy with a Claymore Kick. Drew covers Hardy for the pin and Hardy has been eliminated.

We’re down to AJ, Sheamus and Drew now. Drew and Sheamus trade strikes. Sheamus with a thumb to the eye and a knee to the face to drop Drew for a close 2 count. Sheamus can’t believe it and he argues with the referee now. Sheamus clubs Drew with forearms while he’s down. Fans boo. Sheamus stomps on AJ now. Sheamus works Drew over while he’s down in a corner now. Sheamus scoops Drew but lets him back down. Drew with the Glasgow Kiss headbutt. Sheamus comes right back and drops Drew with White Noise. They’re both down and Sheamus can’t make the pin. AJ with a big springboard 450 to Drew for a close 2 count.

AJ with another springboard 450 on Drew but this time he connects better. Drew still kicks out at 2. Sheamus beats AJ down now. Sheamus talks trash while working AJ over, sending him to the platform. Sheamus with Beats of The Bodhrán on AJ. Sheamus runs over AJ again. Sheamus goes to the top and levels AJ again with a flying clothesline. Sheamus stands tall and yells out but fans boo him more. Sheamus waits in the corner for a Brogue on AJ but Drew comes over and drops him with a Futureshock DDT. Drew goes to the corner and waits for Sheamus now. Drew charges for a Brogue but Sheamus jumps over it and connects with a big Brogue instead to take Drew down. AJ follows up with a Phenomenal Forearm on Sheamus for the pin. Sheamus has been eliminated.

AJ waits for Drew to get up but he’s slow. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Drew knocks him out of the air with a big Claymore Kick. Drew covers for the pin to retain.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– After the match, Drew stands tall as the music hits and fans cheer him on. We go to replays and come back to the Chamber structure being raised above the ring. Drew, still slow to get to his feet, celebrates with the title as we get another replay. Drew raises the WWE Title in the air now as fans cheer him on. Drew turns around to WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley taking Drew out with a Spear. Lashley throws Drew out of the ring, then launches him into the barrier. Lashley runs Drew into the ring post now, then slams his head over and over into the front of the announce table. The boos get louder as Lashley brings Drew back into the ring. Lashley drops Drew on his face and then stands over him, applying The Hurt Lock. Lashley manhandles Drew some and then drives him into the mat. Lashley stands tall as The Miz’s music hits now. Miz runs down with his Money In the Bank briefcase and a referee.

WWE Title Match: The Miz vs. Drew McIntyre

The Miz cashes in his Money In the Bank title shot. The referee checks on WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and he’s barely able to move but he pulls himself up. The bell rings and Miz charges with a kick. Miz then drops Drew with the DDT but Drew kicks out at 2. Miz can’t believe it. Miz nails the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin to win the title.

Winner and New WWE Champion: The Miz

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