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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with a rubber match where the loser will become their opponent’s personal assistant for a month.

Xia Brookside vs. Nina Samuels

Xia Brookside slams Nina Samuels with a high dropkick after the bell rings. Nina turns it around with a flurry of forearms while Xia is down. Xia rolls Nina up with a snapmare and adds additional assault with a hard kick to the spine. Next, their fight spills to the outside. Nina lays a big boot on Xia. Xia crashes right into the luggage. Nina rolls Xia back in by the 8th count. Nina looks for a cover. Xia kicks out at two.

Nina inserts a body scissors/rear chin lock. Xia tries to fight out with a few back elbows. Nina floats over with a surfboard. Xia finds her fire again with a textbook neckbreaker for a two count. They head back to the outside. This time, Xia is in full control with a big boot on Nina. Nina turns it around by slamming Xia toward the barricade. Nina slides right back into the ring. Xia makes it in by the 8th count. Nina grabs her handbag. Xia kicks it out of her hand and rolls her up with a northern lights suplex for the pinfall victory!


Winner: Xia Brookside

– We see an updated video on Trent Seven’s venture towards making the 205 mark for a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship.

Backstage: The production crew catches up with Ilja Dragunov. Sam Gradwell stops him and issues a match for next week.

Also scheduled for next week, Kay Lee Ray will put her NXT UK Women’s Championship on the line against Meiko Satomura!

Tyler Bate vs. Bailey Matthews

The bell rings, and Bailey Matthews goes right for an arm drag takedown. Tyler Bate turns it around with a headbutt. Matthews wraps himself around Bate with a head scissors/arm lockup. Bate briefly escapes but gets locked back in it again. Matthews effectively keeps his technical skills on point with another tight wristlock that sends Bate back on the ground. The referee sees Bate’s shoulders touching the mat. She goes for a count. He kicks out at two. Bate clocks Matthews with two large forearms. Matthews returns the favor. Bate picks up the pace with a nice suplex for a two count. Bate spins Matthews around and connects a rolling kick. Bate sends Matthews out cold with the Tyler Driver ’97. Bate goes for the cover and picks up the pinfall victory!


Winner: Tyler Bate

Post-Match: Both men shake hands.

– Next, a vignette shows NXT UK’s newest signee named Lucky Kid. His backstory is that he grew up in one of the poorest parts of Berlin. His hardships began when he was a young boy. He’s always been the main caregiver for his family. His goal coming to NXT UK is to showcase the great strides he’s made while also earning the respect he believes he’s entitled to have.

Aoife Valkyrie vs. Lana Austin 

Aoife Valkyrie comes in hot by flying off the ropes with a rollup pin. Lana Austin kicks out at two. Valkyrie rolls her through with a snapmare and gets another near fall count. Austin catches Valkyrie’s and lands a big boot before sliding down with a low basement dropkick. Austin climbs on top and rains down a series of punches. She goes for another pin and gets the same results. Valkyrie turns things around with a neckbreaker. Valkyrie hooks the leg for a kick out at two. Valkyrie throws Austin into the corner and lays down a series of chops before connecting a beautiful spinning kick. Valkyrie comes flying off the top rope with Peripeteia for the pinfall victory!

Winner: Aoife Valkyrie

– Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness announce that in two weeks, Dave Mastiff will do battle against Tyler Bate. Also, history will be made, as Jinny and Joseph Conners will take on Piper Niven and Jack Starz in a first-ever mixed-tag team match.

– Xia Brookside is having a great time ordering Nina Samuels around.

– We see a highlight reel consisting of Meiko Satomura and Kay Lee Ray’s accomplishments before their career-defining match next week.

– Also, Noam Dar will have Tyler Bate on his “Supernova Sessions” next week!

And now, the main event!

NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Gallus (c) vs. Pretty Deadly

Mark Coffey and Sam Stoker kick things off. Both men look for a collar and elbow lockup. Coffey pushes Stoker towards the ropes. He breaks the hold cleanly. Stoker makes a tag out to Lewis Howley. Coffey sends Howley down with a takedown. Coffey makes a tag out to Wolfgang. Howley lands a chop on the back of Wolfgang. Wolfgang’s eyes turn red with rage. He pushes Howley over towards his corner for a tag out to Coffey. Howley escapes Coffey’s control and makes a tag to Stoker.

Stoker pushes Coffey over towards the ropes with another quick tag out. Coffey gets Wolfgang back in, too. Howley grabs on to his leg. Coffey is tagged in. They join forces with the Cornish Tilts. Howley and Stoker talk strategy on the outside. All four men make their way into the ring. Stoker is in. Wolfgang brutally throws Stoker twice across the ring. Howley gets his hands on Wolfgang by through him into the ring post. Howley is tagged in for Stoker. Pretty Deadly come together with a double combo for a two count.

Stoker has Wolfgang locked up and makes another tag out to Howley. Howley stomps away on Wolfgang. The referee tells Stoker he has to leave the ring. Howley isolates Wolfgang in another corner with a foot chokehold. Stoker makes his way back in and hyperextends Wolfgang’s arm back. Howley tags himself in again. Wolfgang fights free from Pretty Deadly with a crossbody off the back of Howley. Wolfgang desperately needs to make a tag out to Coffey, and he does!


Coffey comes in and cleans house on Pretty Deadly. Coffey sends Howley crashing face-first onto the canvas with a running bulldog. Coffey with a cover. Howley kicks out. Howley rolls Coffey up. The champion kicks out. Howley makes a tag to Stoker. Stoker escapes out of a chokeslam and Howley runs in with a backbreaker combination for only a two count on Coffey! Coffey tags Wolfgang. Howley goes down with a uranage. Wolfgang charges toward Howley with a spear for another near fall! Coffey clocks Stoker. Wolfgang throws Howley over the top rope.


Pretty Deadly flings Wolfgang over the barricade. Coffey is all alone in the ring. Howley throws the Tag Team Titles into the ring. The referee sees Stoker with one of them. Stoker lands a tornado DDT on Coffey and tags Howley in one last time. Howley hits their Spilled Milk finisher for the pinfall victory! Pretty Deadly has ended Gallus’ reign as the longest-tag team champions!

Winners & New NXT UK Tag Team Champions: Pretty Deadly

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!