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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick off the stacked show with some women’s action!

Xia Brookside vs. Nina Samuels

Nina Samuels says Xia Brookside should be the one who should be carrying her bags. Xia jumps on top of Nina and whales on her with a flurry of punches. Xia keeps the pressure on with a tight wrist lock. Nina turns it around with a reverse suplex towards the corner. Both women go for double near fall attempts at two. Nina puts pressure on Xia’s neck while bending back her arm. Xia rocks her with a big strike and then a head scissors takedown. Xia hooks the leg for another two count! Nina cartwheels out of a counter but gets met with a dropkick to the face. On the outside, Xia spins Nina right around with a hurricanrana. Nina changes the pace by throwing Xia shoulder-first into the steel stairs. While the referee’s back is turned, Nina clocks Xia with her handbag and picks up the pinfall victory!

Winner: Nina Samuels

Backstage: Jordan Devlin catches Sid Scala before his Open Challenge match. He is upset that Scala has not told him who he’ll be facing today. Scala apologizes and goes looking for Devlin’s challenger.

Josh Morrell vs. Joseph Conners (w/Jinny)

Both men go for a lockup. Josh Conners looks for a rollup right away. Josh Morrell kicks out. Conners puts in a tight front facelock. The hold gets broken up. Conners rolls out to have a quick chat with Jinny. She tells Conners that Josh Morrell is “a little boy and that he’s nothing.” Conners slides back in and gains control with a wristlock. Morrell escapes with a nice kip-up. Connors drives his head into the mat. Conner goes for two pinfalls. Morrell kicks out each time.

Morrell gets caught with a big backbreaker for another two count. Conners charges towards Morrell with a spear near the ropes before connecting a headbutt. Morrell’s speed gains traction with a rollup and a nice hip toss after a failed flip off the second rope. Conners gets caught with a hurricanrana, but turns it around with a DDT. Conners concludes the match with a deadly neckbreaker. Conners goes for the final pinfall, and he picks up the victory.

Winner: Joseph Conners

– Next, we see a promo package from Sha Samuels. He says he’s there to hurt people and will continue to do so, no matter who it is.

Backstage: Xia Brookside wants a rematch with Nina Samuels, and she wants Sid Scala to make it happen.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Tyson T-Bone

Ilja Dragunov charges with a wild yet missed kick on Tyson T-Bone. Dragunov turns it around by putting a heavy front facelock on T-Bone. He goes for the arm right after. Sam Gradwell makes his way down to the ring to watch this match up close. Tyson escapes with a nice powerslam. Dragunov tries to use this strength to lift Tyson but can’t fulfill a suplex takedown. Tyson throws Dragunov across the ring with a release slam. Tyson looks for a cover. Dragunov kicks out.

Dragunov rolls Tyson off his back with a nice toss. Next, he lands a big knee strike in the air! Dragunov bridges a counter with an enziguri. Tyson tosses Dragunov towards the apron, and he rolls off. Sam Gradwell taunts Dragunov on the outside. Tyson and Dragunov trade blows before Dragunov unleashes a series of stomps to the face of Tyson. The referee has to stop the match after Dragunov lays out more downward strikes.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Post-Match: Sam Gradwell keeps buzzing in Ilja’s ear about being a failure. Ilja starts to lose it by knocking out the camera person. A bunch of referees and officials come out to stop it.

Up next, Joe Coffey will be in action.

– Before his match, the NXT UK Superstars react to Meiko Satomura’s debut next week!

Danny Jones vs. Joe Coffey

Danny Jones gets a few small chops in before Joe Coffey shoulder tackles him. Coffey lays in a flurry of blows, sending Jones off his feet again. Coffey wants to see what Jones’ has got to offer. Jones lands a beautiful knee strike before Coffey rocks him with a clothesline. Jones counters a lockup with an enziguri. He latches on Coffey and applies a sleeper. Coffey sends Jones down with a spear and a big lariat for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Joe Coffey

Post-Match: Joe Coffey says last week, he ran into Rampage Brown. He says if Brown wants to make a name for himself here, he has to go through him because he’s the last man standing. Rampage Brown makes his way out. Brown has drawn a line in the sand and is ready for a match with Coffey!

– We look back at the epic Four-Way Elimination match last week that saw Pretty Deadly become the No. 1 Contender to the NXT UK Tag Team Championship. This week, Gallus chimes in on their new competitors. They say there is no way Pretty Deadly will ever take the belts off of them. Pretty Deadly disagrees. They want to capitalize on Gallus’ mistakes and become the new tag team champs.

– Speaking of last week’s main event, Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews are furious at Eddie Dennis for costing them a shot at becoming the new No. 1 Contender. Next week, The Hunt will clash with Webster and Andrews in a Street Fight!

Also set for next week, Noam Dar will have Sha Samuels on “Supernova Sessions!”

And now, we head to the ring to see “The Irish Ace” continue his Open Challenge in the main event!

NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Jordan Devlin (c) vs. Dave Mastiff

Jordan Devlin can’t believe what he’s seeing. He informs Dave Mastiff he is way past the weight limit. Mastiff says he knows Devlin is keeping the title warm for Trent Seven. Until he can face him, Mastiff is here to knock his head off.

Mastiff and Devlin exchange some nice lockups in the beginning. Mastiff turns it around with a cartwheel/senton combination. Devlin is in awe. A look of worry flashed across his face. Mastiff sends Devlin crashing toward the mat with a suplex. He looks for a cover, and Devlin kicks out at two. Mastiff strikes Devlin in the back. Devlin quickens the pace with a chop block to the back of Mastiff’s knee. Devlin keeps working the injured knee with a dragon screw and a massive stomp.

Mastiff gets back up to a vertical position. He creates some space by clocking Devlin with a forearm. Devlin shoves Mastiff into another corner. Mastiff floors Devlin with The Bomber off the second rope. Devlin and Mastiff slug it out with back and forth forearms/chops. Mastiff spills Devlin towards the corner. He goes for it again, and Devlin goes over the ropes to the outside! Devlin lures Mastiff back into the ring. Mastiff catches Devlin with a slap. Devlin uses the ropes as an assist to send Mastiff to the outside. Mastiff toys with Devlin by smashing him back-first onto the apron.

The referee begins the count. Mastiff breaks the count at seven and runs back out of the ring. He charges towards Devlin with a running senton. Devlin is sitting near the barricade. Devlin moves out of the way and Mastiff crashes right through the barricade! Mastiff gets back in and goes right for the top rope. He flies off the top rope with a diving headbutt. Mastiff goes for a cover. Devlin kicks out at 2.9! Mastiff hoists Devlin up. Devlin escapes and sends Mastiff into the middle turnbuckle. Devlin’s textbook cutter connects. He heads to the top rope with a beautiful 450 Splash! Cover, 1-2-3, “The Irish Ace” retains his championship!

Winner: Jordan Devlin

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!