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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! Before the show kicks off, we see Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster walking out of a room and throwing Wild Boar’s mask at Sid Scala. Wild Boar is knocked out cold in the room. Scala calls for help.

We head back to the ring for the highly-anticipated debut of Meiko Satomura!

Meiko Satomura vs. Isla Dawn

Isla Dawn looks for a stiff kick. Meiko Satomura returns the favor. Isla looks for a test of strength towards the ropes. Meiko turns it around with a throw over takedown. Meiko clocks Isla with a big uppercut. The NXT UK Women’s Champion, Kay Lee Ray, looks on. Meiko floors Isla with a spinning heel kick before transitioning into a tight wristlock. Meiko plants several stiff kicks in the midsection before landing a fisherman suplex. Isla fires back with a set of double knees for only a two count.

Isla climbs to the top. Meiko catches her with a forearm. Meiko sends Isla crashing back-first onto the mat with a huge superplex! Meiko lands a beautiful overhead kick. Isla turns it around with a high angle suplex for another near fall. Both women brawl in the center of the ring. Meiko lands another stiff strike and then a cartwheel knee drop. Meiko puts Isla out with her Scorpio Rising for the pinfall victory!

Winner: Meiko Satomura

Post-Match: Meiko Satomura and Kay Lee Ray stare each other down. Ray proudly holds her title over her head.

Backstage: Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey will officially have their match next week, thanks to Johnny Saint’s ruling.

– We see a vignette from Dani Luna. She says she won’t stop until she reaches the top of the tower of NXT UK.

– Following the break, another vignette is shown of Aoife Valkyrie.

Backstage: Meiko Satomura lets Kay Lee Ray know that she’s gunning for her!

We head back to the ring to see Noam Dar’s latest edition of “Supernova Sessions!” His guest this week is Sha Samuels. Dar is happy Samuels is there. He compliments his fighting style and says he deserves to be on NXT UK. Samuels agrees. In fact, he believes he’s the one that put a lot of these guys on the map. Dar thinks Samuels should face A-Kid for his Heritage Cup. Sid Scala comes out and says he’ll discuss this possible match with Johnny Saint.

– Nina Samuels accepts Xia Brookside’s request for a rematch. Samuels has a stipulation, though: If Brookside loses, she’ll have to be her assistant for an entire month.

– At the gym, Trent Seven is prepping himself to cut weight to be in the Cruiserweight division. He wants to get in shape not only for a chance at the title but to feel better about himself.

We head back to the ring for more action!

Amale vs. Piper Niven

Amale talks a little smack before slapping Piper across the face. Piper returns the favor with a big crossbody. Piper looks for a pin. Amale kicks out at two. Joseph Conners makes his way out on the ramp. Amale lands a running kneestrike for a near fall. Amale tries to hoist Piper up. Piper breaks it. She crashes on top of Amale in the corner with a running senton. She drives Amale on the mat with her Piper Driver for the pinfall victory.


Winner: Piper Niven

Post-Match: Piper Niven asks Joesph Conners, where’s Jinny? He doesn’t answer. He only gives her a grin.

– In two weeks, Gallus will defend their Tag Team Championship against Pretty Deadly. The contract has officially been signed!

Next week:

* Ben Carter will return

* A-Kid will defend his Heritage Cup against Sha Samuels

* Joe Coffey will take on Rampage Brown

And now, the main event!

Street Fight: Primate & Eddie Dennis vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster

Before the bell, even rings, The Hunt and Andrews & Webster are brawling backstage. They make their way down to the ring to officiate the match. Webster was close to ending the match with Eddie Dennis, but he kicks out of the pin. Dennis takes a belt to Andrews and Webster. Andrews drops 20 feet off the stage with a shooting star press!

Dennis throws Webster into the barricade closet to the entrance ramp. On the other side, Andrews is whaling on Primate with a series of strikes. Primate goes up and over the barricade to take Webster off his feet. Dennis and Primate find some chairs underneath the ring. Webster and Andrews get some chairs out to. The symphony of chairs is in synch.

Webster knocks Primate out with a big headbutt. Dennis takes a heavy swing on Webster with a kendo stick. Andrews gets the Stun Dog Millionaire on Dennis. Andrews heads to the top. Primate smacks him in the back of the knee with another kendo stick. Primate and Dennis take turns stomping away on Andrews’ injured knee. Dennis finds a chair and yells out to Andrews that this has been a decade in the making. Webster comes in to save Andrews.

Andrews and Webster take Dennis’ kendo stick away from him. Dennis is all alone in the ring. Both men smack Dennis simultaneously across the back with their sticks. Webster and Andrews set Dennis up on a table. Primate manhandles Andrews with a big suplex on the outside. Webster flies off the top rope with a senton! He looks for a cover on Dennis. Dennis kicks out! An exploder suplex occurs in the corner. Primate catches Andrews with a spear. Webster reverses a splash mountain into a hurricanrana on Dennis. Primate crashes into the table in the corner. Andrews and Webster take to the skies with a 630 splash and shooting star press. Andrews looks for the final cover and gets it!

Winners: Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!