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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off an NXT UK Heritage Cup challenge!

NXT UK Heritage Cup: A-Kid (Holder) vs. Sha Samuels

Round 1:

Both men go straight for a collar and elbow lockup. Sha Samuels turns it around with a tight side headlock takedown. A-Kid escapes with a single-leg lock on Samuels. Samuels locks in another side headlock. A-Kid rolls him over. The referee begins the pinfall count. Samuels gets his shoulders up at two. Samuels tosses A-Kid down with a powerslam. A-Kid awkwardly lands on his left shoulder. Samuels throws A-Kid goes shoulder-first towards the ring post. Samuels puts A-Kid in a crossface. A-Kid taps a few seconds before the first round concludes.

Sha Samuels gains a point in the first round

Round 2:

Samuels keeps working A-Kid’s injured shoulder with several stiff shots. Samuels looks for a cover. A-Kid stays alive with a two count. A-Kid climbs onto Samuels back and applies a sleeper hold. Samuels makes it over to the rope for a break. A-Kid connects a stiff kick, then a dive through the middle rope. That concludes the second round. Samuels is still in the lead with 1-0.

No new points were awarded this round.

Round 3:

A-Kid lands a beautiful superkick with a pinfall point on Samuels.

A-Kid and Sha Samuels are tied 1-1

Round 4:

Both men exchange low stiff kicks at the beginning of this round. Samuels floors A-Kid for only a near fall. A-Kid picks up the pace with an enziguri. He goes for a cover. Samuels kicks out. A-Kid gets caught mid-air with a massive slam from Samuels. Samuels goes for another pin attempt. A-Kid kicks out. He does it again; same results. Samuels clutches on with the Butcher Hook. A-Kid looks like he’s about to fade, but the bell saves him this round from tapping out.

No new points were awarded this round. 

Round 5 (Final Round):

Samuels looks for another Butcher’s Hook submission. A-Kid escapes by the skin of his teeth. He hooks in a lethal armbar. Samuels taps out and earns a second point. Therefore, A-Kid retains the NXT UK Heritage Cup!

Winner: A-Kid

– We look ahead with a hype video before Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown’s main event match!

– We see a highlight reel of WALTER’s dominant reign in NXT UK that now equates to the former NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne’s title reign!

Ben Carter vs. Josh Morrell

Josh Morrell puts Ben Carter in a rear chinlock at the beginning of the match. Carter turns it around with a side headlock. They reset. Carter rolls Morrell through with a snapmare. Both men exchange impressive back and forth cartwheel kip-ups. Morrell turns it around with a rollup at two. Carter smashes Morrell’s face towards the turnbuckle before floating over with a suplex. Carter with a cover. Morrell kicks out. Morrell escapes out of a front facelock. Morrell floats over with a bow and arrow submission. Carter returns the favor on Morrell. He rolls over for another near fall at two. Morrell scales the ropes. Carter throws him off with a spinning neckbreaker before landing a stunning frog splash. Carter hooks the leg on Morrell and picks up another victory!


Winner: Ben Carter

– Next, we see Sid Scala holding a press conference ahead of Kay Lee Ray’s NXT Women’s Championship defense against newcomer Meiko Satomura in two weeks! Meiko says that it’s been easy for Ray to capitalize as the longest Women’s Champion because she’s had some easy challengers. Now, she believes Ray has met her match, and that’s why she asked for this match, so she can teach Ray how to succeed in this industry. Ray accepts the comment and states that she needs this match to prove her supremacy.

– After, a highlight video shows the bitter rivalry between Xia Brookside and Nina Samuels. In their next grudge match, Samuels added a stipulation that if Brookside loses, she has to become Samuels’ assistant for one whole month.

– The NXT UK production team catches up with Tyler Bate. He informs them that he’s ready to get back into the ring soon.

Dani Luna vs. Aleah James

Dani Luna lands a stiff shoulder right toward Aleah James. James connects a picture-perfect missile dropkick off the middle rope. Luna stops James’ momentum while she’s ahead with a big slam. James escapes out of a powerbomb position. Luna catches her again with a huge clothesline. She looks for a cover. James escapes at two. Luna clocks James with a right forearm. James’ quickness saves her with a step-up enziguri on the apron. Luna catches her during her attempted crossbody with a sit-down powerbomb. Luna picks up the pinfall victory.

Winner: Dani Luna

– Jinny knows Piper Niven is looking for her. She says if Niven wants a match, all she has to do is ask.

Next week, Pretty Deadly will officially challenge Gallus for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship!

And now, the main event!

Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey

Joe Coffey puts a tight side headlock on Rampage Brown at the beginning of the match. Rampage Brown turns it around with a big slam. Next, he sends Coffey towards the corner and strikes away. Coffey hoists Brown down on the canvas and returns the favor by throwing down a flurry of fists. Coffey weakens Brown’s defense with a deadly backbreaker for a two count. Coffey wraps around Brown up in a straitjacket lockup. Coffey keeps the pressure on with an elbow drop. Coffey looks for another pin. Brown kicks out.


Coffey yells out to Brown that this is his kingdom. Brown clocks him halfway during his statement. Coffey returns the favor with a low basement dropkick. Coffey puts him in another straitjacket lockup. Brown escapes Coffey with a massive lariat. Brown slams Coffey spine-first onto the canvas with a suplex. Coffey runs right into a boot. Brown looks to put Coffey away with a brainbuster. He hooks the leg, but Coffey stays alive with a kick out at two! Coffey creates some distance by throwing him over this shoulder. Coffey charges towards Brown in the corner with a suplex and then a pounce!


Coffey rushes toward Brown on the outside. Brown side steps in time and Coffey clashes right into the steel stairs, causing some damage to his left arm. In the ring, Coffey has a hard time getting a hook on Brown. Brown connects a pele kick on Coffey’s injured arm. Brown sends him away with a powerful doctor bomb. Brown picks up the pinfall victory.


Winner: Rampage Brown

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!