WWE has reportedly dropped the romantic storyline between Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio on WWE SmackDown.

Aalyah has not appeared on WWE TV since the December 4 SmackDown episode, when Murphy lost to King Baron Corbin in singles action. Now The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the angle was just abruptly dropped out of nowhere.

There is no backstory or behind-the-scenes story as to why the Aalyah – Murphy storyline was dropped, but WWE has done away with it. It’s possible that creative had no real idea where to take the storyline, so it was nixed.

Murphy has not wrestled since that December 4 loss to Corbin. He did appear on SmackDown last week during the Seth Rollins return promo, with the other Superstars surrounding the ring, but he was never acknowledged. This is significant as Rollins was feuding with Murphy and The Mysterio Family when he took time off in November to be with fiancee Becky Lynch for the birth of their first child together.

It was previously reported that WWE had plans for Murphy, Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio to feud with Corbin, Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake, but that feud was nixed when Cutler tested positive for COVID-19 and was removed from TV because of the diagnosis. That led to WWE dropping Corbin’s stable with Cutler and Blake, and to Cutler being released from his contract. The Mysterio Family also missed WWE TV time in December due to COVID-19, but Aalyah never tested positive.

It was reported back in September, when Aalyah started getting more TV time, that she was not pursuing an in-ring career with the company, but that she would be working as an actress on WWE TV.

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