AEW Dark: Elevation Results (3/15): Riho Vs. Maki Itoh, Paul Wight Commentary Debut

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Danny Limelight vs. Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy starts off with a shoulder block and follows up with a side headlock. The two try for quick covers, but they kick out each time and share respect towards one another. Limelight runs the ropes but runs into a dropkick. Jungle Boy follows with a huge chop, but Limelight hits an arm drag and hits his own chop. Jungle Boy drops Limelight with a tiaris then a series of arm drags of his own. Limelight is taken to the corner and catches Jungle Boy with a kick to the mid-section after a ref break.

Jungle Boy gets off more chops and goes to the other corner. Limelight catches Jungle Boy with a headscissor choke on the ropes. He breaks the hold and dives in for a neckbreaker, cover, but he only gets a two count. Jungle Boy hits a chop, but Limelight hits some hard kicks. Jungle Boy follows up with another chop, but Limelight responds with a northern lights suplex then more kicks to Jungle Boy's chest. Double stomp, cover but he gets another two count. Limelight takes time to show off to the crowd and goes over the tope, but Jungle Boy gets the knees up. He then catches Limelight in a backbreaker across his knee. Jungle Boy counters Limelight's charge to the corner and bounces off the ropes with a huge clothesline.

Limelight misses the ripcord kick, he punches Jungle Boy in the throat and rolls him into a single-leg crab. Jungle Boy just manages to reach the ropes forcing Limelight to break the hold. Limelight goes up top with Jungle Boy in the side apron. Jungle Boy counters and the two start trading strikes while standing on the side apron. Limelight goes around the corner and huricanranna's Jungle Boy to the outside! Limelight then dives out with a spinning planca! Limelight goes up top and walks the ropes and hits a reverse DDT, cover, 1-2-and Jungle Boy just kicks out! Limelight hits a running knee and goes for a tornado DDT, but Jungle Boy counters into a brainbuster! Jungle then gets Limelight in the Snare Trap forcing Limelight to tap out.

Winner: Jungle Boy

- Tony Schiavone and Paul Wight are shown on screen as they talk about what fans can expect from Dark: Elevation.

Kip Sabian & Miro (w/Penelope Ford) vs. Baron Black & Vary Morales

Morales and Sabian start the match off as Sabian goes quickly in with a kick and sends Morales to the corner hammering him with more kicks followed up by a snap suplex. Sabian tries for a slingshot suplex, but Morales gets a roll-up small package. Sabian kicks out, but Morlaes hits an enzuguri, cover, but Sabian reaches the ropes. Black tags in and hits Sabian with an uppercut then a chop. Sabian is unfazed and hits his own chops. Black elevates off the corner and catches Sabian in a single-leg crab, but Miro comes in to break up the submissionm. Manhattan Drop then a backstabber only gives Black a two count.

Morales tags in and hits a suplex then a superkick, cover, but he only gets a one count. Sabian with a quick knee then a gut buster. Sabian tries to tag out, but Miro tells him to continue to lay the pressure on Morales, and he obliges. Sabain sets up Morales up top. Morales fights out sending Sabian down, and he nails the missile dropkick. Sabian rolls and tags in Miro who takes out Black and goes outside and throws him to the outside railing. Miro runs in and counters Morales with a axehandle. Miro then throws Morales down. Miro then hits a release overhead suplex and tags in Sabian. He hits Time Turner for the win.

Winners: Kip Sabian & Miro

- Alex Marvez is backstage with QT Marshall as Marvez asks Marshall about the status of The Nightmare Family. Inr response he says, "I might just walk out on this interview. I'm just kidding." He then talks about his opponent Marko Stunt and mocks his height. "I promise everybody there's nothing wrong with The Nightmare Family."

Big Swole vs. Skyler Moore

Swole swiftly knocks Moore down after a lock-up. Swole then locks in a hammerlock then fires in elbows on Moore's back. She slams her down but maintains the waistlock. Moore tries to fight out of it. She does, but Swole catches her with a forearm smash sending Moore to the outside. Swole then throws Moore back and forth form the barricade to the outside ring.

Moore counters Swole charging in the ring and locks in a side headlock on the ropes. She drives Swole's knee down on the ropes. Moore covers but only gets a two count. Moore then hits some elbows and stomps at Swole's knee, covers but only a one count. Moore continues to target the knee and drives it down, cover, but she only gets a two count this time. Moore locks in a headlock. Swole fights out with big headbutt.

She follows with an elbow and bounces off the ropes. Moore catches her and hits a backbreaker then a slam, cover, but Swole kicks out at two. Swole catches Moore in a roll-up then follows up with a series of strikes after the kick out. Swole then nails the headbutt followed up by Dirty Dancing for the win.

Winner: Big Swole

QT Marshall vs. Marko Stunt

Marshall quickly pushes Stunt down after Stunt gets a wristlock in. He then takes him down and pushes him away. Marshall pushes Stunt away once more making Stunt angry slapping Marshall. Marshall responds with another, but Stunt uses his speed and gets off a spinning tiaris. Stunt hits an enzuguri then a top rope elbow. Stunt hits a dropkick and tries to go up top. Marshall catches him, but Stunt tires for a sunset slip. Marshall then throws Stunt up in the air and nails a backbreaker!

Marshall follows up with another backbreaker, cover, but Stunt kicks out. Stunt tries to build some distance with punches. Stunt hits some knees on Marshall as he has him up with a suplex. Stunt hits an enzuguri, but Marshall catches him and hits a pop-up elbow, cover, but Stunt kicks out at two. Marshall signals for the Diamond Cutter. Stunt falls down as Marshall went for the Diamond Cutter.

Stunt catches him with a jawbreaker, but Marshall counters Stunt's strikes with an elbow. Stunt goes underneath but misses the Shining Wizard, but he hits the crossbody and nails the Shining Wizard, cover, but Marshall just kicks out at two! Stunt gets a roll up and hits a Canadian Destroyer after the Marshall tries for a powerbomb! He covers, but he he only gets a two count! Stunt bounces off the ropes looking, but Marshall hits a pop-up Diamond Cutter for the win.

Winner: QT Marshall

- Post-match: Peter Avalon, Cezar Bononi and Ryan Nemeth beat down Stunt as Marshall walks away. Luchasaurus comes in for the save.

- A Lee Johnson vignette plays showing his first win in AEW. He said it was "something I've been dreaming of every week." He talks his dream of being a pro wrestler and his AEW journey. He explains his "Big Shotty" nickname before saying it's his "time to shine."

Ashley Vox vs. Tay Conti

Vox hits a few leg kicks. Conti then lands a hook kick. Conti then catches Vox in an armbar on the ropes. Conti counters a right hand into takedown into another submission hold. Conti hits a series of judo throws. Vox counters a kick then nails a headbutt. Vox follows with a headscissor takedown. Vox tries for a tope, but Conti evades and nails a pumping knee strike.

She misses the first PK but hits the other on Vox's back. Vox then charges Conti on the apron and hits a flurry of elbows. Conti responds with her own. Vox is rolled into the ring and rolls out and hits a dropkick. Conti catches Vox in a spinning backbreaker. Conti goes up top, but Vox ducks underneath and meets a pump kick. Conti follows with a knee to the corner and hits a hammerlock DDT for the win.

Winner: Tay Conti

Matt Sydal & Mike Sydal vs. Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs

Isaacs and Mike start the match off as Isaacs does some trash talking and shoots in for a takedown. He then gets Mike down again and drives him to corner as Mike tried to escape. Mike evades off the corner and hits a dropkick, cover, but Issacs kicks out at one. Matt tags in and the brothers hit a drop toehold / dropkick combo. Matt locks in a bow and arrow and nails a double stomp.

Issacs tags Matt with a punch then a bodyslam and tags in Nelson. Matt catches him with an armdrag and tries for a ki-lock. He tags in Mike who lands a double stomp with Matt holding Nelson on the ropes. Mike hits a standing moonsault, cover, but Nelson kicks out. Mike goes off the ropes and takes down Nelson. Issacs breaks up a pin attempt, and Matt tries to chase him off, but the ref stops him allowing Issacs and Nelson to gain control. Nelson and Issacs hit a suplex / powerbomb combo, 1-2-no!

Mike ducks a clothesline and tags in Matt who hits a few front kicks on Nelson and Issacs. Leg lariat from Matt then a running knee on Issacs in the corner. Sydal with another leg lariat and standing Mariposa, cover, but Issacs breaks it up. Nelson and Issacs try for a double suplex, but Matt catches him and Mike sends Isaacs to the outside. The Sydal brothers hit a double Lightning Spiral for the win.

Winners: Matt Sydal & Mike Sydal

- Marvez is with Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook. Hobbs responds with Marvez's question calling it "bulls**t". Then he says he's about action tonight.

Dani Jordyn vs. Red Velvet

Velvet and Jordyn feeling each other out after a few lock-up attempts. Velvet and Jorydn exchanging holds and takedowns. Velvet hits a series of arm drags and splits under Jordyn before nailing a dropkick. She then gest the boot on Jordyn in the corner. Jordyn baits Velvet in and slams her on the turnbuckle sending her to the outside. Jordyn then charges in with a clothesline. Jordyn manipulating the count as she slams Velvet on the side apron.

She shows off Red Velvet in The Burn Book, but she runs into a small package, but Jordyn kicks out at two. Jordyn pulls Velvet's hair down preventing her from running the ropes and lays some shots on her. Jordyn runs into a series of clotheslines then a cazadora into a bulldog. Velvet hits a standing moonsault, cover, but she only gets a two count. Velvet evades strikes for Jordyn and hits her with a few strikes of her own before hitting Just Desserts for the win.

Winner: Red Velvet

- Mike and Matt and Sydal are backstage with Alex Marvez. Kenny Omega and his crew interrupt. He says people would rather hear from him saying that he's scouting for Dynamite and says they might someday face the champion. Omega says Tony Khan's top five doesn't matter. Michael Nakazawa is in his top five. Omega says if Matt can beat Nakazawa, then he can face him, and if beats him, then he can earn a shot at the AEW World Title. Omega says the catch is that the match is tonight, and Matt accepts.

- Caster drops a diss rap on Dante. "I'm more handsome, at least that's what your mom say."

Max Caster vs. Dante Martin

Caster shows Dante little respect after the lock-up. Dante responds showing he's not going to back down. They exchange holds, but Dante gets the better of Caster using his quickness. Caster baits Dante in the corner and drops him with a dropkick. Dante then catches Caster in a side headlock takedown. Dante evades the wrist lock by bouncing off the ropes. Caster blocks an arm drag, but Dante evades and arm drags Caster to the outside. Dante misses a plancha but sweeps Caster.

Caster blocks the springboard and drops Dante face first on the top turnbuckle. Caster does some trash talking as he gets a top wristlock and slams Dante down, cover, but he only gets a two count. Caster continues to work on Dante's left arm and shoulder. Caster sets Dante up top. Dante fights out and sends Caster down, but Caster charges in and drops Dante down. Caster then lands a cutter, cover, but Dante kicks out each time Caster tries for a more pressured cover.

Caster goes for a cross armbreaker, but Dante rolls to the ropes to break the hold. Caster misses the knee drop and an elbow drop. Dante gets a boot up then starts his comeback. Caster rolls to the outside and drags Dante's arm. Dante then hits a sliding dropkick then a top con hiro! Dante follows with a springboard splash, cover, but Caster kicks out at two. Dante grabs the boombox. The ref takes it away, and Caster pops up Dante for a low blow. Caster hits the Mic Drop for the win.

Winner: Max Caster

Ray Lyn vs. Abadon

Lyn tries for an elbow to the back of Abadon, but she's unfazed and hits a clothesline. Abadon then grips Lyn and throws her across the ring. Abadon then hits a backbreaker. She then lifts Lyn up and slams her down. Lyn tries for some leg kicks, but Abadon hits an exploder sending Lyn to the outside. Lyn catches Abadon with a high kick, but Abadon is unfazed and slams her down before landing a flurry of strikes. Abadon continuing the pressure in the corner. Lyn tries to hit Adadon after the break but is unsuccessful. Abadon hits Cemetery Drive for the win.

Winner: Abadon

Brandon Cutler vs. Powerhouse Hobbs (w/Hook)

Hobbs corners Cutler baiting him to attack but pushes him each time. Cutler evades, but Hobbs pounces him and follows him outside. Cutler lands a flurry of blows, but Hobbs pushes him off. Cutler keeping the pressure on, but Hobbs catches him and sends him to the corner. Hobbs locks in a bear hug. Cutler fights out of hit and hits a basement dropkick. He springboards on top of Hobbs, cover, but Hobbs powers out at two. Cutler on the second-rope, but Hobbs catches him and hits Town Business for the win.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Diamante vs. Leila Grey

Diamante gets Gray into a hammerlock right away and transitions into a front facelock. Gray punches out and locks in a side headlock and hits a shoulder tackle after being pushes off. Gray hits a series of arm drags. She then lands a crossbody, cover, but she only gets a two count. Gray gets a hammerlock of her won, but Diamante hits a back elbow then a clothesline. Diamante hits a some forearm smashes, covers, but she only gets a two count.

Diamante goes for Three Amigos and finishes it with an exploder in the corner followed up by a dropkick in the corner, cover, but Gray kicks out at two. Diamante locks in a chinlock. Gray powers out, but Diamante hits a knee lift. Gray bounces off the corner and tags Diamante with an elbow. Diamante and Gray trade strikes, but Diamante gest the better of the exchange and lands Code Red for the win.

Winner: Diamante

The Butcher and The Blade & Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) (w/Matt Hardy & The Bunny) vs. Brick Aldridge, Carlie Bravo, David Ali & Dean Alexander

Blade charges in at Bravo, and Butcher takes everyone else out. Blade hits a boot on Bravo with Butcher holding him up. Ali and Kassidy tag in as they go back and forth until Quen tags in and provides him an assist with a flurry of combo moves. Ali elevates over Quen and tags in Alexander. Kassidy with a distraction allows Private Party to go to work on Alexander. Aldridge tags in as Kassidy does a lot of showboating. Butcher charges in to provide and assist for Kassidy as Aldridge is sent outside.

Hardy throws Aldridge to the ring post and Bunny lands some extra shots as the referee's view is distracted. Blade tags in and sends Aldridge into the corner landing a flurry of strikes. Aldridge gest the elbow up and tags in Ali who hits a series of kicks, but he runs into a powerslam, cover, but Bravo breaks up the pin causing everyone to run in. Private Party hit synchro enzuguris then Butcher and Blade hit a neckbreaker / powerbomb combo for the win.

Winners: The Butcher and The Blade & Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)

Michael Nakazawa vs. Matt Sydal

Nakazawa quickly attacks Matt while he still has his headset on and non-wrestling gear. He forces an apple into Matt's mouth as he's hanging on the ropes. Nakazawa hits a boot then uses his lanyard for a crossface. Nakazawa then lays in some chops in the corner, but he runs into a leg lariat from Matt. Matt follows up with a series of kicks. Nakazawa counters an Irish Whip into a Samoan Drop, cover, but he only gets a two count. Matt drops Nakazawa's pants and hits a high kick for the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal

- Omega runs in and attack Matt. he then grabs the Macbook and hits Matt with hit. He takes the mic and congratulates Matt to a "one way ticket to the Kenny Omega train." He says Matt's match starts now. Omega hits a One-Winged Angel and forces Rick Knox to count.

Tony Khan comes out! He calls what happens BS. He says Omega doesn't have the power to make matches. he says nine days from tonight, live on Dynamite, Sydal will face Omega. If Matt wins, he'll get a shot for the AEW World Title against Omega.

- Maki Itoh comes and does her version of "Brooklyn The Hole".

Riho vs. Maki Itoh

Riho and Itoh exchange wrist locks to start off. Riho bounces off the ropes, but Itoh drops her with a shoulder block. Itoh drags Riho by the hair and tries for a Kokeshi but misses. Riho throws Itoh in the corner, but Itoh is unfazed and charges up and hits the Kokeshi. She goes to the corner and asks, "Who's the cutest in the world?" She lands a series of strikes then a bulldog, cover, but she only gets a two count. Itoh has Riho stretched on the ropes and follows with an elbow to the back, cover, but Riho kicks out at two. Itoh goes for a chin lock, but Riho reaches for the ropes forcing the break, Riho tries a few forearms, but Itoh is unfazed and responds with her own.

Riho counters with  dropkick sending Itoh to the outside, and Riho lands the crossbody. Riho gets Itoh back in the ring, covers, but Itoh kicks out at two. Riho trips Itoh on the ropes and hits an area code shot. Riho then goes up top and hits a crossbody, 1-2-no! Itoh spins around for a DDT. Itoh then locks in a Boston Crab. Riho then rolls into a pin, but Itoh kicks out. Riho then catches Itoh to a running knee then hits a northern lights suplex, bridges, but she only gets a two count. Riho misses the top rope double stomp, and Itoh hits a tornado DDT. Itoh crawls over, and Riho and Itoh trade forearms.

Riho rolls Itoh into a double stomp. Riho goes up top and nails another double stomp, cover, but Itoh barely kicks out. Itoh holds Riho's leg preventing her from going up top again. Riho kicks out, but runs into headbutt. Riho charges in, but Itoh counters into a single-leg crab! Itoh nails another Kokeshi and goes for a full Boston Crab. Riho reaches the ropes to break the count. Itoh drags Riho and lands some elbows on Riho's mid-section. Itoh goes up top for a diving headbutt but misses. Riho hits the Somato for the win.

Winner: Riho