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Ray Lyn vs. Tay Conti (w/-1)

Lyn does some flexing to start as neither women gains an advantage after the first lock-up. Conti gets a front wristlock after another tie up and bends Lyn on her knee, but Lyn pulls on Conti’s hair. Conti doesn’t take too kindly to the slap and hits a series of judo throws. Conti misses a pump kick, and Lyn responds with a dropkick, cover, but she only gets a one count. The two women go face to face as they trade kicks and go for the bulldog at the same time knocking them both down! Now on their knees as they start trading forearms and strikes.

They rise up and continue to match each other strike for strike until they compete in standing switches. Conti nails the Stunner then hits an around the world backbreaker sending Lyn to the outside. Conti misses the first PK but nails the second. Conti pulls Lyn’s arm through the corner post and sends her back in the ring. Conti goes up top, but Lyn is ready for it. Conti leaps over and hits a pump kick, a running knee then a hammerlock DD-Tay for the win.

Winner: Tay Conti

– Tony Schiavone and Paul Wight welcome us to episode two of Dark: Elevation. Wight talks about his excitement for tonight’s card.

Lee Johnson (w/Dustin Rhodes) vs. Adam Priest

Johnson using his speed early on to maneuver around Priest and lock in a chinlock. Priest and Johnson going back and forth as Johnson gets off some quick pin attempts. Quick arm drags back and forth leads to a stand off. Johnson offers a handshake. Priest obliges but pie faces Johnson and takes him down. Priest follows up with a running chop in the corner followed up with more strikes. Priest hits a snap suplex, cover, but he only gets a one count. Priest hits a cravat neckbreaker, cover but only a two count. Johnson fighting back and hits his own corner chop.

He sends Priest to the other corner, but Priest counters with an enzuiguri then a German Suplex, bridge, but Johnson kicks out. Priest tries for another German, but Johnson counters into a neckbreaker. Johnson with a series of lariats. He baits Priest to the outside and nails the tope con hiro! Johnson looking for a powerbomb, Priest counters into a roll-up, Johnson kicks out and rolls Priest for a pin attempt. Johnson follows up with The Brain Dog for the win.

Winner: Lee Johnson

– Dasha Gonzalez is backstage with Ryan Nemeth asking him about his opponent Orange Cassidy. Nemeth appears to be sharing praise for Cassidy, but Nemeth soon says nothing “disgusts or offends me more” than Cassidy and his style.

Fuego Del Sol & Jake St. Patrick vs. The Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison)

Garrison and Del Sol starting this match off as Garrison slams Del Sol down and goes right away with a front headlock. Garrison has Del Sol in a side headlock as Del Sol tries to fight out of it. Del Sol shakes Garrison off and hits a dropkick, but Garrison lays him out with a lariat. St. Patrick tags in, and Pillman does so as well and Pillman quickly takes St. Patrick down.

St. Patrick shakes off Pillman, but Pillman responds with a clothesline in the corner. Garrison tags in and lays out St. Patrick with a big boot. Pillman tags in and hits a flying senton off a bodyslam from Garrison. Garrison hits a springboard legdrop after the tag in. Pillman tags back in, and The Varsity Blonds hits a double back elbow. Pillman rocks St. Patrick with a series of chops. Varsity Blonds hit a knee, neckbreaker then a leg drop combo.

Pillman tags in and hits a running lariat in the corner. St. Patrick tries to fight out of the corner. Pillman catches him in a half crab. St. Patrick powers out and tags in Del Sol. Del Sol takes out Garrison then sends Pillman to Garrison. Del Sol calling for the tornado DDT, but Pillman escapes. Garrison blind tags in as Del Sol hits the tornado DDT, but he runs into a discus punch from Garrison for the win.

Winners: The Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison)

– Caster drops a diss rap on Ryzin. “Yo Ryzin you should get a different lame. Maybe like butter because you’re going down the drain. You’re red hair got you looking like a Maxi Pad.”

Ryzin vs. Max Caster

Caster gets Ryzin in a quick wristlock, but Ryzin pushes off and hits a shoulder block. The two avoid arm drags and match each other counter for counter until Ryzin hits a dropkick. Caster favoring the left knee as Ryzin targets it. Ryzin then runs into a huge lariat. Caster now doing work on the left arm and drops it on the top rope. Caster then stomps on the left arm as he blows kisses. Ryzin with a single-leg takedown and continues to work on Caster’s knee.

Caster flips him over with a suplex, cover but only a two count as he targets Ryzin’s left arm again until Ryzin reaches for the ropes. Caster with a knee to the back. Ryzin catches Caster with a quick pin then follows up with a kick to the knee. Caster responds with a slap, but Caster gets caught in an inside-cradle. Caster kicks out and hits a hammerlock flatliner, cover, but Ryzin kicks out. Caster tries for more pin attempts, but Ryzin kicks out each time. Caster doing more work on Ryzin’s left arm, but Ryzin escapes and hits a Dragon Screw.

Running bulldog on the second turnbuckle. Ryzin tries for a springboard moonsault. Caster gets the knees up and puts more pressure on Ryzin. Caster drops Ryzin face first, but he still favors hte knee leaving room for Ryzin to hit some strikes. Caster dugs and hits an arm drag then a snap brainbuster. Caster goes up top and hits the Mic Drop for the win.

Winner: Max Caster

– This week’s “Rising Star” vignette features Red Velvet as she discusses her pro wrestling journey from boxer to dancer to wrestler. Cody Rhodes notes that Red Velvet isn’t signed and praises her work in AEW so far. “She’s not a fill-in. She’s not a substitute. Red Velvet is going to matter in AEW.” Red Velvet says she “will bring everything I’ve got.”

Leva Bates & Madi Wrenkowski vs. Big Swole & Red Velvet

Red Velvet and Bates start the match off  with a quick side headlock takeover followed up by an arm drag exchange. Wrenkowski tags in and wrenches in the arm drags. Wrenkowski pokes Red Velvet in the eye, but she bounces off the corner and rocks Wrenkowski with a lariat. Swole and Bates tag in as Bates is knocked down. A knee lift then a sliding back elbow, cover but Swole only gets two. Bates hits a jawbreaker then suplex, cover, but she only gets a one count.

Bates with a wrist lock as Wrenkowski tags in and hits a few stomps. Swole pushes off the bulldog then hits a short DDT, cover, but Wrenkowski kicks out at two. Swole with some big elbows at the back. Swole ties up Wrenkowski and swings her around, cover, but she only gets a two count.

Wrenkowski building some distance and lands the running knee. Wrenkowski drags Swole over and wants the tag, but Bates refuses. Wrenkowski takes out Bates with a book! Red Velvet tags in as Bates walks out. Red Velvet sets up Wrenkowski on the ropes and hits a double knee strike then a standing moonsault, cover, but she only gets a two count. Red Velvet ducks a few punches and hits a spinning heel kick followed up by a shotgun dropkick for the win.

Winners: Big Swole & Red Velvet

– Post-match: Jade Cargill, Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose walk out and stare down Swole and Red Velvet who inivte them in for a fight. The trio walk out as Swole and Red Velvet dance.

– Dasha is now backstage with Ethan Page asking him about his matchup against 5. He says he’ll “add more number to my win column.” He says the only numbers he cares about are wins, and he’ll take care of 5.

Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs vs. Team Taz (Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks) (w/Hook)

Hobbs quickly sends Nelson to the corner and lands in some shoulder tackles. Nelson fights out of Hobbs and tries for a second-rope shoulder block, but Hobbs pushes him off! Big Irish Whip into the corner as Starks tags in. Starks rocks Nelson with a few chops. Nelson fighting back with an elbow then an uppercut. Isaacs tags in continuing the pressure on Starks. Starks hits a running forearm to halt the momentum. Starks feeling himself as Isaacs tries to fight back. Starks slapping Isaacs but gets rocked by a back elbow. Stunner / high crossbody from Nelson and Isaacs, cover, but Hobbs breaks it up. Hobbs hits a spinebuster on Isaacs. Hobbs grabs Nelson’s foot allowing Starks to hit Roshambo for the win.

Winners: Team Taz (Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks) (w/Hook)

Danny Limelight vs. Baron Black

Limelight and Black exchanging wrist locks as Black tags Limelight with a huge chop. Limelight goes over Black for an arm drag. Limelight hanging on the ropes and hits a tiaris sending Black to the outside. Limelight nails the corkscrew plancha! Limelight going up top, but Black catches him with a Manhattan Drop then a backbreaker. Black firing up and hits a spinning lariat then a suplex, cover, but Limelight kicks out at two.

The two men start trading chops and strikes. Black twists Limelight for a submission attempt. Limelight escapes and hits a double stomp. Black runs into a back elbow. Limelight hits a step-up enzuiguri. He leaps from up top and hits a German Suplex. He kips up, but Black counters the kick into a Cloverleaf. Limelight just reaches the ropes. Both men are outside as Limelight ducks the chop and pushes Black on the corner post. He hits a PK then a springboard stomp. Limelight catches Black in a rear-naked choke, and Black taps out.

Winner: Danny Limelight

Orange Cassidy vs. Ryan Nemeth

Nemeth takes down Orange before he can put his hands in his pockets. Orange gets his hands in his pockets to escape the waistlock and get a quick pin attempt. Orange showing his technical prowess as he arm drags Nemeth and relaxes. Nemeth tries for a few elbow drops as Orange rolls out. Orange baits Nemeth out and finally gets his hands in his pockets. Orange rolls out and dropkicks Nemeth. Orange removes the elbow pad, but Nemeth counters the Orange Punch into a back suplex. He goes at Orange laying some punches in and taking his time.

A strong hammer throw as Nemeth does some taunting before a shoulder tackle in the corner. Nemeth working on Orange’s left arm with wristlock slams, cover, and Orange kicks out at two. Another hammer throw from Nemeth. Orange avoids the the third and slams Nemeth on both corners. A top rope crossbody from Orange. Nemeth counters Orange’s speed by slamming his left arm down and locks in the hammerlock.

Nemeth now stomping on Orange’s arm. Nemeth drops Orange with a dropkick, but Orange ducks under the second attempt and lands the tornado DDT, cover, but Nemeth kicks out. Orange going up top, but Nemeth meets him with a dropkick. Nemeth lands the rolling DDT, cover, 1-2-no! Orange reverses the neckbreaker into the Mouse Trap pin for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

– Post-match: Nemeth lands the reverse neckbreaker. Chuck Taylor runs in and lands some pucnhes on Nemeth. JD Drake runs out! He takes out Taylor providing Nemeth an assist.

Ethan Page vs. Alan “5” Angels

Page sends 5 to the corner on the collar and elbow tie up as he pats 5’s head. They lock up again and Angels gets Page in the corner and pats his head. Page is upset as Angels uses his speed on Page. Page stops him with a knee lift. Angels springboards in, but Page throws Angels off avoiding the shoulder hold. Angels with a tiaris then a lariat in the corner followed up by punches in the corner. He backflips off and dropkicks him. Page gets the boot up and rocks Angels with a shoulder block.

Page then rocks Angels with a huge chop. Angels works his way into a Russian Leg Sweep, cover but only a two count. Page baits Angels for the crossbody into the ropes. Page sets up Angels on the ropes and hits a backbreaker. Page holding Angels down with a waistlock. Angels trying to escape with back elbows then a claps to the ears. Angels blocking punches and hits a flurry of strikes. Big forearm smash on Page. Angels leaps over Page and gets him on the ropes and hits his crossbody then a standing Sliced Bread, cover, 1-2-no!

Angels looking to finish Page off, but Page throws him over and hits a big spinning kick then a gutwrench slam, cover, but Angels kicks out at two. Page looking for the Ego’s Edge, but Angels counters and hits a spinning heel kick. Page responds with a lariat. He hits the Ego’s Edge for the win.

Winner: Ethan Page

– Post-match: Page calls out Justin Roberts for not handing the mic to him. He says everyone at home is great but calls out his future competition. He says they “got a lesson in how to be the greatest in professional wrestling.” He tells the viewers at home to get used to his face because he’s going to be in AEW for a very long time.

Ryo Mizunami vs. Leyla Hirsch

Mizunami and Leyla with a strong collar and elbow tie up. Leyla refuses the clean break and hits a flurry of elbows. Mizunami is unfazed and tags her with a kick. Leyla tries for a few shoulder blocks but Mizunami is unfazed. Leyla baits Mizunami with a shoulder block but hits an elbow. Mizunami responds with a series of shoulder blocks. Leyla invites more chops from Mizunami as the damage is being done. Mizunami with shotgun chops in the corner followed up by a one huge one. Mizunami getting fired up, but Leyla runs in with an elbow. She goes for more forearm smashes and hits a a few double knee strikes.

Mizunami catches it and slams Leyla in the corner. Bodyslam then a leg drop only gives Mizunami a two count. Mizunami locks in a STF. She then hits a big stomp. Leyla with more forearm strikes, but Mizunami rocks her with an elbow. Leyla goes off the bodyslam and hits a headbutt followed up by a lariat in the corner. She sets up Mizunami up top. She hits another headbutt, but Mizunami pushes her off. Leyla with a big Frankensteiner, a knee strike then a German Suplex! Leyla with a flying triangle, but Mizunami blocks it and goes to the ropes. More forearm strikes from Leyla, but Mizunami goes for her own and winds up for a big lariat.

Leyla blocks the lariat and goes for her own while maintaining wrist control. She goes for one more, but Mizunami rocks her with a lariat then a leg drop for a two count. Leyla catches Mizunami in a cross armbreaker into a triangle. Mizunami lifts her up into a powerbomb! Leyla with a sliding lariat for a two count. Leyla goes for another, but she gets a two count again. Leyla with an Olympic Slam, cover, but Mizunami locks in an Anaconda Vice and rolls around until fully locking it in as Leyla taps out.

Winner: Ryo Mizunami