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– Jon Moxley is backstage admitting he isn’t feeling great after being jumped. He says he has to beat up someone to help his pain.

– An AEW Dark: Elevation graphic premieres showing the wrestlers competing tonight as Tony Schiavone welcomes us to the third episode of Elevation.

Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy vs. JD Drake & Ryan Nemeth

Taylor and Nemeth start off this matchup as Nemeth gets the upper hand over Taylor but then tags in Drake after doing some showboating. Taylor takes out Nemeth, and he and Drake trade arm drags. Cassidy tags in, and Drake invites him to fight, but Cassidy simply tags Taylor back in who arm drags Drake down. Drake powers out to his corner allowing Nemeth to tag in who sends Taylor to the corner and hits some knee strikes. Taylor responds with a few chops then tags in Cassidy.

Cassidy misses on the double back elbow, cover, and Nemeth kicks out. Cassidy covers three more times noting that was a three count to the ref but not a victory for Cassidy. Taylor sets up Nemeth for Cassidy who pushes Nemeth down. Nemeth and Drake take control as Taylor is wiped out on the outside with a pop forearm. Drake gets a nearfall then applies the chinlock. Drake hits a reverse Atomic Drop then a lariat before tagging Nemeth back in. He gets his knee on Taylor’s face as he’s hanging on the ropes. Taylor evades the double team move in the corner and drop toeholds Drake onto Nemeth’s crotch.

He hits an Uranagi then tags in Cassidy. Cassidy gets going with his hands in his pockets and goes at him with low kicks. Drake hits a chop, but Cassidy kips up and hits a huricanranna. Drake powers out of Beach Break, but Cassidy catches Drake with a Stunner then hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Nemeth breaks up the pin and forces the tag and hits Cassidy with his own DDT. Taylor breaks up the pin and avoids the corner spear, but Drake tags him with a chop and catches Cassidy with a Northern Lights Suplex. Cassidy hits the Orange Punch and Beach Break for the win.

Winners: Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy

Post-match: Kip Sabian comes out and says, “that was cute.” He says he wants to wish them luck. Miro says he doesn’t want to wish them luck. He hopes they survive their next match and hopes to break their spines and push it done their “you know what.” The referees get them backstage, but Kip and Miro blindside Cassidy and Taylor, and Miro starts using his shoe to beat them down.

Jon Moxley vs. Bill Collier

Moxley gets a quick wrist lock takedown. Mox then goes to the corner as Collier tries to counter into his own. They trade strikes as Mox starts firing in more shots. Collier then catches Mox into a dropkick and locks in a side headlock. Mox running the ropes as he slams Collier on his head. Mox then fires in more punches while applying a chin lock, cover, but a two count for Mox. Mox now wrenching Collier’s arms and applies an modified armbar. He transitions into a STF, but he grabs the nose forcing a break. Mox hits a suplex for another two count as he applies a double wristlock.

He then knees Collier in the face and hits a huge kick and follows up with more. Collier catches a boot and hits a few forearms. Mox counters a full nelson into a snap German Suplex. Mox looking for a piledriver, but Collier counters into a bodydrop. Collier with a flurry of lariats. Mox responds with body shots, but Collier eating them and hits a fallaway slam. Mox though catches Collier with a big lariat and hits a piledriver, cover, but Collier kicks out! Mox locks in the bulldog choke as Collier passes out.

Winner: Jon Moxley

– We see footage from earlier in the day of taping as AEW EVP Cody Rhodes comes out with a Nightmare belt and presents it to a fan in the stands in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club.

Penelope Ford (w/Kip Sabian) vs. Leila Grey

Ford with a few quick takedowns as she gains control of the match early on. Ford hits a few big chops, but Grey fires back with her own. Grey with a big uppercut then a shotgun dropkick, cover but only a two count. Ford catches Grey with a jawbreaker then a rollup for a one count. Ford with a flurry of strikes followed up by elbows in the corner leading up to her handspring back elbow.

Ford slams Grey on the second turnbuckle and and sets up Grey for a diving double knee strike on the apron, cover, but she only gets a two count. Ford wrenching Grey on the ropes as she and Kip kiss. Grey avoids a lariat and hits a flurry of her own. Ford catches her with a spinning heel kick and hits a gutbuster for the win.

Winner: Penelope Ford

Rex Lawless & Milk Chocolate vs. Gunn Club (Billy, Austin & Colten Gunn)

Some hijinks to start as Randy Summers and Austin go back and forth. Austin using his quickness to trip up Summers as Billy and Lawless tag in and stare down. Lawless locks in a waistlock, but Billy gets the standing switch. Lawless tags Billy with a back elbow, and Billy responds with an uppercut. Lawless and Billy trading strikes as Billy lands the thrust kick. Colten tags in, and Gunn Club team up for a one count.

Austin tags in and gets slingshot in the corner. Lawless runs through Austin and tags in Brandon Watts. Milk Chocolate hit a suplex / elbow drop combo. Austin escapes from the corner and tags in Colten. Colten takes care of everyone. Colten hits a few splashes on Milk Chocolate. Gunn Club clear the ring and hit 3:10 To Yuma for the win.

Winners: Gunn Club (Billy, Austin & Colten Gunn)

– Alex Marvez is backstage with Thunder Rosa asking her thoughts on her Lights Out main event. She calls it “beautiful” and thanks the fans because of all the history made in the match. She notes Britt Baker will take the credit, but she says the credit goes to the fans. She talks about her next opponent Alex Gracia and training her.

Diamante comes in and says “no one represents me” in response to Rosa saying she represents Latinas. Diamante says, “You don’t even go here” and says Rosa put a target on her. Rosa says she’s ready for Diamante whenever.

Joey Janela (w/Sonny Kiss) vs. Chandler Hopkins

Hopkins quickly slams Janela down and invites him for a challenge. Janela calls for a test of strength and gains advantage. Hopkins escapes as he and Janela are at a standoff. Janela catches Hopkins with a slap, but Hopkins charges at Janela with a flurry of strikes. Janela responds with a few chops. Janela gets caught in a huricanranna, but Janela catches Hopkins with a German Suplex. Janela and Hopkins trade strikes until Janela drops Hopkins with a forearm smash.

Strong hammer throw from Janela, cover but only a two count. Janela hits a bakc suplex, cover but another two count. Janela pressing Hopkins shoulders, and Janela drops him and throws him out. Janela nails the tope suicida! Janela takes time to showboat, but Hopkins comes flying in with a plancha! Janela sends Hopkins down from the top rope. Janela and ducks the handspring kick, but Hopkins catches him with a heel kick. Hopkins runs into a forearm.

Hopkins counters with a Spanish Fly then goes up top and hit s Frog Splash, cover 1-2-no! Hopkins going up top again and tries a Shooting Star but Janela gets the knees up. Janela rocks Hopkins with a lariat then a thrust kick. Janela hits a Michinoku Driver but takes too much time and doesn’t apply a strong cover allowing Hopkins to kick out. Hopkins blocks the discus lariat and hits a step-up enzuguri. Hopkins looks to finish the match, but Janela counters into a Death Valley Driver! Janela goes up top and hits an elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Joey Janela

– Dasha is outside with Angelico asking to speak with Jack Evans. Evans comes out of his trailer and talks about how he’ll take care of “Jungle Dork” and how he’ll give AEW a message by throwing what’s left of Jungle Boy to “Luchadorkus” and “Marko Front.”

Thunder Rosa vs. Alex Gracia

Rosa and Gracia grappling back and forth as Rosa locks in a side headlock. Rosa and Gracia trade armdrags as Rosa counters with pin attempt. Gracia and Rosa going back and forth now trading arm drags and pins. They standoff as they each try a dropkick. Rosa goes over the top in the corner and rolls through Gracia to hit a dropkick, cover but she only gets a two count. Rosa in full control as she rocks Gracia with heavy chops. Rosa with a snapmare then a big kick, cover, but she gets another two count.

Gracia trying to fight back, but Rosa halts her momentum and continues to mount the pressure on Gracia. Gracia goes off the corner and hits a tiaris. Rosa ducks a lariat and hits a Russian Leg Sweep. She charges in the corner with diving lariat and hits a double knee strike then a running dropkick, cover, but Gracia kicks out at two. Rosa looking for the Thunder Driver, but Gracia wiggles out as she trades strikes with Rosa. Rosa gets the better of it and hits the Fire Thunder Driver for the win.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Leyla Hirsch vs. Vipress

Leyla with a quick takedown and pin attempt, but Vipress kicks out. Leyla looking for more pin attempts as Vipress continues to kick out. Leyla sticking with Vipress and giving her time to relax. Vipress builds some distance after an eye rake on the ropes as the referee’s vision was distracted. Vipress drags Leyla’s arm on the outside as Vipress continues to target Leyla’s left arm and shoulder.

Vipress using the ropes as leverage and manipulates the count. Leyla catches a kick and lands a huge lariat! Leyla gets Vipress up in a fireman’s carry, but Vipress counters into a roll-up. Leyla kicks out and catches Vipress in a series of German Suplexes. After the third German Suplex, Leyla locks in the cross armbreaker, and Vipress taps out.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch

Frankie Kazarian vs. Danny Limelight

Limelight with a quick armdrag as he does some dancing at Kazarian’s expense. Kazarian showing his technical prowess keeping Limelight grounded and countering his counters. Limelight flips over the Monkey Flip and baits Kazarian in the corner to land a huge tiaris off the springboard. Limelight flips over the German Suplex, but Kazarian responds with a flurry of strikes then a German Suplex. Kazarian with some big chops as he keeps Limelight in the corner before throwing him into the opposite corner.

Kazarian slingshots Limelight for a modified neckbreaker, cover, but he only gets a two count. Kazarian applying a double wristlock, but Limelght rolls out of it and tags Kazarian with a flurry of elbow strikes. Limelight with a standing Frankensteiner, but Kazarian gains back control after the kick out. He hits a back suplex then sends Limelight flying with an Irish Whip into the corner. Kazarian applying the pressure on Limelight with more chops.

Limelight catches Kazarian with back elbow. He walks the ropes and lands the springboard lariat! Limelight hitting a few kicks on Kazarian. Kazarian catches Limelight off the tiaris and flips him over into an Electric Chair Slam. Kazarian with a bodyslam leading into a springboard leg drop. Limelight on the outside ropes as Kazarian tries to suplex him back in the ring. Limelight fights off and creates some distance. Limelight  goes over the top and hits a thrust kick then a springboard stomp, cover but only a two count. Limelight bouncing off the corner, but Kazarian counters and catches Limelight in a crossface chicken wing forcing Limelight to tap out.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

– Post-match: Christian Cage walks out! Cage congratulates Kazarian on his victory and reminds him of his match on this week’s Dynamite as the two stare down and trade words.

Ethan Page vs. Fuego del Sol

Page with a couple of knee lifts as he tries to go for The Ego’s Edge. Del Sol wiggles out and goes out Page. He hits a corner spear and signals for the tornado DDT. Page pushes off and knocks Del Sol down and slows things down. Page working on Del Sol’s back as Page hammer throws Del Sol to the corner sending him flying. Page continuing the pressure on Del Sol’s back as he locks in a gutwrench. Del Sol tries to escape as Page transitions into a waistlock and hits an elbow on Del Sol’s back. He hits a heavy backbreaker on his knee. He goes for the cover and lifts Del Sol up before the three count.

Page now toying with Del Sol as he talks some trash. Del Sol showing some fight as he baits Page in the corner and hits a springboard moonsault then a thrust kick. Del Sol tries for a tornado DDT, but Page catches it and drops Del Sol on the top turnbuckle. Page hits Ego’s Edge for the win.

Winner: Ethan Page

Hikaru Shida and Tay Conti vs. Jazmine Allure and Tesha Price

Price and Allure double teaming Conti, but Conti slams the two face first gaining back control. Shida and Conti showing off their team work on Allure. Allure hits a jawbreaker than tags in Price. Price goes over the tope and catches Shida with a spinning back elbow. Shida counters the full nelson into a suplex. Allure comes charging in and takes out Shida. Conti responds with a huge pump kick. Shida and Conti with double knee strikes then double arm drag takedowns on their opponents. They lock in double triangles. Conti hits DD-Tay on Price for the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida and Tay Conti

Jungle Boy (w/Jurassic Express) vs. Jack Evans (w/Angelico)

Evans and Jungle Boy both showing off their athleticism early on as they match each other counter for counter. They start trading pins and both go for a dropkick after the quick kick-out. Angelico gets involved, and Evans hits a spin kick after the distraction. The fight being taken to the outside as Evans takes the mic, but the mic isn’t on. Evans continuing the pressure on Jungle Boy. Evans hits a Russian Leg Sweep, cover but only a two count.

Evans with a flying elbow in the corner, suplex, cover but another two count. Evans hitting a flurry of strikes after Jungle Boy tries to gain some momentum. Evans with a body slam into a triangle armbar. Jungle Boy counters into a sit-out powerbomb! Jungle Boy gest he elbow up in the corner and hits a flurry of strikes and bounces off the ropes with a big lariat. Evans counters the suplex into a small package pin. Evans with a handspring back elbow sending both men outside.

Jungle Boy with some forearm shots then a high kick. Evans vaulted on the side apron and lands the spin kick on Jungle Boy! Jungle Boy meets Evans up top. Evans slides underneath and lands the German Suplex. Evans still on the ropes and goes for a moonsault. Jungle Boy evades and suplexes Evans into the corner and hits a German Suplex, bridge, but Evans kicks out. Evans counters the German Suplex into an O’Connor Roll, but Jungle Boy kicks out. Evans hits the Falcon Arrow, but Jungle Boy kicks out again! Evans tries for a top rope dropkick, but Jungle Boy catches him in the Snare Trap for the win.

Winner: Jungle Boy

Adam Priest & Aaron Frye vs. QT Marshall & Lee Johnson

Frye and QT start things off as Frye rejects a clean break in the corner. QT responds with a flurry of offense. Johnson tags in and continues the pressure with a big dropkick, cover but only a one count. QT tags back in, but there’s some miscommunication allowing Frye to tag advantage. Frye with running knee strike as Priest tags in and gets some stomps in. QT fights back, but Priest catches him with a German Suplex. He follows with a step-up enzuiguri. Johnson tags himself in as Johnson is on fire. He hits a neckbreaker. Frye dropkicks Johnson into his own corner allowing QT to tag in. QT takes out Priest and hits the Diamond Cutter for the win.

Winners: QT Marshall & Lee Johnson

KiLynn King vs. Ryo Mizunami

King and Mizunami playing to the crowd as they lock up, and King takes down Mizunami and applies the front facelock. Mizunami powers out, but King then applies the side headlock. Mizunami pushes off, and King and Mizunami are at a standstill in shoulder blocks. Mizunami is getting fired up as they fire in shoulder blocks. King bounces off the corner and takes Mizunami down.

King calls for a test of strength, but King shows off how tall she is. Mizunami with a quick kick as a test of strength is applied. Mizunami with the advantage catching King in multiple pin attempts. Mizunami and King trading strikes. Mizunami takes advantage and hits a running forearm in the corner. Mizunami firing in a flurry of chops going for the machine gun chops before finishing it off with one big one.

Mizunami getting fired up before charging in with a lariat. Mizunami with a few running leg drops before one final one for a two count. King catches Mizunami with a knee lift and hits an elbow drop for a two count. King with a flurry of strikes, but Mizunami invites King for another chop. King responds with a flurry of strikes of her own. King winding herself up as she invites Mizunami to fire in her own chops. Mizunami responds. She hits a leg drop on the back of King’s head. She locks in an Anaconda Vice after the kick out.

King reaches the ropes forcing a break. King catches Mizunami with a spinning heel kick. She hits the German Suplex then a shotgun dropkick. Spinebuster into a folding pin but King only gets a two count! Mizunami blocks a kick then nails an Uranagi. Mizunami hits a spear and hits the Guillotine Leg Drop for the win.

Winners: Ryo Mizunami

D3 and Vary Morales vs. Alan “5” Angels & Preston “10” Vance

10 and D3 start off as D3 tags 10 off the break in the corner. 10 showing off his power as he drops D3 with a huge elbow. 5 tags in and hits a second-rope dropkick off the back bodydrop from 10. Morales tags in as he and 5 go back and forth exchanging holds. Morales tag 5 with a slap in the face. 5 responds with some strikes of his own. Morales slips off the suplex but runs into a belly-to-belly suplex, cover but only a two count. 5 misses the second-rope moonsault.

10 and D3 tag in as 10 runs through D3 with lariats. 10 gets the boot up in the corner and hits a second-rope lariat. D3 runs into a huge spinebuster from 10. Morales tries to distract 10, but 5 runs in and slams him on the side apron. D3 catches 10 in a roll-up. 10 gains back control. 5 hits a running crossbody with D3 hanging on the ropes as 10 locks in the full nelson as D3 passes out.

Winners: Alan “5” Angels & Preston “10” Vance

– Dasha is backstage with Ethan Page. Page says he’s doing what he promised, but AEW is “overlooking superstars like Ethan Page.” He questions why he isn’t getting the star treatment. He said he had a good conversation with someone today and said that he’ll go out and enjoy the show.

– A vignette featuring Bear Country plays where Boulder and Bronson tell their origin story. They talk about their motivations to be TV stars. They note that the pandemic had them considering putting wrestling second, until AEW called. They want to be part of the best tag team division in the world. “AEW is Bear Country”.

Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) (w/Matt Hardy)

Bronson and Kassidy start things off as Kassidy takes time to take his gold off. Bronson quickly shows off his power. Bronson catches Kassidy and throws him over. Quen tags in and tries to use his athleticism. He slaps Bronson, but Bronson is unfazed and hits a back elbow then a senton. Boulder tags in and gets Irish Whipped onto Quen, and Bronson hits a lariat after. Boulder crushing Quen in the corner. Quen baits Boulder in the corner and hits a top rope dropkick.

Boulder gets the boot up and tags in Bronson. Bronson punishing Quen in the corner as Kassidy tries to intervene but gets pushed off. Kassidy uses the referee distraction to help out Quen. Private Party cutting the ring in half as Matt Hardy takes advantage of the referee distraction. Bronson tries to fight out of the corner, but Private Party keeping him in their corner as Quen takes out Boulder. Poetry in Motion from Private Party, cover but only a two count.

Private Party continuing to cut the ring in half. Quen tries a forearm on Boulder, but he’s unfazed. Quen runs into a back bodydrop from Bronson. Boulder taking care of Private Party hitting a splash on the two of them in the corner. Boulder carrying Private Party and hits an SOS Throw and a Samoan Drop! He covers but only gets a two count. Matt Hardy coming in to provide a distraction. Marko Stunt runs in and takes out Hardy! Bear Country look to finish the match off but are confused by Marko’s save. Private Party takes advantage and Kassidy rolls up Bronson and grabs the tights for the win.

Winners: Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)

Post-match: Marko tries to apologize, but Bear Country aren’t having it. The rest of Jurassic Express run in and big brawl breaks out, and the referees come in to try and break things up.

Scorpio Sky vs. Mike Sydal

Sky and Mike are at a stand-off after the shoulder tackle attempt. Sky locks in a side headlock and runs through Mike on the shoulder tackle. Mike using his speed catching Sky with a dropkick then an arm drag takedown. Sky with a kick off the break on the ropes. He ducks a lariat and baits Mike outside. He catches him with a step-up enzuiguri and rocks Mike with a flurry on punches in the corner. Sky with a snapmare then a forehead break. Elbow drop only gives Sky a two count.

Sky with an abominable stretch. Sky sends Mike the outside opting for a count-out win. Sky with a knee as Mike tries to go back in the ring. Big backbreaker from Sky as he stretches out Mike. Mike flips off the suplex and hits a dropkick. Matrix off the lariat from Sky as Mike looks to build momentum. Sky runs into a superkick as Mike shows off his flexibility with a split then tripping up Sky. Standing moonsault only gives Mike a two count.

Sky avoiding the suplex as he lands a flurry of forearms. Mike responds with a high kick but runs into a German Suplex. Sky maintaining control as he hits three more Germans. Sky looking for TKO, but Mike escapes. Sky looking to throw Mike out of the ring, but Mike escapes again. Sky with a chop block at Mike’s knee. Sky locks in a knee bar, and Mike taps out.

Winner: Scorpio Sky

– Post-match: Sky keeps the kneebar locked in. Matt comes running in, and Sky escapes. Ethan Page comes running in! He beats down Matt and runs him through with a shoulder block. Page poses for the camera as Sky gives him a friendly nod. The two walk out closing out a jam-packed episode of Elevation.