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– Excalibur hypes up tomorrow’s Dynamite: The Crossroads. Taz says he can’t wait for Shaq to knock out Cody as Excalibur takes it Justin Roberts for our first match of the night.

Aaron Solow & Lee Johnson (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Chris Peaks & Louie Valle

Valle start the match trying to intimidate Arn Anderson. Solow takes Valle down with a side headlock. Johnson takes in and hits a double axehandle on Valle’s arms. Solow tags in and does the same. Johnson tags back in and the two hit a double back elbow, cover, but Valle kicks out at two. Solow tags in and hits a diving knee drop after a bodyslam from Johnson. Valle finds an opening and tags in Peaks, but Peaks gets caught in an arm drag takedown.

Valle distracts Solow allowing Peaks to gain some control. Valle blind tags in and gets off a double stomp. Solow and Valle trade strikes, but Valle hits a suplex, cover, but he only gets a two count. Valle and Peaks now cutting the ring in half, but Solow fights out sending Peaks to the outside. Johnson tags in and hits a series of clotheslines followed up by a dropkick. Solow takes out Peaks as he tries to interfere allowing Johnson to hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for the win.

Winners: Aaron Solow & Lee Johnson

Diamante & Ivelisse vs. KiLynn King & Red Velvet

King and Diamante stare each other down and talk some trash. Diamante calls out Red Velvet, and Red Velvet tags in as they go back and forth. Red Velvet rocks Diamante with a leg lariat as she calls out Ivelisse. Ivelisse tags in as the two trade strikes. King and Red Velvet maintain wrist control on Ivelisse. King drops Ivelisse with an arm drag as Red Velvet hits an assisted splash, cover, but Ivelisse kicks out at two.

King drops Ivelisse with a bodyslam. Ivelisse catches King in a triangle. King picks her up, but Ivelisse then gets her in an armbar on the ropes. Diamante pulls King’s arm on the ropes as the ref has to break Ivelisse from the ropes. Diamante now going to work on King as she and Ivelisse start putting more pressure on King’s left arm. Ivelisse knocks King down with a kick to the face, cover, but she only gets a two count before continuing the pressure on King’s left arm.

King powers out and starts to build some separation and lays out Ivelisse with a clothesline. Red Velvet and Diamante tag in as Red Velvet takes out Diamante and Ivelisse. Diamante is back up and lands a flutty of elbows. Red Velvet gets off an elbow strike of her own and hits double knee strike on the ropes followed up by a standing moonsault. Red Velvet prevents the tag, but Diamante hits an enzuguri and tags in Ivelisse. Red Velvet evades the stereo knee strikes, but Ivelisse catches her in a modified suplex, cover, but King breaks up the pin. Red Velvet lands a hook kick then a single boot for the win.

Winners: KiLynn King & Red Velvet

Fuego Del Sol & Jon Cruz vs. Top Flight (Darius Martin & Daunte Martin)

Darius and Del Sol start off with a strong lock-up. Darius gets the better of a shoulder tackle battle, but Del Sol keeps up with Darius in a speed battle. Darius drops Del Sol with a dropkick. Daunte blind tags in and catches Del Sol with a clothesline in the corner. Darius hits a suplex, and Daunte lands a rolling senton, cover, but he only gets a two count. Daunte tries to get a sunset flip pin, but Del Sol rolls into his corner allowing Cruz to tag in, but Cruz catches a dropkick.

Cruz fights out of the corner and hits a rolling neckbreaker, cover, but Daunte kicks out at two. Del Sol tags back in and trades strikes with Daunte getting the better of it with a knee to the gut, then a standing Shooting Star, cover but only a two count. Cruz tags in and tries for a double suplex, but Daunte flips out and tags in Darius.

Darius takes out Del Sol and lands a Spanish Fly, cover 1-2-no! Daunte tags in, but Cruz fights off Top Flight. Top Flight are taken out by Cruz and Del Sol. Del Sol goes up top and hits a tornado dive on the outside! Del Sol calls for the tornado DDT but misses as Darius blind tags in. Top Flight hits The Ice Breaker for the win.

Winners: Top Flight (Darius Martin & Daunte Martin)

Aaron Frye, Angel Fashion & Tony Vega vs. Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

Austin and Frye exchange holds to start off. Fyre lands a huge right hand after a break in the corner. Austin uses his speed to take out Frye with a rolling neckbreaker. Fashion tries to catch Austin off guard, but he’s ready for it as Colten tags in and dunks on Fashion in the corner and follows up with a hanging neckbreaker, cover, but he only gets a two count.

Vega tags in but does too much trash talking allowing Austin to tag in. Gunn Club land a series of boots and dropkicks, cover, but Vega kicks out at two. Vega drops Austin on the ropes allowing Frye to land in a shot with the ref distracted. Frye tags back in and lands more heavy right hands on Austin. Austin is kept isolated, until he escapes out of the corner and tags in Billy. Billy takes out everyone leaving only Fashion in the ring. Billy hits the Famouser, cover, but Frye breaks up the pin and is taken out by Austin. Fashion tells Billy to “Suck It”, but he eats a 3:10 to Yuma giving Gunn Club the win.

Winners: Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

Renee Michelle vs. Abadon

Michelle is frozen by Abadon’s presence and tries to escape, but Abadon stops her. Michelle’s elbow strike doesn’t work as Abadon dives to the outside and lands a flurry of strikes on Michelle. Michelle responds with strikes of her own, but Abadon shuts her down with a clothesline then biels her to the corner. Double knees to the corner from Abadon. Michelle lands an elbow strike, but Abadon rises back up and drops Michelle with a shoulder tackle. Adadon hits Cemetery Drive for the win.

Winner: Abadon

Stu Grayson vs. JD Drake

Drake easily drops Grayson with a shoulder tackle, but Grayson responds with a dropkick. Grayson tries for a series of elbows and chops, but Drake responds with his own chop. A gentlemen’s agreement leads to an all out brawl! Grayson sends Drake to the outside, trips him and elevates over the top. Drake picks up Grayson bouncing him off the ropes and lands a huge strike! He follows up with a senton, but Grayson kicks out at one.

Drake starts wearing down Grayson, but Grayson tries to fight back with an Uranagi. Drake isn’t having it, but the two trade chops. Grayson gest the better of the exchange and lands an Uranagi! Spear in the corner the a springboard back elbow from Grayson. Drake elevates off the corner and sends Grayson flying with a belly-to-bell suplex. Second-rope leg drop from Drake, cover, but he only gets a two count.

Grayson counters Drake on the top rope and drops him with a huricanranna. Grayson misses a 450, and Drake meets him with a big boot. Drake misses a cannonball, and Grayson hits a swinging DDT followed up by a bicycle knee. Grayson hits Nightfall for the win.

Winner: Stu Grayson

– The Acclaimed Shopping Network is on as they introduce Dark Order Kool Aide. A person drinks it and becomes 110! Caster drops a diss rap on Dark Order as a montage plays of The Acclaimed mocking 110. Caster then calls out 10 for not being able to draw a dime and having a “10 cent brain”. Anthony Bowens plus their shirt as Max Caster has 110 in a headlock.

Baron Black & M’Badu vs. Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson)

Bronson quickly drops Black with a back elbow and lands another elbow, cover, but he only gets a one count. Boulder tags in and rocks Black with a shoulder tackles while maintaining wrist control. Black tries to fight out with a chop, but Bronson responds with a flurry of strikes and sends Black and M’Badu to the outside. M’Badu takes out Bronson with the help of a distracted referee. Black starts wearing down Bronson’s left shoulder.

M’Badu and Black continue to wear down Bronson, but Bronson starts fighting back. M’Badu drops Bronson with a shoulder block as Bronson continues to favor the left shoulder. Confusion after a sideslam only gets Black a one count. Black drops Bronson on his shoulder, cover, but he only gets a two count. Bronson showing some resilency after Black tries for a few chops. Bronson drops him with an Olympic Slam.

Boulder tags in and takes out Black and M’Badu. Boulder rocks Black with a series of clotheslines then a backbody drop. Boulder sends M’Badu to the corner and picks up both Black and M’Badu and lands a Samoan Drop / fallaway slam combo! Boulder misses the moonsault off the corner. M’Badu hits a top rope clothesline. Bronson breaks up a pin attempt with a senton and hits a top suicida on M’Badu! Bear Country hit their assisted splash with Bronson on Boulder’s shoulders for the win.

Winners: Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson)

– Post-match: Butcher and Blade come in and attack Bear Country! Blade batters Boulder with a chair with The Bunny laughing at him. Bronson’s shoulder is crushed with the combination of Butcher, Blade and Bunny as Blade yells “Do you know who we are?”

John Skyler, Levi Shapiro & Ryzin vs. Dark Order (Colt Cabana, Evil Uno & Five)

Cabana and Skyler start the match off as Colt shows off his technical prowess. Colt and Skyler go back and forth, until Colt drops him with a chop. Uno tags in and lands some heavy shots on Skyler. Skyler responds with a shoulder tackle tagging in Shapiro. Uno gets the better of Shapiro in a shoulder tackle battle and hits a Manhattan Drop. Five tags in and sends Shapiro in the corner and lands a series of punches.

He flips out of the corner, hits a dropkick, cover, but he only gets a two count. Colt tags in as they wrench Shapiro and land a double strike. Diving elbow from Colt as he has some fun with Shapiro before tagging in Uno. Uno continuing the beatdown on Shapiro dropping him with a series of chops. Shapiro catches Uno with an elbow and a boot. He lands a diving fist drop. Five and Skyler tag in as Five drops everyone and goes to work on Skyler.

Five drops Shapiro with a diving splash as he’s hanging on the ropes. Ryzin gets taken out as Five hits a backwards frog splash, cover, but Shapiro breaks up the pin. Five sends Shapiro to the outside, but Skyler catches him with a superkick. Ryzin tags in, but he’s too tired allowing Dark Order to hit their combo moves on him. Uno flatlines Ryzin for the win.

Winners: Dark Order (Colt Cabana, Evil Uno & Five)

– Before the match, Caster drops a diss rap on JJ Garrett making fun of his mullet. He calls him a girl “writing in his diary”. He says his name is short for “Va JJ” as Bowens yells “The Acclaimed have arrived!”

JJ Garrett vs. Max Caster (w/Anthony Bowens)

Garrett catches Caster in a takedown, but Caster manages to reach for the ropes. Caster rejects the lock up and hits a kick but misses the knee drop. Garrett hits a spinning back elbow and counters Caster in the corner and hits an area code shot following up with a spear in the corner. Caster catches Garrett with an arm drag and starts to wear down Garrett’s arm.

Garrett builds some distance with a jawbreaker, but Caster counters with a hanging neckbreaker, cover, but he only gets a two count. Caster working on Garrett’s shoulder, but Garrett tries to fight back. Caster drops Garrett on his bad shoulder and continues to mount the pressure on Garrett, but Garrett reaches for the ropes. Caster kicks Garrett on the ground as Garrett catches him with a kick. Garrett hits a knee drop and picks up Garrett onto the top rope.

Garrett pushes Caster off, but Caster climbs back up. Garrett gets out and lands a second-rope moonsault! Garrett lands a flurry of strikes, then a huge double knee drop in the corner. He follows up with a cannonball senton, cover, but he only gets a two count. Bowens slips in the boom box as the ref argues with Bowens. Caster hits a low blow then a brainbuster then an elbow Mic Drop for the win.

Winner: Max Caster

The Hybrid2 (Angelico & Jack Evans) vs. Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean

Angelico and Bravo start the match off exchanging wrist locks. Angelico drops Bravo and locks in a side headlock then an arm drag. Bravo misses the dropkick as Evans and Dean tag in. Dean gest the better of Evans locking in a hammer lock, but Evans quickly gets a wrist lock on Dean.

Dean doesn’t allow Evans to do a cartwheel and drops him with an arm drag then a boot to the head. Bravo tags in and lands a dropkick with an assist from Dean, cover, but Evans kicks out at two. Evans distracts the ref allowing Angelico to get an eye rake on Bravo. Angelico tags in, but the ref is distracted again allowing Evans to lock in a Muta Lock followed up by a PK from Angelico, cover, but he only gets a two count.

Bravo tries to fight out with punches to the mid-section. Angelico follows with a knee to the mid-section. Bravo maneuvers and tags in Dean and rattles TH2. Corner dropkicks from Dean onto TH2. Dean salutes and hits a DDT, cover, 1-2-no! Bravo tags in and hits Slice Bread on Angelico followed up by a splash from Dean, cover, but Evans breaks up the pin. Evans takes out Dean with a corkscrew kick. Angelico catches Bravo in a Navarro Death Roll forcing Bravo to tap out.

Winners: The Hybrid2 (Angelico & Jack Evans)

Orange Cassidy vs. Steven Stetson

Stetson talks some trash to Orange. Orange counters Stetson and takes his hat. Orange prevents Stetson from grabbing his hat as he catches him in a Death Lock with his hands in his pocket. Orange refuses to break the hold, but he catches Stetson with a dropkick after Stetson retrieved his hat sending the hat flying. Stetson knocks Orange with a boot knocking his glasses off. Stetson lands some shots on the outside rope talking trash along the way. Stetson hits a corner splash but Orange Punch then Beach Break gives Cassidy the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Chuck Taylor vs. VSK

A show of respect from Chuck and VSK as they allow a clean break, but Chuck catches VSK with a flurry of strikes. VSK responds with a spinning back elbow then a bodyslam / frog splash, cover but Chucks kicks out at two. Chucks lands Soul Food followed up by a big boot. Chuck hits a suplex, cover, but VSK kicks out at two. Strong hammer throw from Chuck.

VSK lands some body shots, but Chuck cuts him off. VSK counters Soul Food and lands a flurry of kicks. VSK launces in and hits a swinging DDT sending Chuck to the outside. VSK hits a tope suicida! Chuck catches VSK with a knee strike. Chuck hits a Falcon Arrow, cover 1-2-no! VSK catches Chuck with a roll-up, but Chuck kicks out and drops VSK with short-range piledriver then goes for a leaping piledriver for the win.

Winner: Chuck Taylor

Daniel Joseph vs. Ten

Ten drops Joseph after a lock up. Ten follows up with a shoulder tackle then an arm drag takedown. Ten sends Joseph to the outside and connects with Negative One on commentary. Joseph catches Ten with a chop in the corner, but Ten responds with chops of his own. Ten hits a back bodydrop. Ten misses the bicycle kick but lands the bicycle kick on the second attempt. Ten nails a spinebuster then a powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Ten

Matt Sydal & Mike Sydal vs. SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Matt and Frankie start off with a show of respect before a strong lock-up. Frankie gets out of the hammerlock sending Matt to the outside. Matt drops Frankie with a few arm drags then a crucifix cover but only a two count. Mike tags in and hits an assisted diving foot stomp then a standing moonsault, cover but another two count. Frankie drops Mike with a series of strikes then a clothesline.

Daniels tags in and lands a leg lariat, cover, but he only gets a two count. Mike goes around and nails a dropkick. Matt tags in and The Sydal’s hit a drop toehold / dropkick. Matt nails a Northern Lights Bomb, cover, but Daniels manages to kick out at two. Mike tags back in. Daniels avoids a suplex and tags in Frankie who walks into a flurry of strikes. He responds with a back elbow. Daniels tags back in and hits a flying clotheslines.

Daniels hits an elbow drop, cover but only a two count. Frankie tags in and hits a swinging neckbreaker, cover but only a two count as Frankie took some time to fling Mike’s rubber band. Frankie and Mike trade chops. Frankie hits a German Suplex, cover, 1-2-no! Daniels hits a clothesline and each hit a moonsault, cover, and Mike kicks out again! Mike tries to elevate out of the corner but catches Daniels in a tornado DDT.

Matt and Frankie tag in as Matt drops Frankie with a leg lariat then a step-up rana. Arm drag and another leg lariat from Sydal, cover, but Frankie kicks out at two. Matt drops SCU with a slice and jawbreaker combo. Matt hits a standing Mariposa, cover, but Frankie kicks out again. The Sydal’s hit a double leg sweep. Sydal has a Cobra Clutch locked in, but Frankie stacks him up for a pin.

Matt hits a jumping knee strike. Mike tags in and lands a step-up enzuguri, cover, 1-2-and Frankie kicks out. Mike springboards, but Frankie hits a cutter, cover, and Matt breaks up the pin. Matt misses the off the top rope, SCU hit an assisted gutbuster on Matt. SCU hit Best Meltzer Ever for the win.

Winners: SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

– Post-match: Daniels says SCU are headed for the titles.

– Rundown of the card for Dynamite: The Crossroads as that concludes another episode of Dark.