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– Excalibur and Taz on commentary. The FTW Title match between Brian Cage and Brandon Cutler will “main event” the show.

Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico) vs. Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) (w/-1)

Serpentico and Silver start the match off as Silver quickly takes down Serpentico. Silver then catches Serpentico with a big back bodydrop. Serpentico tries to go over the top in the corner, but Silver catches him with an uppercut. Reynolds tags in, and Dark Order hit a double drop toehold and a double dropkick. Luther makes a blind tag after Serpentico flips over a suplex. Reynolds using his speed to hit a few elbows on Luther and intercepts Serpentico’s attempt to leap off the top rope.

Serpentico holds onto Reynolds’ legs allowing Luther to hit a lariat. Serpentico tags in and gets thrown to Reynolds in the corner, and Luther slams Serpentico onto Reynolds. Serpentico falls over for a cover, and Reynolds kicks out. Luther tags in and hits a lariat in the corner and rocks him with another. Serpentico tags in and gets bulldogged onto Reynolds after Luther bodyslams him. Luther tags back in and throws Reynolds out. Reynolds avoids the superkick and hits Serpentico with a big boot. Luther sets up Reynolds up top. Reynolds counters with a few back elbows and hits a moonsault press on Luther!

Silver and Serpentico tag in, but Silver is on fire and biels Serpentico all over the ring. He takes out Luther with a German Suplex. He lawn darts Serpentico onto Luther and hits both of them with a step-up enzuiguri. Silver hits a German Suplex, bridge, but Serpentico kicks out. Luther comes in and takes out everyone. Chaos Project looking to finish it off, but Reynolds intercepts and hits a rolling elbow on Luther then a tope suicida! Silver rocking Serpentico with kicks and continues after a backslide attempt from Serpentico. Silver sets up Serpentico on the ropes and hits a boot combo with Reynolds. Dark Order hit Dark Destroyer for the win.

Winners: Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver)

– Alex Marvez is backstage with SCU asking them what their thoughts are that PAC and Rey Fenix getting a title shot ahead of them despite them being ranked number one. Christopher Daniels says, “Who cares.” He also says the rankings matter and wins and losses matter. He says they will continue to win and will break up if they ever lose. He says they will keep winning until they face the AEW Tag Team Champions and remind people that they “never should have forgotten about us in the first place.”

Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs vs. SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Kazarian and Isaacs start the match with a strong collar-and-elbow tie up with neither man gaining an edge. Some pushing back and forth leads to another strong lock-up and back and forth counters. Kazarian catches Isaacs with a few arm drags, but Isaacs soon counters with a wrist lock. Kazarian escapes and gets Issacs back in the arm drag hold. Isaacs escapes and tags in Nelson who also runs into an arm drag. Daniels tags in, and SCU hit combo strikes.

Hammer throw followed up by an exploder, cover but Daniels only gets two. Nelson escapes the headlock and hits a scoop slam. Daniels catches Isaacs in a few arm drags and tags in Kazarian, and he hits a swinging neckbreaker. He follows up with a back suplex and tags in Daniels. Daniels hits a shoulder tackle then a low enzuiguri, cover, but Isaacs kicks out. Isaacs escapes the fireman’s carry, but Daniels takes out Nelson. Isaacs lifts Daniels on the top rope allowing Nelson to land a kick. Big Fisherman’s Suplex then a flurry of punches. Leg drop / sideslam combo from Nelson and Isaacs. Nelson does some posing before hitting some body shots on Daniels then a waistlock.

Daniels rises up and escapes but gets caught in a fireman’s carry. Tag team combo ending with Isaacs hitting a lariat, cover, but Daniels kicks out at two. Daniels avoids the suplex attempt but runs into another body shot from Isaacs. Daniels avoids another suplex and hits the STO. Kazarian and Nelson tag in. Kazarian on fire hitting a shotgun dropkick then a leg lariat. He hits a big leg drop on Nelson then a  Sunset Flip attempt, but Isaacs kicks out. Kazarian runs into a body slam then a springboard leg drop. SCU look for BME, but Nelson intercepts. Nelson accidently hits Isaacs. Kazarian hits a dropkick tagging out Isaacs. Daniels and Nelson exchanging strikes. Kazarian takes out Nelson with a huge lariat off the Irish Whip from Daniels. Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever for the win.

Winners: SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Penelope Ford (w/Kip Sabian) vs. Miranda Alize

A quick back and forth as Alize starts off fast. Ford hits a big elbow on the outside slowing things down. Alize with a small package counter off the suplex, but Ford kicks out. Ford elevates Alize off the top rope and hits a big elbow then goes over the top for a big knee drop, cover but only a two count. Alize hanging on the ropes as Ford hits a big boot and hangs on the ropes while sharing a kiss with Kip.

Alize and Ford trading strikes as Alize with a flurry of elbows, but Ford runs in with her own and Alize hits one of her own. Ford catches Alize with a hook kick, cover, but Alize kicks out at two. Ford tries for a springboard cutter, but Alize catches her with a knee strike, cover, 1-2-no! Ford with a drop toehold counter with Alize hanging on the ropes, and Ford with a big kick to the back. Lung Blower then a Fisherman’s Suplex gives Ford the win.

Winner: Penelope Ford

– Ricky Starks joins commentary.

Adam Priest, Baron Black & Jake St. Patrick vs. Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

Priest and Austin start the match off as Priest catches Austin in a take down, and Priest keeps the waistlock tight. Both men running the ropes as Austin trips up Priest and hits a Blockbuster. Black and Billy tag in, and Billy shows off his power, but Black hits some chops on Billy. Billy quickly knocks Black down with a shoulder block. Billy follows up with a huge hip toss then a big chop. Colten tags in and Irish Whips his dad onto Black, and Colten dunks on Black. He follows up with a neckbreaker as Black rolls to tag in St. Patrick. Colten hits a hanging neckbreaker as things break down. Black and Priest are thrown out as Gunn Club hit 3:10 To Yuma for the win.

Winners: Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

Jack Evans vs. Dante Martin

Dante avoids the wrist lock and locks in one of his own. Evans cartwheels escaping as Dante and Evans match each other counter for counter as Dante catches Evans with a series of arm drags then a takedown. Dante tries to bounce off the ropes for another arm drag, but Evans counters. Dante ducks a lariat and gets off the arm drag then a dropkick followed up by a hanging neckbreaker. Dante goes up top and misses the 450 but rolls out. Evans baits him in the corner and hits a corkscrew kick. Evans keeping the pressure on Dante.

Handspring back elbow from Evans followed up by a Rider Kick, cover, but he only gets a two count. Evans smashing Dante’s head on the turnbuckle as he talks trash. Evans tries for another handspring elbow, but Dante catches him and dumps him on the entrance ramp! Dante ducks a clothesline and hits a big chop. Dante then hits a dropkick followed up by a headscissors. Dante gets sent over the rope but sends Evans face first in the corner then a springboard moonsault, cover, 1-2-no!

Evans kicks and flips over and sends Dante to the outside. Evans misses the corkscrew kick. Dante flips over the barricade after the Irish Whip! Big right hand then he leaps over the barricade and nails the Destroyer! Dante goes up top and hits a 450 for the win.

Winner: Dante Martin

– Post-match: Angelico runs in and hits a step-up enzuiguri on Dante as he was posing in the corner. Darius, who is not medically cleared, comes in to his brother’s aid.

FTW World Title Match: Brian Cage (c) (w/ Hook) vs. Brandon Cutler

Cage with a takedown to start followed up by a wristlock. Cutler escapes but gets dropped with an uppercut. Cutler baits Cage in the corner and hits an enzuiguri followed up by another. Cage catches the springboard attempt and nails the Death Valley Driver. Cage with some shoulder tackles in the corner followed up by a massive chop. Cage looks to finish it off, but Cutler counters with a high roundhouse kick followed up by an enzuiguri. Big tope suicida then a springboard crossbody, cover, 1-2-no!

Cutler with a few right hands, but Cage with a big driver, cover, but he only gets a two count. Cage and Cutler trading kicks and strikes. Cage looks to elevate Cutler, but Cutler counters and hits a Sunset Bomb, cover, but Cage barely kicks out at two. Cutler with a springboard forearm. He points at the FTW belt and Starks and Taz on commentary as he goes for a springboard elbow, cover, 1-2-no! Cage catches Cutler off the top rope attempt and hits Drill Claw for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage

– Now just Excalibur and Taz on commentary.

Ashley Vox vs. Alex Gracia

Vox and Gracia with a strong lock-up as Vox throws Gracia aside. Gracia follows up with a series of arm drags then a takedown. Vox rises up and sends Gracia to the corner. Gracia counters and slides in with a pin attempt. Springboard crossbody then a dropkick for Gracia. Vox baits Gracia in the corner and goes for a Sunset Flip, but Gracia counters that into a big dropkick, cover, but Vox kicks out at two. Elbow strike exchange as Vox locks in the Fish Hook then a huge headbutt followed up by another Fish Hook. They trade pin attempts each kicking out. Vox locks in the Fish Hook, and Gracia taps out.

Winner: Ashley Vox

Joey Janela vs. Sonny Kiss vs. Seth Gargis & Vary Morales

Janela and Morales start things off as Janela has some fun to start off. He locks in a side headlock, but Morales reverses it. Janela pushes Morales down, but Morales rises up quickly. Janela tries and fails the kip up attempt. He tries for another but doesn’t get it. He goes for one more and doesn’t get it again. He simply super kicks Morales and blows kisses to the corner cam. Kiss tags in, and Morales kicks Kiss. Janela avoids the enzuiguri and traps Morales in a surfboard, and Kiss gets a split-legged chin lock as Gargis comes in and breaks it up. Kiss catches Gargis in a crossbody, and Gargis kicks out at two. Gargis with a strong hammer throw, but Kiss tags him with a huge elbow and a high kick.

Janela tags in and lands some big right hands. He tries for a shoulder block, but Gargis is still up, but he hits a third one leaving his feet taking the big man down. Kiss tags in, and they hit a tag team suplex. Kiss and Janela with some heavy strikes on Gargis and Morales. Morales taken out with a Michinoku Driver from Janela. Gargis taken down by dual superkicks. Reverse DDT / split-legged drop from Janela and Kiss give them the win.

Winners: Joey Janela vs. Sonny Kiss

– Anthony Ogogo now on commentary.

JD Drake (w/Ryan Nemeth) vs. Fuego Del Sol

JD Drake catches a kick and stops a huricanranna attempt. Fuego trying to use his speed, but Drake gets off a hip toss. Fuego using his speed and sends Drake to the outside with a huricanranna. Drake catches the tope suicida and bounces Fuego off the ropes and hits a big forearm! Drake with a quick kick, a bodyslam then a headbutt drop, cover but only a two count. Drake hanging on Fuego on the ropes and hits a huge leg lariat.

Fuego counters Drake in the corner and hits a few body shots, but Drake is unfazed and lands shots of his own on Fuego. Splash, cover only gets Drake a two count. Fuego trying to muster up a fight but gets dropped with a big chop. Fuego avoids a suplex and rolls up Drake, but Drake kicks out. Fuego gets the boot up in the corner and goes over Drake and hits a cazadora knee drop. He hits a big kick and goes for a standing Sliced Bread. Drake counters and hits a Claymore Kick for the win.

Winner: JD Drake

QT Marshall vs. Shawn Dean

Strong collar and elbow tie up goes into the corner as Dean gives a clean break. QT with a big shoulder block as they run the ropes. Dean follows up with a back elbow. QT hits a few punches and hits a big lariat. QT tries to send Dean to the outside. Dean counters and sends QT to the outside and hits a sliding dropkick through the middle rope. QT avoids the plancha and drops Dean with a lariat. QT with a flurry of elbow drops and walks on Dean’s face.

Dean showing some fight with a series of body shots. QT hits a series of clotheslines, cover but only a two count. QT locks in a facelock. Dean gets up, but QT hits a strong chop at the back. QT goes to the middle rope and salutes Dean but jumps into a huge dropkick. Dean and QT sharing punches as Dean gets the advantage of the exchange. QT with a knee lift, but Dean starting to gain momentum. Dean with a step-up enzuiguri sends QT to the outside as Dean lands the tope con hiro!

Dean hits a few corner dropkicks, but QT responds with a dropkick of his own. QT calls for the Diamond Cutter. Dean counters it and salutes for the DDT. QT counters. Dean goes for a middle-rope back crossbody, but QT counters into a Diamond Cutter for the win.

Winner: QT Marshall

The Bunny (w/The Blade & The Butcher) vs. Jazmin Allure

Bunny goes at Allure right away with a flurry of strikes. Allure reverses and hits some strikes of her own. She trips up Bunny and hits a low dropkick. Bunny baits Allure and slams her on the middle rope. Allure then runs into a clothesline from Bunny. Bunny then mounts Allure and slams her head on the mat. Strong Irish Whip from Bunny. Bunny charges in and hits a sliding lariat. Bunny bows and stomps Allure while talking trash.

Allure counters the hair tugs with a jaw breaker and nails a few clotheslines. Bunny baits Allure in the corner and nails the superkick. Bunny hits The Rabbit Hole for the win.

Winner: The Bunny

Dark Order (Colt Cabana, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) (w/-1) vs. Brick Aldridge, Carlie Bravo & Dean Alexander

Alexander and Cabana start the match off as -1 gives Cabana a pep talk. Cabana with a heel trip to start off as Cabana twists and turns Alexander all over. Bravo tags in as -1 gives Cabana another strategy talk. Bravo taunts Cabana as Cabana drops Bravo with an elbow strike. He follows up with another and hits some chops in the corner. Uno tags in and hits a flurry of chops of his own. Uno hits a suplex, cover but only a two count.

Grayson tags in and hits a PK after a Russian Leg Sweep from Uno, Bravo avoids the corner spear and tags in Aldridge. Aldridge invites Cabana in and Cabana hits a big elbow. Aldridge throws Grayson into the corner and tags in Alexander. Grayson taking in a lot of damage in the corner. Grayson hits an over-head belly-to-belly on Alexander. Aldridge tags in to prevent the tag out. Grayson and Aldridge match each other in lariats, and Grayson hits a big Uranagi.

Uno and Bravo tag in as Uno takes out everyone. Bravo tries to take advantage, but Uno rolls him through and stomps on his figures and hits a dropkick. Uno with a huge Ushigoroshi as Cabana tags in and drops everyone. Grayson and Uno hit Fatality for the win.

Winners: Dark Order (Colt Cabana, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)

Aaron Solow & Nick Comoroto vs. Angel Fashion & D3

Solow and D3 start things off with a quick back and forth. Solow rolls off the Sunset Flip and hits a dropkick. Comoroto tags in, but D3 evades and tags in Fashion. Fashion calls for a test of strength but punches Comoroto. Comoroto responds with a huge lariat. Fashion with a few punches, but Comoroto catches the crossbody and hits a powerslam. Solow tags in. D3 intercepts, but Solow takes care of it, and Solow crosses Fashion’s arms and slams him down Pedigree style for the win.

Winners: Aaron Solow & Nick Comoroto

John Skyler vs. Cezar Bononi (w/Peter Avalon)

Bononi shows off his strength early on pushing Skyler down. Skyler hits a few strikes but can’t take down Bononi with his clothesline attempts. Bononi rocks Skyler with corner clothesline then a huge lariat to the back of Skyler’s head. Bononi hits a flurry of stomps in the corner. Avalon takes advantage of the ref break to punch Skyler. Bononi with a hip toss, cover but only a two count. Bononi with a chin lock, and he throws Skyler out as Skyler tried to rise up.

Bononi slams Skyler on the side apron as he poses showing off his moustache. Skyler with a pumping knee strike and tries to sunset flip in. Bononi with multiple counters and lifts up Skyler for a sleeper, and he spins around dropping Skyler. Bononi with an Argentine Backbreaker Driver for the win.

Winner: Cezar Bononi

– Excalibur runs through tomorrow’s Dynamite as that concludes another packed episode of Dark.