AEW Dynamite Results: Christian Cage Makes In-Ring Debut

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Christian Cage vs. Frankie Kazarian

This is Cage's AEW in-ring debut. Cage gives the mat a quick kiss during his entrance as this is his first singles match since 2007. Collar and elbow tie-up around the ring to get things started. Cage with a side headlock applied, gets sent into the ropes, but hits a shoulder tackle and quick pin for only a one-count. Cage with wrist control, Kazarian flips out of it and works over Cage's shoulder, but Cage flips over and into a side headlock.

Kazarian with a big back elbow that sends Cage out to the ramp. The two go up to the stage and Cage pops him in the face, then gets sent hard into the ring. Cage attempts to climb the ropes and just gets shoved down to the floor. Kazarian with a leg drop down on Christian as he makes his way back into the ring. Kazarian with a front facelock, Cage looking to fade, but eventually comes back to life. Kazarian keeps Cage down, goes for a cover, two-count.

Big shots from Kazarian, but he runs into a couple big boots. Christian up to the second rope and hits a swinging DDT, pin, two. Cage lands some more strikes, then stands on Kazarian's shoulders and choking him on the second rope. Cage with a diving european uppercut, cover, two-count. More pin attempts, all for two-counts. Kazarian with a crossface chicken wing, but Cage breaks out of it. He looks for kill switch (his finisher), nope, but Cage hits a reverse DDT.

Cage heads up to the top rope, leaps, diving splash finds an empty pool. Kazarian with another crossface chicken wing, he then drops down with it in the middle of the ring! Cage is able to crawl off and get a foot on the rope. Kazarian talks some trash, inside cradle by Cage for a two-count. Knee lift by Frankie, followed up by a lariat, springboard leg drop, cover, two-count.

Both end up on the top turnbuckle, Kazarian looking for a superplex, but Cage fights him off until Kazarian headbutts him. Kazarian hits the spanish fly, cover, two! Christian tries for kill switch, gets sent to the apron. Kazarian looks for a leg drop, misses, Cage yanks him back on the top rope. Cage up to the top rope, frog splash, cover, two. Couple reversals, Cage sends Kazarian shoulder-first into the ring post, kill switch finally hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Christian Cage via Pinfall

- While walking with Sting, AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin talks about "Big Money" Matt Hardy being a shell of himself and rather than earning respect these days, he's looking to buy people's respect. Allin (wearing a Hardy mask) says Matt will have to earn his respect, "because money doesn't mean s*** to me."

- Jade Cargill sends another message to Red Velvet. Cargill says she knows Velvet was shook before they even met in the ring. Cargill says she looks like money and is already making Tony Khan money. Cargill tells Velvet to keep lifting her little weights and know that Velvet will never beat her in the ring. "I am that woman. I am that b****!" Cargill says to end the segment.

Cody Rhodes vs. QT Marshall (Exhibition Match with Arn Anderson as the special guest referee)

The Nightmare Family comes out with the wrestlers and stand around the ring. QT Marshall is already in the ring. The two lock up around the ring to get things started. Rhodes with a easy trip of Marshall. The two criss-cross with running the ropes, QT leaps over Cody, but then gets two arm drags. Marshall back up and hits a dorpkick on Rhodes.

Marshall focusing on the bad shoulder. Back and forth action. Cody gets Marshall in the cross rhodes, but throws him down. Cody had previously said he wasn't looking to hurt QT with his big moves. QT with a slap to the face! He then hits the ropes, looks for a running crossbody and Cody moves out of the way.

QT flies out to the floor. He looks pretty embarrassed and Cody opens the ropes for him to get in the ring. Marshall gets in the ring and just punches Arn Anderson in the face!

Match ends in a no contest.

- Post-match, QT makes his way to the stage with the entire group getting in the ring to check on Arn. The Nightmare Family students start beating up the veterans! Aaron Solow with a chairshot to Dustin Rhodes. Nick Comoroto and Anthony Ogogo also beat up on the vets. Marshall looks to be happy with all of this as Comoroto powerbombs Lee Johnson out to the floor. Dustin is busted open and takes a piledriver on the steel steps by QT. Ogogo then punches Cody right in the midsection, dropping him to the mat. They move him out to QT, who is still on the steps. QT looks to smash Cody's head with a chair. Red Velvet runs out and tells QT that his friend and he doesn't want to do this! QT decides not to and leaves with his guys.

- Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page look to be a new tag team. They will start working together against Matt and Mike Sydal on Monday's AEW Dark: Elevation.

- Red Velvet tells Dasha that she is Cody's partner and wanted to help him out earlier tonight. Jade Cargill with the ambush attack, throwing Velvet into some stage equipment.

- Earlier today, Jon Moxley talks about the stuff that he's dealing with in AEW. Moxley is not in a good mood with everything that's going on. Says he still doesn't like the Young Bucks, but still owes them on. On top of all of this, AEW wants him to take on the big man, Cezar Bononi. He might be a guy who could make the company some money, but not if Moxley kills him on the show.

Jon Moxley vs. Cezar Bononi

Moxley makes his way through the stands and into the ring. Bononi already in the ring. Moxley tries to throw some shots, but the big man takes him down. It looks like JD Drake and Ryan Nemeth are ringside for this match. Moxley dodges a charging Bononi, then works over his leg with a dragon screw legwhip. Moxley with a leg crank.

Moxley with some kicks to the chest, charges in, Nemeth grabs Moxley's boot and Bononi hits a clothesline, suplex, cover, two. Bononi working over Moxley with clotheslines in the corner. Looks for a knee strike in the corner, nobody home. Bononi fights off a german suplex, throws a back elbow. Moxley returns fight with some elbow strikes and a slap to the face.

Release german suplex, Bononi is put up on the top rope and hits a second rope superplex, cover, two. Moxley goes right into a cross armbreaker. Drake with the distraction. Nemeth runs in and eats a paradigm shift. Bononi with the shot from behind, pumphandle slam, nope, Moxley with a rear naked choke. Bononi is fading and falls to the mat. Referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Jon Moxley via Referee Stoppage (Submission)

- Backstage, Team Taz hanging out. Taz says the group is fine. Ricky Starks jumps in and says he had a great time on last night's Dark. Starks says he can forget the past, and wondered what Cage thought. Cage thought they could have won sooner had Starks tagged him in. Taz reiterates Team Taz is fine!

- In their new dressing room (Inner Circle's old room) MJF has his gift for The Pinnacle MJF introduces The Pinnacle's own personal stylist. MJF says he also got the group an interior decorator and they can finally clean up that nasty bathroom. He opens the door and members of Inner Circle are in there. MJF says they gotta go! He goes to leave and Hager blocked the exit. The groups battle out into the hallways. Guevara hits his finisher on Spear and then slams the door on Spears' head. Hager and Wardlow battle each other in the medical room. Hager puts Wardlow through one of the tables!

More fighting outside as Dash gets sent into the ice bath by Santana and Ortiz. Harwood is bleeding as Santana jabs him with a piece of wood. Jericho and MJF still battling in the room, Jericho takes MJF over to the toilet and shoves his face down in it! Jericho tells him the worse is yet to come and throws MJF through the glass vending machine door. Jericho then tags a swig of the bubbly, pours some on MJF. "This is our dressing room, b****" and Jericho has MJF hauled out.

- Alex Marvez talks with The Young Bucks about what happened with them and Kenny Omega on last weeks. Matt says they don't want to keep talking about this. Don Callis shows up and tells Nick and Marvez to bounce. Callis tells Matt he needs to listen to something. Callis says he loves Omega, and he thought Matt loved him too. Callis tells Matt, he broke Omega's heart. He says Omega chose AEW for the Young Bucks, and they just left Omega out in the ring on his own. Callis wonders if Matt is just dead inside or if he is just looking to count his money. Callis then slaps Matt as a way to get his attention. Matt grabs his coat, but doesn't do anything. Callis says "that's it?" and says Matt is "truly pathetic."

Rey Fenix, Penta, and Laredo Kid vs. AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers (with Don Callis)

Omega and friends get attacked as they approach the ring. Fenix runs the ropes and hits a moonsault on a group. Callis heads to commentary for the match. Fenix, Penta, and Kid are kicking everything in sight. Kid sends Omega into the corner, running forearm, suplex, bottom rope moonsault, second rope moonsault, cover, two.

Omega finally hits a move on Kid and is able to tag in Doc who hits a roundhouse kick on his opponent. Doc with shots in the midsection and another to the face. Anderson works over Kid a bit before bringing Omega in for a few offensive moves. Doc is back in the ring, big boot to Kid, and then a couple elbow drops. Triple splash by Omega and company down on Kid, cover, two.

Doc gets back in there and ends up taking a swinging DDT. Penta tags in, slingblade on Anderson, then another on Omega. Fenix with double cutters on both wrestlers. Double splash on Omega and Anderson. Kid gets back in there moonsault press, Penta with a diving double stomp, Fenix with a big senton on Karl, cover, Omega breaks it up. Penta kicks Omega out to the floor.

Fenix getting beat up by all three opponents, triple neckbreaker, cover, Penta makes the save. Karl with a big boot on Fenix, cover, two. Magic killer, Penta breaks that up. Kid with a leaping dropkick on Doc. Fenix with a roundhouse kick, canadian destroy on Omega. Karl with a big spinebuster on Fenix, Kid with a big splash to break up the pin. Kid with a slingshot move, eats a powerbomb, v-trigger, cover, two-count.

Omega looks for one winged angel, counters with hurricanrana that sends Omega out to the floor. Kid with a wild suicide dive that had an ugly ending for Kid. Doc and Karl sent to the floor, Penta with a cannonball senton on Doc and Karl. Back in the ring, Kid blocks a v-trigger, enziguri lands. Fenix runs the ropes and pops Omega with a kick! Kid his the michinoku driver, cover, two-count. Kid tries for a phoenix splash, rolls through and eats a v-trigger, one winged angel, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers via Pinfall

Post-match, Jon Moxley strolls out to the stage as Omega and his guys celebrate. Moxley slowly making his way towards the ring and out comes Matt and Nick Jackson. The six competitors face-off. Moxley and The Young Bucks get in the ring, but Omega's crew scatters out of the ring.

- Britt Baker with Rebel where she talks about AEW Dark: Elevation. Baker says she saw Thunder Rosa being on those cards and it's a great place for her to get her wins up. Baker then reminds everyone that their match was unsanctioned so the win didn't count. Baker will still be here though, putting women's wrestling on the map.

- Matt Hardy talks about The Bunny being exluced from the title picture and the women's tournament, but that exclusion won't happen any longer with her in Matt Hardy Empire. Hardy also notes Tay Conti will pay for the Dark Order's sins.

Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero and The Bunny with Matt Hardy Empire vs. Tay Conti with Dark Order and AEW Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida

Dark Order come out to ringside to even the odds. Rose and Bunny with the initial attack. Rose hits a double shoulder block, powerslam on Shida, big leg drop, cover, barely a one-count. The Bunny tags in, swings away on Shida. Shida with a judo throw and goes into a fujiwara armbar. Shida with a driving knee lift out on the apron.

Rose with a cheap shot from behind as Shida was looking at Matt Hardy. Shida gets sent back into the ring, Bunny with the cover, two-count. Shida trying to fight off both Bunny and Rose and she launches Bunny into her partner. Shida is finally able to tag in Conti, who hits three judo throws on Bunny. She knocks Rose off the apron, then hits a big knee strike on Bunny, sending her to the floor. Conti with a big knee to the face. Conti out to the floor and hits a backbreaker right in front of Matt Hardy. Matt gets a bit too close, 5 jumps him and a massive brawl breaks out. Conti back in the ring and hits the Tay-KO on Bunny, cover, Rose breaks it up.

Shida runs in and hits a running knee on Rose, sending her out to the floor. Shida leaps on the guys, they catch her. Conti leaps, as well, and down go the guys. Bunny has a kendo stick. Vickie gets the ref's attention. Bunny with a kendo stick shot to Conti, hits down the rabbit hole (twisting elbow drop), cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: The Bunny and Nyla Rose via Pinfall

- Next week:

* Jon Moxley and AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs. AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers with Don Callis

* The Bunny with Matt Hardy, The Blade, and The Butcher vs. Tay Conti with Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, 10, and -1

* Darby Allin (c) vs. JD Drake (AEW TNT Championship)

* Inner Circle to speak

* Jurassic Express vs. Bear Country

- Backstage, Jungle Boy says his team is tired of Bear Country throwing around Marko Stunt and next week they are going to show Bear Country who is on top of the food chain.

Miro and Kip Sabian with Penelope Ford vs. Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy (Arcade Anarchy – Anything Goes/Pinfall or Submission Only)

The ring is surrounded with some arcade games. There's a "prizes" section that has a bunch of weapons on it. The two teams battle away. Cassidy throws Sabian through the "Whack-A-Mole" machine, then smacks him with a mallet. Miro runs over Cassidy, throws him into a ring post, and slams him hard on the floor. Miro then cracks Cassidy with the mallet a few times.

Piece of barricade is angled up, Miro then throws Taylor down on it. Miro grabs a chair from the Prize area, brings it into the ring. He throws a few punches and wedges the chair in the corner. Miro tries to throw Cassidy into the chair, he fights it off initially, but is then sent hard into it. Miro smiling away as the crowd chants "Miro sucks!"

Taylor leaps off one of the arcade machines and down on Miro. He then tosses him into the barricade and the ringpost. Cassidy with a big kick to Sabian, grabs a trash can lid and whacks Miro in the face. Taylor nabs a kendo stick and trades shot with Cassidy on Miro. The two pile a bunch of stuff on Miro, go for the pin, Sabian breaks it up. Kip then goes to work on both of his opponent, german sulplex on the floor on Taylor. He then hits a running shotgun dropkick, sending Cassidy threw some wood panels.

Taylor slams Sabian into the side of a machine, then grabs a teddy bear. Taylor rips off the back and a bunch of LEGO come tumbling out. Taylor puts Sabian up on the top turnbuckle, but Sabian drops down to the stage, kick to the face, Taylor gets powerbombed on the LEGO, cover, Cassidy breaks it up. Cassidy with a swinging DDT, Sabian flips through. Cassidy hits beach break, cover, two. Orange punch lands on Sabian, pin, Ford pulls the referee out of the ring. Ford then lowblow kicks Cassidy. She pulls her belt off, but Kris Statlander pops up and out of a machine! She shove the window pane at Ford. They go up to the apron and hits a falcon arrow through an air hockey table.

Cassidy gets thrown a long way out on the floor. Miro grabs a chair and whacks the hell out of his opponents a bunch of times. He then finds a table for Taylor as Taylor and Cassidy crawl up the ramp. A car is suddenly coming at them, and it's Sue's van. Out comes Trent! He's been away for months after Miro put him out of action. Sue gives Trent a kiss and Trent runs right at Miro! The Best Friends beat up Miro for a moment. He beats up all three of them though. Miro then waves to Trent's mom and gets up on the hood of the van. Trent attacks from behind and takes Miro away from his mom.

Miro then picks up one of the arcade machines and throws it at Trent, but he moves. Trent smacks Miro in the head with a chair, and then spears Miro through a table. Sabian is up on the stage, gets kicked by Taylor. Taylor with a running powerslam through a bunch of tables, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy via Pinfall

- Post-match, Best Friends hug Cassidy. Statlander gets in the ring and hugs the group as the show comes to an end.