AEW Dynamite Results: Shaq In Tag Team Action, Paul Wight Debuts, Women’s Finals

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Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet with Arn Anderson vs. Shaq and Jade Cargill

Cody shakes Red Velvet's hand and says something to her during their entrances. Jade out next and waits on the stage for Shaq to make his way out. The two flex on the stage as Shaq makes his way to the ring with a very serious demeanor. Crowd hyped for this one as Shaq (who looks massive in the ring!) starts off with Cody. Rhodes looking for wristlock contorl and just gets shoved away. Shaq flexes a bit more.

The two circle the ring, Shaq does a little shuffle to taunt his opponent. They tie up again, Cody backed into the corner, dips under Shaq and chops him a few times. Shaq with a huge slap to Cody's chest! Another clubbing blow to Cody's back and then goes for a ride, taking a back body drop. Shaq with another chop in the corner, knee to the midsection.

Cargill then tags herself in, which brings Red Velvet in. Cargil takes a kick to the midsection, gets lifted up on Cargill's shoulders, fights her off, but then takes a knee to the face. Velvet with a flurry of kicks, but gets sent into the corner and then whipped across the ring. Cargill decides to do some push-ups in the middle of the ring as Velvet gets back up. Cargill charges in, eats a big boot, Velvet off the top rope, crossbody, but Cargill rolls through, picks her up, fallaway slam, and kips up. Cargill with a pieface to Cody, who immediately runs across the ring and knees Shaq off the apron. Austin Gunn (of the Nightmare Family) at ringside decides to hit Shaq in the back with a chair?! Shaq dump him and his brother down. QT Marshall tries to get involved, as well. During all of this Red Velvet ends up hitting a moonsault off the top rope to the floor, hitting Cargill and Cody.

Back in the ring, Cargill recovers and locks in a figure-four on Velvet. Velvet reverses enough to eventually get out. Cargill puts Velvet back to the mat and heads out to the floor to grab a table from under the ring. Jade then sets the table up at ringside. Velvet gets out there and tosses Cargill into the table. Velvet decides to bring another table out and puts it next to the first one. Back in the ring, Velvet hits a nice spinning kick to Cargill's face. Velvet tags Cody back in, so Shaq heads in, too. Shaq looking for test of strength, Cody goes for it, but Shaq smiles and backs away. He goes for it again, but Cody kicks Shaq in the stomach. Shaq with a knee lift and then a powerbomb on Cody! Shaq takes a shot to the face, Cody goes for a powerslam! He kind of got it and goes for a pin, Shaq powers out big time. Cody immediately tags in Velvet and they throw shots in the middle of the ring.

We all know Shaq is a big guy, but he looks crazy big in the ring next to everyone else. Cargill lifts and plants Velvet, but Cody interrupts the count. Cody with a thumb to Shaq's eye and hits a running crossbody that sends both men down through both tables! The tables explode! Jade is in shock, Velvet hits a spear, cover, 1-2-no! Couple piledriver reversals, Cargill blocks a punch, lifts and drives Velvet face-first into the mat, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Shaq and Jade Cargill via Pinfall

- Post-match, they go to check on Shaq who was said to be loaded in an ambulance. Tony opens the doors, but nobody is in there. Tony says he saw Shaq go in there, but he's nowhere to be found.

Rey Fenix and PAC vs. John Skyler and D3

PAC and Fenix go right to work with a bunch of kicks on Skyler. Fenix runs the ropes and boots D3 back down to the floor, PAC with a twisting flip down on him. Fenix gets Sklyer down near the corner. PAC up to the top, nails a 450 splash. Fenix tags in, lifts Skyler, knee to the face and finishes him with a package cutter, cover, and we're done here.

Winners: Rey Fenix and PAC via Pinfall

- MJF and Chris Jericho head to the ring with the rest of Inner Circle for their Revolution Press Conference. Dasha moderates as the two are asked some questions. Jericho starts off that it's been one year since he lost the AEW World Championship, and it's about time he's champion again. Jericho says he's a 7-time tag champion. Jericho notes Dwayne Johnson and Paul Wight were some of his former tag partners when he was champion, but neither are better than MJF. Jericho looks forward to beating The Young Bucks on Sunday.

Conrad Thompson asks a question about bringing Sammy Guevara back. MJF calls him "turkey t-ts" and begs Jericho to answer the question. Jericho said he never wanted to hear Sammy's name again and tells Conrad to beat it. They are asked about beating up Papa Buck, MJF says it was an act of self-defense. He says what they did to Papa Buck will be nothing compared to what they do this weekend. Santana then takes the mic, and says Matt and Nick should have done better and not bring their dad around here.

Eric Bischoff shows up to ask a question: Does he know the condition of Papa Buck? Bischoff says among stupid ideas, where does motivating the Young Bucks for revenge rank on his list? Jericho doesn't like the question and tells him to shut up. He goes to continue and the Young Bucks' music hit. They come to the stage and are not happy. Nick says they understood they could get hurt, maybe their friends, too, but not their father. Matt says his dad was the best father in the world. He taught them everything they needed, everything Jericho and MJF's father failed to do. Matt and Nick get in the ring and talk about how their dad built a ring for them to learn and do the work themselves.

Matt says that DIY attitude is something that built AEW. If there was no AEW where would MJF and Jericho be? MJF might be in his parent's home waiting for another call from Rosie O'Donnell. Matt then says Jericho would likely be "jerking the curtain" at the Performance Center. The Bucks end up throwing superkicks to their opponents and a brawl breaks out. Referees show up to calm things down. The Good Brothers come out with a table and set it up on the stage. Nick climbs up above the entrance and hits crashes down on Ortiz while Matt jumps off the stage, and down through a table on Santana.

- Recap video shown of the feud between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley as they head towards their Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch at Revolution. Atsushi Onita (who knows a thing or two about deathmatches and has faced Terry Funk an Exploding Barbed Wired Deathmatch) talks about what the match does to wrestlers, and feels like it's an appropriate stipulation for these two rivals.

FTR and Tully Blanchard with JJ Dillon vs. Jurassic Express

Tully starts off with Stunt, shoves him in the corner and throws some knees. Harwood tags in, as does Jungle Boy. Back and forth action with JB getting the snare trap on Harwood. Wheeler pulls JB out to the floor, JB locks it on him. Referee tries to get them to stop. Dillon gives his shoe to Harwood, he swings and smacks JB, cover, two-count. Tully tags back in, chops to the chest. Tully looks to do a suicide dive, stops, and struts around a bit instead. Harwood launches JB into the barricade.

Luchasaurus finally gets into the match and takes out Wheel and Harwood. Tully looks to get involved, but Luchasaurus just throws Stunt down on him. Wheeler and Harwood knock Stunt to the floor, then focus on Luchasaurus, who ends up hitting a german suplex on both of them! Luchasaurus charges into the corner, nobody home. Harwood up to the second rope, JB with a hurricanrana into Luchasaurus, who then powerslams Harwood, cover, two.

JB back in the match, goes to the top, but Wheeler grabs his leg. Harwood with a superplex and Wheeler nails a big splash off the top, cover, two. Wheeler hits a deadlift suplex with the bridge, two, snap dragon suplex with the bridge. Stunt splash down on Wheeler to break it up. Tully hits a slingshot suplex on Stunt. Luchasaurus nails Tully with a roundhouse kick. JB and Luchasaurus look to finish off Wheeler, but can't quite do it. JB tries for a suicide dive, but some masked man in and AEW shirt jumped in the way and took the blow. He then jumped up and whacked Luchasaurus with something when he was near the rope. Double spiked piledriver by FTR and Tully. Tully with the cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: FTR and Tully Blanchard via Pinfall

- Post-match, the masked man is Shawn Spears (now with blond hair) and hugs the group. Arn Anderson looking on from the entrance tunnel and flashes a Four Horsemen sign.

- Tony Schiavone comes to the stage to talk about AEW Dark: Elevation (Mondays at 7 pm ET on AEW's YouTube, beginning March 15) with his broadcast partner Paul Wight. Tony welcomes him to AEW. "No more BS" chant from the crowd. Wight says who saw this turn coming?! He continues that he's very happy to be with the company. Wight plugs the upcoming YouTube show with Tony. Wight says it's a passion of his to get back to color commentating. Wight then says he has a scoop. This Sunday at Revolution a huge Hall of Fame worthy talent has been signed, "and it's not who you think."

Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero vs. Ryo Mizunami (AEW Women's World Championship Eliminator Tournament Finals)

Winners faces Hikaru Shida for the women's title at Revolution. Back and forth action to start things off. Mizunami gets some control of the match, throws a bunch of chops in the corner, taunts a little bit, and lands one more big chop. Mizunami does a little mime work? Then hits a clothesline on Rose, cover, one-count.

Guerrero helps Rose out as she distracts the ref for a few moments. Rose with a big slam on her opponent, cover, two-count. Rose continues to work over Mizunami both in and outside the ring. Hikaru Shida is looking on from the stage. Rose hops up to the top rope, looks for a senton, but nobody is home. Mizunami gets Rose to the apron, shoulder tackle shoves Rose out to the floor. Rose shoves her into the apron, goes up to the apron and Mizunami nails a leg sweep. Mizunami with a guillotine leg drop on the apron! Referee starts her ten-count.

Mizunami with another leg drop on Rose in the ring. Rose and Ryo throwing back and forth shots in the middle of the ring. Mizunami blocks a clothesline and lands a few of her own. Rose with a big lariat, followed by a death valley driver, cover, two. Rose drapes Mizunami over the top rope, goes to the top and hits a knee drop to the back of the head, cover, two-count. Vickie Guerrero screaming her head off. Rose tries for a beast bomb, no, ends up taking an exploder suplex. Mizunami heads to the top rope, Rose clubs her in the head and climbs up to hit a suplex off the second rope. Ryo nails a suplex, then a spear! She pulls Rose to the corner, heads to the top, leg drop down on Rose, cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Ryo Mizunami via pinfa to advance and face AEW Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida at Revolution

Post-match, Shida hands Mizunami the trophy, then offers her hand to her challenge. Ryo hits her with a forearm shot! She wants one back, and they go back and forth until Ryo goes down. Shida smiles and holds up the title.

- Revolution: The Buy In features Thunder Rosa and Riho vs. Britt Baker and Reba.

- Sting heads to the ring to talk with Tony Schiavone about his upcoming PPV match. Tony says he knows Sting is prepared for the Street Fight on this Sunday. Sting says he thought he was ready, until two weeks ago, he realized he wasn't. Now he's shaken off the ring rust and is ready! Ricky Starks walks out and says Sting needs to pump his breaks. Starks said we recently saw some fire from Sting, something we have seen in awhile. Starks believes Sting still has it, but he's no icon...and slaps him!

Sting lands a big clothesline on Starks, then nails a stinger splash in the corner. He then applies the scorpion deathlock on his opponent. Will Hobbs and Hook then enter the ring to help out. Sting fights off Hook, but Brian Cage comes in from behind and swings away on Sting. He looks for another powerbomb, but out runs Darby Allin who locks in a choke on Cage. Brian tries to fight him off in the corner, but takes a stinger splash to the back. Shotgun dropkick by Allin off the top rope and Team Taz bails up to the stage.

Ten vs. Max Caster (Face of the Ladder Match Qualifier)

Scorpio Sky (who's involved in the PPV Ladder Match this Sunday) is on commentary. Caster and 10 trading offense in the early stages of the match. 10 with a running crossbody, cover, two-count. The two end up on the floor, 10 initially getting the best of Caster, but he gets sent into the ring post, Caster goes to work on his opponent before tossing him back in the ring.

10 with a back body drop on Caster. Sky playing up the heel persona, putting over mostly himself. 10 hits a spinebuster, gets swept into the apron, but jumps back in for a spear, cover, two. Caster locks in a shoulder submission until 10 gets a foot on the bottom rope. Caster lands a brainbuster, heads to the top rope for an elbow drop, pool is empty. Caster up top again, but gets powerbombed down, cover, leg on the rope to break that. 10 gets sent into the rope, Caster has the referee's attention, Jack Evans rolls out from under the ring and smacks 10 with Caster's boombox! Caster goes for the pin and that will do it.

Winner: Max Caster via pinfall to advance to the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match.

- Post-match, Matt Hardy comes out to the stage and pays Evans $4,200 for what he did. Hardy is looking to take down every Dark Order member.

- Special AEW Dark this Saturday at 7 pm ET on AEW's YouTube.

- Earlier today, Miro says because Chuck Taylor didn't return, he's going to have to give people what they want...destruction. Game over!

Hangman Page and John Silver vs. Matt Hardy and Marq Quen

Each team trading some offense, Page finally gets into the match, but Hardy throws Silver into him to block the way. Hardy then tags in Quen to get away from Page. Silver tags in, gets sent to the apron, Quen gets the ref's attention, Hardy hits side effect on Silver on the apron. Hardy tags in, goes for a cover on Silver, two. Hardy throws shots down on Silver.

Quen back in the match, kicks and punches away at Silver. Silver trying to get to Page, but Hardy keeping him away. Silver finally hits standing sliced bread and brings in Page. Quen jumps in and takes a bunch of shots. Page with a pop-up spinebuster, then looks for a boot to Hardy, but Matt jumps down to the floor. Hardy gets a hold of Page, Quen tries for a pump kick and mistakenly kicks Hardy. Page with a fallaway slam on Quen then hits a splash down on Hardy. He throws some more punches, gets back in the ring and Quen immediately stomps down on him.

Page back up and hits a death valley driver. Hardy gets away from Page, rolls Quen back in the ring. Quen hits a dropkick to Page's knee. Hardy finally tags in and hits a neckbreaker, then looks for twist of fate, page counters into a back suplex. Page low bridges Quen. Silver tags in and hits a big spear on Hardy and throws a bunch of shots. Silver with a backslide right into multiple kicks to the face, brainbuster, pin, two-count. Hardy up, back drop on Silver, tags in Quen. He climbs to the top and hits a shotgun dropkick, Silver is able to tag in Page though. Double team moves on Quen, pop-up powerbomb by Page. Silver with a release german suplex and Page hits a buckshot lariat. Page looks right at Hardy, but Matt just drops down to the floor and lets Quen get pinned.

Winner: Hangman Page and John Silver via Pinfall

- Post-match, Silver hugs Page, but Hardy smacks Silver and Page with the microphone. Hardy yells at Page and tells him he's not going to make it to the big match on Sunday. Hardy goes for Silver, but Dark Order runs out and stomps out Hardy. More participants from the Tag Team Casino Royale run out and a huge brawl breaks out as the show comes to a close.