AEW Dynamite Results: TNT Title Match, Women’s Tag, Inner Circle, Christian Cage

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Rey Fenix with PAC vs. Matt Jackson with Nick Jackson

Back and forth moves as things get started, Fenix with a big shop, looks for a flipping arm drag that sends Matt to the floor. Fenix looks for a suicide dive, but fakes Matt out. Fenix then leaps down to the floor for a hurricanrana. Back in the ring, Fenix with a springboard shoulder tackle, Matt to the floor, Fenix hits a suicide dive, jumps in the ring and then flips back out and down on Matt.

In the ring, Fenix tries for a few pins, only for two, but then boots Matt in the back of the head. Matt and Fenix up to the second rope in the corner and trade chops. Fenix leaps up for a hurricanrana, Matt reverses into a powerbomb for a two-count. Fenix works his way back in to the match, throws Matt into the corner, hits a leaping spinning heel kick, then hits a springboard dropkick to his opponent. Fenix goes to lift Matt up, but the damage he's sustained from the match cause him to crumple back to the mat.

Matt hits the ropes and runs right into a cutter, spinning driver, cover, two. Matt out to the ramp. Fenix looks to bring him into the ring, no, Fenix heads to the top rope, looking for the running kick, Matt avoids it. Matt flips in and hits a canadian destroyer, but Fenix rolls out to the floor. Matt then hits another on the floor! Fenix eventually gets back into the ring, Matt up top and nails him with a big elbow drop, pin, two-count.

Matt locks in a sharpshooter as he continues to work over Fenix's back. Fenix crawls to the ropes for the break. Fenix looks for a running dropkick, Matt moves and Fenix catches Nick out on the floor. PAC hovering of Nick, Matt see it, runs out and superkicks PAC. Back in the ring, Fenix and Matt throwing back-and-forth punches. Couple counters into a superkick on Fenix. Fenix with a kick, no, eats a superkick, kip up and nails Matt with a roundhouse kick to the head. Both try for superkick and kick each other's legs. Fenix reverses Matt's piledriver, throws his knee into Matt's head and nails a piledriver for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Rey Fenix via Pinfall

- Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston comment about what happened after Sunday night's PPV. Kingston says here's the explanation for what happened with the big explosion. Kingston says he was fully expecting big explosion, and the reason he stayed down after what happened was simply his anxiety creeping in and a panic attack (or PTSD) hit him. Kingston recalls when he was arrested and headed to jail as the original trigger for his panic attack. He said make fun of him if you want, but that's the truth. Jon Moxley make fun of the bomb and says Impact Wrestling probably paid for the bombt. Wondered if it said "ACME" on the side of it? He continues that Omega was the better man that night, but he's happy to have his old drinking buddy back. Moxley and Kingston agree they wanted to see a bigger explosion though. Moxley tells Omega and The Good Brothers if "you are gonna flash a weapon, you better use it."

Cody Rhodes with Arn Anderson vs. Seth Gargis

This match is a quick one as Rhodes gets Gargis down with a running powerslam and forces a tap out via the figure-four.

Winner: Cody Rhodes via Submission

- Post-match, Tony Schiavone heads into the ring to speak with Cody about his injured shoulder. Rhodes goes to speak, but he's interrupted by Penta El Zero M (who's sitting at the Spanish announcement table). He brings Alex Abrahantes over as his translator. Penta says he's 1,000 times better than Rhodes, and if Cody is the prince of wrestling, he's the lord of lucha libre. Penta says Cody is lucky he didn't focus on his shoulder more in the Ladder Match at Revolution because then he wouldn't be able to pick up his newborn baby girl. Cody immediately runs out to Penta and the two start swinging away. Wrestlers at ringside pull the two away from each other.

- At the arcade, Chuck Taylor with Orange Cassidy. Chuck says this feud has gone on far too long between them and Miro/Kip Sabian. Taylor offers up how about one more match? If they lose, he'll be Miro's butler forever. Taylor offered up Orange had a good idea to put arcade games around the ring, so they can put their heads into each of them. Cassidy then finishes the segment, "and then we'll break you."

- Tony Schiavone on the stage as he introduces Sting. Tony compliments Sting's effort in Sunday's Street Fight. Sting says Darby Allin is a dangerous man and puts his life on the line every night. Sting says you combine that with Sting in an environment like that, you are getting a win! Lance Archer then interupts Sting and says if he's not given time, he's going to take time. Archer says he is the face of the company and doesn't need a ladder match to prove that. Archer says if he doesn't get more, he'll take more than time. Tony says that's fine, but this is Sting's time. Archer stares at them for a moment before going back. "Bye, Stinger!" Roberts says as they head back.

- Backstage, Dasha asks QT Marshall about his actions towards Dustin Rhodes. Marshall says the emotions got the best of him, and he'll work it out with Rhodes. Right now it's all about Lee Johnson and his match against Page.

Ethan Page vs. Lee Johnson

Johnson using his agility to avoid Page early on, then lands a big dropkick on Page. Page looks for a suplex, Johnson reverses into a waist lock, but then quickly eats a clothesline. Johnson with a big boot, but Page drops him with a shoulder tackle. Back and forth action that leads to Johnson working over Page's back, hanging neckbreaker, blue thunder bomb, cover, two.

Page and Johnson up on the second rope, Page hits a body slam on his opponent. Page with a step-in cutter from the apron, cover, two. Page and Johnson up to the top rope, Johnson shoves him back, Johnson leaps and comes down wrong on his knee. Referee checking on him, Page just kicks him right in the face. Page hits ego's edge (razor edge style powerbomb), cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Ethan Page via Pinfall

- Post-match, Page stomps away on Johnson, Marshall doesn't come into the ring to help out. Dustin Rhodes has to run out and help Johnson. Marshall just walks out of the venue without a care in the world.

- Alex Marvez talks with Hangman Page about his big victory on Sunday. Page says he gave most of it away to an education fun, but did get himself a new lawnmower. Dark Order shows up and they go off to get some ice cream. 5 isn't allowed on due to the weight limit and he's left behind.

- Tony Schiavone on the stage to talk with Christian Cage. Omega's sweeper gals show up though and totally confuse Tony. Omega's entrance music hits and out he strolls with Don Callis and The Good Brothers. Callis gets on the mic and says we're not going to get to hear from Christian because they call the shots around here. Callis hypes up Omega and calls him "The King of the Deathmatch." Callis says everything went according to plan. Omega corrects him, not quite everything. Callis says oh, that sparkler thing at the end. Callis says they took a lot of the blame about what happened, but he won't confirm or deny if they were involved. He will admit they were happy to take away the fans happiness and something they wanted to see, including Moxley not winning the title.

Omega takes the mic and says it would have been fun to see Moxley vaporized in the ring, but beating and embarrassing him is just as good. He said it was a cherry on top for Moxley's childhood friend to show protect him and "dry hump" him as four sparklers shot out from the ring posts. Kingston walks out to the ring. Callis says he had Kingston in Impact because he saw the talent and toughness, but why did he have to fire Eddie? He did the same thing in Impact that he's done his whole life, when he's so close to success he somehow finds a way to screw it up. Callis gives Kingston a chance to walk out with his pride intact.

He tells Kingston he's got ten seconds to get out and the timer counts down. Omega tells Callis to north/south him and save him! Callis drops down on him. Omega cracks a few jokes. Omega wonders what Kingston hopes to accomplish out here. He tells Eddie if he wants to punch, he'll see what happens! Kingston finally flattens Omega and The Good Brothers swing away. Moxley runs out and they brawl with Doc and Karl. Omega still down from that shot. Christians music then hits and walks out as Omega is left alone in the ring.

Omega is up on his feet now as the two go face-to-face and jaw at each other. Omega looks for a handshake, Christian passes on that offer. Omega looks for a punch, Christian ducks him and tries for the unprettier. Callis is able to pull Omega out to safety. Christian then picks up the AEW World Championship as Callis keeps Omega on the floor. Christian gives the title a look before heading to the back.

Britt Baker, Maki Itoh, and Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero vs. Ryo Mizunami, Thunder Rosa, and Hikaru Shida

Full on brawl takes place at ringside, but Itoh continues singing like nothing is going on. Back and forth action early on with Shida tosses Itoh around before tagging Mizunami in. Ryo with a flurry of chops in the corner on Itoh.  Rose and Rosa tagged in, Rosa throwing some big shots. She looks to hit the ropes, Vickie Guerrero with the distraction, Rose knocks Rosa to the floor, cover, two.

Shida taking on Baker, Shida suplexes Mizunami into the turnbuckle, crashing into Baker, cover, two. Itoh stops Shida from kicking Baker. Rosa with a shotgun dropkick on Rose after she got the blind tag. Rosa with a back elbow in the corner, then tosses her out to the floor. Pretty much everyone is on the floor and Rosa hits a twisting crossbody. Rosa grabs Itoh and tosses her in the ring. Vickie grabs Rosa, but gets kicked away. Itoh able to hit a swinging DDT on Rosa, cover, two. Rosa finally hits a thunder driver on Itoh, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Thunder Rosa, Ryo Mizunami, and Hikaru Shida via Pinfall

- Post-match, Baker cracks Rosa across the back with a crutch. Rosa's partners are held back as Baker chokes Rosa some more and then applies lockjaw. Vickie and Rebel get in on the beatdown and laugh it up afterwards.

- Backstage, Matt Hardy is with Private Party after his loss to Page. Hardy says he needs to bring more money in after what Page did to him. Hardy has more than enough money to sustain the business. Hardy says he's signed someone new to The Matt Hardy Empire. It's The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny! Matt says the four of them are going to destroy four people on AEW Dark: Elevation on Monday.

Darby Allin (c) vs. Scorpio Sky (AEW TNT Championship)

Commentary recapping Allin's Street Fight at Revolution, saying there's no way he's 100% tonight. Both working the ground game as we get things going. Allin flips off Sky's back, but lands awkwardly and is selling his ankle now. Sky with some big shots to the champ. Allin able to work his way back into the match and work Sky's shoulder, followed by some big chops to the chest.

Sky sends Allin hard chest-first into the corner, then locks in an abdominal stretch. Sky with a sunset flip, Allin counters with a pin for two. Allin selling his ankle injury still, walks right into a right hand. Sky throws another, misses, over-the-top stunner by Allin, cover, two. Allin nails code red, pin, two-count. Sky out to the floor, Allin looks for a suicide dive and Sky hits a counter cutter in midair!

Back in the ring, Sky with a brainbuster, cover, two. Sky puts Allin up on the top turnbuckle, Allin with some back elbow that sends Sky to the mat. Allin tries for a coffin drop, but Sky counters right into a powerbomb for a two-count. Sky looks for a TKO, but Allin rolls him up with an inside cradle for the win.

Winner: Darby Allin via Pinfall

- Post-match, Allin gets his title, goes over to Sky and gives him a pat on the back. Allin walks away and Sky didn't look to appreciate that, he ends up working over Allin's injured ankle with a heel hook. More referees head out to help break the hold. Sky looks at his hands and has a smile on his face. hold.

- Next week on Dynamite: St. Patrick's Day Slam

* Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston vs. The Good Brothers

* Cody Rhodes with Arn Anderson vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

* Jurassic Express and Bear Country vs. Matt Hardy, Private Party, The Blade, and The Butcher with The Bunny

* Jade Cargill in action

* Britt Baker with Rebel vs. Thunder Rosa (Unsanctioned Lights Out Match – Anything Goes)

- Inner Circle heads out to the ring (no Wardlow though). Jericho says when any great army needs to change its course, they have a war council, and that's what they are doing tonight. He says the group has been on the decline lately, but they are the smartest in the business and it's time for a new outlook, maybe introduce a new member. MJF jumps in and says with all due respect, they don't need to add a member, but maybe it's time to let someone go.

Sammy Guevara's music hits and out he walks to the stage. Jericho says, "Wow, look who's here..." Guevara interrupts him and says he knows he's the last person Jericho wants to see, but he needs Jericho to see something. Jericho reiterates that he's dead to the group. Sammy jumps in the ring and tells Jericho to look at what he has. Video shown on the big screen, Sammy puts a camera up in the Inner Circle locker room.

MJF strolls in with Santana, Hager, and Ortiz and says he thinks it's time for new leadership. It's time to give Chris Jericho a nice dirt nap. They all seem to be cool with that change. Cut back to Jericho looking at Jericho. MJF says he didn't want Jericho to find out this way, but....get him! The three guys step forward slowly, and spin around to face MJF. Jericho tells him to shut up. Jericho says they talk every single day! Jericho then tells MJF he brought him into the group and he can get out of the group. Jericho shoves MJF to the corner and fires his ass.

MJF tells him to hold on as Jericho says they are going to kick his ass. MJF tries to say he didn't want to take over the group, because he was too busy building his own. MJF smiles and the lights go out. Lights on and it's FTR, Tully, Wardlow, and SHawn Spears behind Inner Circle. The fight is on! Spears whacks Sammy with a chair, and curb stomps him into the chair. Harwood smacks Ortiz with a bottle over the head. MJF sits on the turnbuckl and looks on.  Santana and Ortiz each get handcuffed.

Wardlow beats up Jericho. Santana and Ortiz get spiked piledrivers (while handcuffed) by FTR and Tully. Wardlow holds Jericho up, MJF smacks Jericho in the head with the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Inner Circle gets totally destroyed in this segment as Jericho is busted open from that shot. Jericho goes for the bat, but MJF steps on his foot and takes Jericho's bat. Jericho pulling up on MJF and eats a baseball shot to the midsection and then another to the face, sending him out to the ramp. The group then carries Jericho over to the side of the stage and Wardlow powerbombs him down through some stage equipment. The group looks down on a fallen Jericho as the show closes.