Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Matt Jackson says he picked up a new hobby at home and wanted to give some of the guys a few skateboards. Matt then realizes that he only got the decks, but need the wheels and trucks.

* Matt, Nick, and Brandon seen traveling and signing items for fans.

* The Good Brothers chat with Brandon Cutler who seems to have an erection that he can’t get rid of. Doc and Karl reveal they snuck him some viagara, but it was a week ago. They give him some tips on how to find a proper release.

* Ryzin talks with Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose. Rose says donations are going great, but she’s tired, so they need to figure out a better plan. They can’t seem to think of anything. Ryzin finally comes up with “church merch” to sell to rich people.

* Backstage clip of Shaq getting ready for his match on Dynamite. Shaq ends up entering the ring between the middle and top rope, instead of going over the top. We see Paul Wight react in the back, and he’s very much okay with that as he’ll still go over the top rope for his entrance.

* Matt Jackson at home, showing his son how things will go on Dynamite with some Young Bucks action figures.

* The Good Brothers and Cutler back at the hospital. Cutler just sleeping away as Doc and Karl talk. Young Bucks show up and thank them for their help, but wondered why the tables were needed, especially when they have a big match on Sunday. Doc and Karl talk about Cutler’s erection again, Doc does his best Vince McMahon impression.

* Matt and Nick signing a bunch of posters before Revolution. Matt felt like there was a buzz going on around the venue and hotel. Matt says about 1,400 fans will be there, biggest they’ve had since the pandemic took hold.

* Clips shown from the matches at Snuday’s AEW Revolution.

* Dark Order talk about how they had three chances in the Casino Tag Team Royale, but came up short. The group rips on each other until Tipsy Page shows up. They ask Page about how much money he’s getting from Matt Hardy after winning the Big Money Match. Page says it’s “six figures.” The group talks about how they bought Page all these items, but charged it to his account. Page said he ended up telling AEW to just give all the money away after buying a much needed lawnmower. So, if they bought him all that stuff, he’s gonna need to make a quick call. Page heads off. The guys realize they forgot to ask Page about paying for Anna’s shoulder surgery, and talk about how no woman can replace her in the group. Maki Itoh then shows up and yells, “Surprise motherf***ers!” The group goes nuts.

* Private Party heads to Matt Hardy’s hotel room after the PPV. The group and Hardy both lost their respective matches. Hardy opens the door and isn’t in a good mood. Hardy holds up some grapes (?) and eats them, while staring blankly at them. They tell him he doesn’t need to eat those. Hardy slams the door in their face.

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