AEW Revolution Results: Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch, Sting, Big Signing

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- Tony Schiavone and Excalibur on commentary for The Buy In.

- Britt Baker comes out to the stage and says Reba isn't medically cleared for tonight's match. Reba comes hobbling out with a crutch. Replacing her is Maki Itoh, who sings a song on her way to the ring.

Britt Baker and Maki Itoh with Reba vs. Thunder Rosa and Riho 

Baker and Riho get things started. Riho works the wrist until Baker finds the ropes for the break. Riho is able to work over Baker a bit before tagging in Thunder Rosa. Baker quickly goes over and tags in Itoh. Back and forth action between the two. Itoh goes for a shoulder tackle and gets dropped to the mat. Itoh with a running elbow in the corner, bulldog out of the corner, taunts a bit, and throws some punches in the corner. Rosa has enough of that and send her face-first into the top turnbuckle.


Riho gets tagged in, drops Itoh, cover, two-count. Riho sends Itoh into Rosa's foot, tag, Rosa goes for a tag, two-count. Riho runs over and clocks Baker, then lands a low dropkick on Itoh, another cover, two-count. Riho hits the ropes, Baker trips her up, and sends Riho into the barricade. Baker tosses her back in, Itoh with the falling headbutt, nobody home.

Baker tags back in and clocks her with a forearm and a bunch of knees to the face. Riho makes her way back into the ring, Itoh charges, nobody home and gets draped over the top rope. Riho off the top rope for the diving crossbody, pin, two. Rosa and Baker back in the ring, Rosa with a forearm in the corner, big dropkick on Baker, butterfly suplex, running senton, cover, two. Baker sends Rosa into the ring, Itoh tags in and hits a diving back elbow on Rosa. Slingblade by Baker. Itoh with the diving headbutt, landing it this time, cover, two-count.


Itoh charges Rosa, hits a swinging DDT. She then heads to the top rope for a diving headbutt, pool is empty! Riho runs in and tries for a knee strike, but it's reversed into a single leg boston crab. Riho breaks the hold though. Itoh blocks a punch with her head, then headbutts Riho. Baker back in the ring, air raid crash, cover, Rosa breaks it up. Rosa gets in there, Baker with a tricky backslide pin, two-count, and then quickly DDTs Rosa, cover, two. Rosa counters with one of her own for another two. Reba up on the apron, Rosa distracted, but Baker ends up mistakenly hitting her down. Rosa with death valley driver, cover, Itoh breaks it up. Riho dives down on Itoh. Rosa eats a thrust kick, she's then pushed past the referee and Reba swings her crutch up into Rosa's face! Rosa stumbles back and Baker with the quick pin for the win.

Winners: Britt Baker and Maki Itoh via Pinfall

- Jim Ross heads out to the announce table.

- Jim Crockett Jr. (who passed away earlier this week) graphic is shown.


The Young Bucks (c) vs. MJF and Chris Jericho (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Some of the Jackson family is at ringside. All four battle their way out to the floor. Matt and Nick run into the ring and hit stereo suicide dives. The move back into the ring and do stereo sunset flips into dual sharpshooters. Nick lures Jericho in and Matt with a spear on Jericho. MJF knocked down to the floor. Nick with a senton down on Jericho as Matt holds him up, cover, MJF breaks that up.

MJF grabs Nick's ankle from the outside, Jericho with a springboard dropkick on Nick, and is sent to the floor. He's brought back into the ring, dual flapjack, then Jericho and MJF pose like their opponents. Wardlow picking his spots and getting in a few shots on Matt and Nick. Jericho brings Matt back into the ring, tags MJF in, double delayed vertical suplex on Matt. MJF with a front chancery on Matt. He's able to get out of it and eventually bring Nick in for the hot tag. Nick with a nice slingshot canadian destroyer.


Back and forth action with MJF looking to put Matt away. MJF showing some frustration now. He and Jericho put Matt down again, but can't put him away. BTE Trigger hits on Jericho, cover, Warlow tries to get involved and mistakenly takes a judas effect. I had some technical difficulties, so I missed the end of the match, but the Young Bucks get the victory after Jericho took the Meltzer Driver and the pin.

Winners: The Young Bucks via Pinfall

- Commentary runs down the card. Jim Ross' voice is sounding rough and he apologizes for that.

Casino Tag Team Royale

Winning team receives a future tag title match. 10, 5, and the Natural Nightmares get things started. Neither team is eliminated as Santana and Ortiz make their way out to the ring. QT hits a diamond cutter and eliminates 5 from the match (both members of the team have to be sent out to be eliminated). QT is nearly sent out by 10 as Matt & Mike Sydal enter. The two go right after Santana and Ortiz. Lots of action, but nobody eliminated as Uno and Grayson head in. Mike Sydal gets dropped and sent out by Santana and Ortiz.


Gunn Club run out and go after everyone. Teams pairing off and swinging away at each other in the corners. The Pretty Picture make their way into the match. Avalon and Bononi dropping everyone around them with Bononi hitting some power moves in the middle of the ring. Varsity Blonds make their way in and they go right after Bononi, they try for a double suplex, but end up getting suplexed by him. Austin Gunn fameasser to Avalon and sends him out. Marshall ends up throwing Gunn Club out. Dustin Rhodes telling him they were Nightmare Family! QT eliminates himself and spits at Dustin, then walks to the back. Bear Country out to the ring. Uno and Garrison both get picked up by one of them and slammed to the ring.

Grayson then picks Boulder up for a moment, but he's kicked and then sent out by Bear Country.  Jurassic Express out to a nice pop. JB with a hurricanrana on Ortiz, then a dropkick to Santana. Luchasaurus with double chokeslams on Varsity Blonds. Luchasaurus sends Garrison out of the match, and Bononi, too. JB tosses Ortiz and then Santana. Stunt jumps up and hits a hurricanrana on Uno for the elimination. The Blade and The Butcher head out next. Jack Evans shows up and pulls 10 off the apron for the elimination. He wasn't even in the match!


Bunny helps pull Dustin out of the ring as Blade and Butcher kick him out. Private Party enter the match. They try to eliminates JB, stereo spinning heel kicks. SCU enters the match next and take down Quen. SCU picking apart a few different teams. Luchasaurus goes for a double chokeslam, no luck, Bear Country run in and send him out! The Butcher then tosses both Bear Country members. PAC and Rey Fenix run out and kick anyone that comes near them. The Blade and Quen are both eliminated by Death Triangle.

Daniels tries to send Fenix out, but Rey holds on as the clock continues to tick down. Silver and Reynolds out next and swing away at SCU. Silver with a few pump kicks on Daniels. Reynolds picks JB up and piledrives him down on Daniels. Silver and Reynolds hit dark destroyer on Kassidy, then dump him out. SCU tosses Butcher out of the match. Now it's down to SCU, Death Triangle, Silver/Reynolds, and JB on his own. Fenix dances on the ropes and sends Daniels out. JB and Reynolds on the apron JB with a big back body drop that sends Reynolds to the floor.


PAC sends Kazarian to the floor. Down to Death Triangle, JB, and Silver. Silver on the apron, kick to PAC, but Fenix leaps and punches Silver, but Silver holds on with one hand! Fenix tries for a spinning kick, JB ducks and nearly dumps him out. Fenix lands a big kick to drop JB. Silver and PAC go head-to-head in the middle of the ring and throw forearms. Silver charges in hard, misses and takes a release german suplex. Silver sent to the apron. PAC runs in, Fenix walks the top rope and kicks Silver to the floor.

PAC and Fenix trading kicks on JB. JB runs away from PAC, he charges, JB goes low and PAC goes out to the floor! Down to Fenix vs. Jungle Boy! JB slides to the outside, Fenix with a huge flipping senton and goes into the crowd. Fenix back into the ring, leaps off and eats a kick in midair. JB with a clothesline, poisonrana, and he sends Fenix to the ropes, but he holds on, kicks JB and shoves him out to the floor.

Winners: Death Triangle win and receive a future tag title match


- Dasha talks with Paul Wight about who the new talent is. Wight says the only people who know right now is himself, Tony Khan, and the new talent. Wight says he's going to have the scoops going forward, and is going to give a little hint. Wight says he doesn't think anyone can outwork them.

- In the crowd, DDP and Al Snow.

- Video package is shown for women's title match.

Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Ryo Mizunami (AEW Women's World Championship)

Hard-hitting strikes in the early stages. Things spill out to the floor as the action continues. Shida tries to leap off a chair, but gets caught in midair and sent into the ringside crowd. Mizunami gets control and throws her back in the ring, she hits a couple short leg drops on the champion and goes right to work on the neck. Shida recovers and hits some knee strikes, she climbs to the top and hits a missile dropkick, cover, two-count.

Mizunami on the offense and moves Shida to the second rope. Shida drops down, gets Mizunami on her shoulders and hits a modified piledriver on the ramp. Shida bring her back into the ring, deadlift drops her to the mat, cover, two. Multiple headbutts to Shida, but she throws forearms. Mizunami with a big lariat and a second one. Back and forth strikes in the middle of the ring.


Mizunami with a spear on Shida and heads to the top for the guillotine leg drop, she hits it, weak cover, two! Shida with a straight jacket german suplex, Mizunami right back up and clubs Shida in the back of the head. Shida nails a falcon arrow, kip up, kick and punch to the face, then a knee to the back of the head. Shida lands a second falcon arrow, cover, two! Shida with another knee strike, Shida ducks a punch, poke in the eyes, cover, two. Shida hits a running knee to the face, Mizunami counters with a quick pin for two. Shida is giving her opponent everything she has and can't get the three-count. Shida hits a spinning knee to the head, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Hikaru Shida via Pinfall

- Post-match, Nyla Rose runs out and attacks both wrestlers. Vickie Guerrero laughs it up and kicks at Shida. The champion rises up and knocks Rose down. Britt Bake and Maki Itoh both run out and swing away on Shida and Mizunami. Baker and Rose face-off for a moment, then laugh it up as Reba smacks Shida with a crutch. Thunder Rosa runs out for the save.

- Double or Nothing is on May 30 at Daily's Place.

- Backstage, Miro and Kip Sabian ambush Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor. Miro throws Taylor into a glass door and heads out to the ring. Taylor is dragged out to the ring. Miro on the mic, yelling at Taylor about not joining them and going to the top. Taylor just tells the referee to ring the damn bell.


Miro and Kip Sabian with Penelope Ford vs. Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy

The bell rings and things get going with a bloodied Taylor. Miro is beating the hell out of him and Cassidy is still in the back after the pre-match attack. Cassidy finally makes his way out, stumbling and falling on the stage. Cassidy then hits a huge orange punch on Miro! He gets tagged in, looks for another orange punch on Sabian, no. Sabian out to the floor, Cassidy with a suicide dive on him. He sends Sabian back in, diving DDT off the top rope, cover, two.

Sabian works his way back into the match, but Cassidy hits a tornado DDT. Taylor with the blind tag, beach break combo hits on Sabian, Taylor then nails a piledriver, cover, and Miro breaks it up with a punch to Taylor's face. Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets, light kicks, ducks a strike from Miro, but hits stundog millionaire as Ford distracts the referee. Cassidy hits Miro with orange punch. Goes for another, but Ford gets in his way. Miro shoves Cassidy into Ford and she went flying into the barricade! Miro with a roundhouse kick on Cassidy, and then a massive chokeslam. Taylor with a big boot. Kip checking on Ford, Miro wanted the tag to be the legal man, Taylor with a quick roll-up for two. Miro drops Taylor and locks in game over for the tap out.


Winners: Miro and Kip Sabian via Submission

- Chris Jericho says this Wednesday they are going to have an Inner Circle war council and it's time to make some changes. MJF agrees and they will do something to make the group stronger.

Matt Hardy vs. Hangman Page

Winner receives the other wrestler's quarter one earnings. Page with a big back suplex on Hardy. Page and Hardy make their way out to the floor, Page up on the barricade and hits a diving sledge on Hardy. Page looks for a big punch and ends up hitting the ring post. Hardy immediately works over the injured hand, wrapping it over the metal turnbuckle.

Page works his way back into the match, ducks a clothesline and punches Hardy right in the face. Hardy goes for the side effect, but Page reverses into a crucifix pin. Death valley driver by Page, cover, two. Hardy sent to the apron, Page with a slingshot punch. He looks to splash down on Hardy, but he moves out of the way and nails twist of fate on the floor. Referee starts his ten-count, Page makes it back in at nine. Hardy continues to beat up Page with big elbows to the back of the head. Page trying to work back into the match and just runs Hardy over, sending both men to the floor. Page goes up to the top rope and nails hardy with a moonsault.


They get back into the ring, Page goes for a pin, cover. Hardy hits a neckbreaker on Page, then goes to the second rope, but Page runs up on him. Hardy slips under and hits a the BT bomb, cover, two. Hardy looks for twist of fate, no, dead eye hits! Isiah Kassidy jumps on the apron for the distraction. Quen on the other side of the ring. Page looks to Kassidy for a moment and then Quen.

Kassidy and Quen both get up on the apron and Page knocks both off, suicide dive on Kassidy. Page with buckshot lariat, but he goes right into side effect and then twist of fate, cover, 1-2-no! Hardy wants help, but Dark Order runs out and clears out Private Party. Page with a big boot, ends up on the apron, and eats a shot that sends him backwards. Dark Order catches him and pushes him back up. Page with buckshot lariat on Hardy, cover, 1-2-3. Page now gets Hardy's 2021 quarter one earnings.

Winner: Hangman Page via Pinfall

- Post-match, Page gives the group a hug, and is given a few beers. He drinks some, toasts the crowd, and heads up to the stage.


Cody Rhodes vs. Penta El Zero M vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Lance Archer vs. Max Caster vs. Ethan Page (Face of the Revolution Ladder Match)

The winner receives a AEW TNT Championship Match against Darby Allin on Wednesday's Dynamite. Wrestler must climb the ladder and grab the brass ring (yes, it's actually a brass ring) to win. Ethan Page makes his debut for AEW in this match! Archer goes to work on eveyone with the ladder. Penta hits slingblade on Archer while he held the ladder. Caster then hits a german suplex as Penta held the ladder. Caster calls for Jack Evans to bring out his boombox. 10 immediately runs out and gives Evans a spinebuster as payback for costing him a spot in this match.

Page sets up the ladder as goes for the ring, but Cody runs up and stops that. Archer tries for a double chokeslam, but gets beat up and thrown into the ladder. Caster uses the boombox on Cody, smacking him in the head and then dropping down out to the floor on Cody. With a ladder set up between the second and third rope, Penta flips out on two guys. Archer looked like he was going to fly, as well, but decides against it. Page slips in for the slingshot cutter on the ladder on Archer.


Page hits a rough looking side slam on Sky. He then powerbomb Sky down on the ladder, which squishes down on Archer.That ladder is broken, so Page brings another one in. Penta climbs the ladder, Cody with a springboard dropkick to bring him down. Penta is up and nails Cody with a thrust kick. A ladder is bridged from the apron to the barricade and Penta nails a canadian destroy on the ladder! It does not break. Ringside medical team is checking on Cody (cameras are on them quite a bit, so likely selling the vicious move).

Cody is helped to the back as Caster climbs the ladder, but Sky takes him down. Cody sitting in the entrance tunnel though, Arn is saying he's done. Sky and Caster each up on a ladder in the middle of the ring. Sky nearly has the ring, Caster keeping him away, but gets knocked off. Penta runs over and brings Sky down to the ring. Sky and Penta do some weird move off the ladders, not sure that one went right. Page climbs a ladder, shoving the second one on Caster as he makes his way up.


Caster gouges Page's eyes and looks for a sunset flip powerbomb down to the mat! Caster sent hard into the ladder by Sky, he's then put down on a ladder. Sky heads to the top rope, goes for a frog splash and nails it! Sky sets up a ladder and looks to climb. Archer with a rising knee strike that sends Sky backwards and down through a ladder out on the floor. Penta and Page end up at the top of the ladder, then swing away on each other. Cody stumbles back out to the ring with his weight belt and swings away on the other wrestlers. Cody selling that he has only one good arm now. He hits crossrhodes on Page.

Cody climbing the ladder, to go for a move, but Archer goes up and stops him. Archer then hits a superplex down to the mat on Cody! Caster right up on the ladder and hits claim to fame on Cody's shoulder/back. Archer destroys everything in sight, chokeslams for everyone! Archer nails black out on Caster on a ladder! Archer is the only man standing and makes his way up. Page smacks his back, which only angers him. Archer with a big shot to Page's face. Page with a lowblow and razor's edge on Page. Roberts gets into the ring and gives Page a short clothesline. Penta then superkick Roberts down.


Cody goes for a Cody cutter, but it looked terrible. Penta gets back up and smacks Cody with a chair to the bad arm. Penta goes up and takes a few chairshots of his own, one of which is to his ankles. Sky and Cody both make their way up. Each swing away, Sky pulls on the bad arm, talks some trash, and shoves Cody down to the mat. Sky grabs the brass ring for the win.

Winner: Scorpio Sky wins the match and earns a TNT Championship Match

- Christian Cage has officially signed with AEW! Christian made his way out to the ring and signed the contract. He left the contract in the ring, and showed off his new shirt: "Out. Work. Everyone." He then makes his way to the back.

- Taz joins commentary for the next match.

Sting and Darby Allin vs. Brian Cage and Ricky Starks (Street Fight)

At an undisclosed location, Starks and Cage are seen driving to where things will go down. We then see Allin (with a bunch of hoodlums leading the way) make his way (via skateboard) to the warehouse. We also see Sting driving to the fight. Allin eventually catches a ride on the back of Sting's truck and skateboards in.


Sting is wearing Allin-esque face paint as things get going. Cage beats Allin up and drags him around the building. Sting and Starks battle in the ring with Sting hitting a couple clotheslines on his opponent. Sting lands a stinger splash in the corner. Sting lifts and drops Starks on the top turnbuckle. The camera then flies out to Cage swinging away on Allin. Darby trying to do his best, but gets slammed into a wall and then thrown through a pair of door.

Sting continues to beat up Starks, Ricky decides to make his way away from the ring. Sting then has his bat and smacks the wall with it. Starks isn't thrilled with this and avoids Sting. Sting then throws his bat at Stark, but is able to retrieve it. Starks says Sting is nothing without the bat, Sting chucks it away and tosses Starks into the wall. Sting throws a bunch of punches. Page then lifts Allin and carries him up a flight of steps, only throw him down on a trash can.

Starks is able to work over Sting, throwing a barrel at the back of his legs, Starks then chokes Sting, but gets a cabinet throw into his knee. Cage shows up and mistakenly smacks Starks in the head. Allin runs over and jumps on Cage's back. Cage shoves Sting away. Allin breaks a bottle over Cage's head. He and Sting then dump him down through a table. Starks hits Sting in the back of the head with a 2x4. Starks and Cage swing away at each other. Allin drops Starks, climbs up and hits a coffin drop down on Starks.


Will Hobbs shows up in an orange mask and powerbombs Allin into a metal structure. Hook then shows up and slams Allin to the floor. Sting gets up, but Cage is right behind him. Cage then jams Sting into the wall. Hobbs and Cage then swing Allin in a giant window, glass shattering all over and the frame drops down on his head. It's looking bad for Sting and Allin, but Allin limps over and finds the bat. He throws it down to Sting and he breaks it over Cage's back. Sting smacks Sting with a shove. Allin leaps from the floor above and nails an elbow drop on Cage. Both go crashing through the platform.

Back in the ring, Sting tries for a stinger splash, nobody home, and the corner was exposed! Starks lands a big spear on Sting, cover, two. Sting escapes a powerbomb, goes for the cover, two-count. Sting is able to hit the scorpion deathdrop on Starks, cover, 1-2-3.


Winners: Sting and Darby Allin via Pinfall

Kenny Omega (c) vs. Jon Moxley (Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch for the AEW World Championship)

Barbed wire around three sides of the ring, with more barbed wire boards all around the ring. The ref (Bryce) is in a full out "bomb suit" with a face protector due to the circumstances. Moxley rocking a leather jacket to pay tribute to Onita. Don Callis joins commentary. Omega tries to push Moxley into the barbed wire right off the bat, but Moxley fights him off and finally headbutts Omega away. Omega bites Moxley, nearly throws him into the ropes, nope, they each trade a few throws, but no luck for either wrestler. Omega with a couple boots, Moxley clotheslines Omega over the side with no barbed wire. Moxley goes out to the ramp and throws in some weapons.


Moxley smacks Omega with a few of them. Omega throws powder in Moxley's eyes! Moxley swings a barbed wire bat widly. Omega then launches Moxley into the barbed wire and an explosive goes off! Moxley shakes in a pain, cover, two. Omega uses the kendo stick, whacking Moxley all over the place. Omega uses a trash can on Moxley, who is now busted open above his eye. Omega tries to put in a submission, but Moxley saws his leg with a barbed wire wrapped chair. Moxley is then sent into the barbed wire board in the corner! The challenge is caught up in the wire for a moment.

Omega is then sent into not one, but two explosive sides of the ring. The second one came via a shotgun dropkick. Omega with a shoulder capture suplex on the champ. He's then sent into one of those barbed wire boards, catching the bottom of it. Moxley looking real bloody as he wipes it out of his eyes. Moxley looks for paradigm shift, no, Omega looks for one winged angel, no. Moxley with a release german suplex, then aside suplex down on a barbed wired wrapped chair.


Moxley wraps his arm in barbed wire, hoping to clock Omega, misses, snap dragon suplex by the champ. He goes for another one, but Moxley jumps up and eats a v-trigger. Moxley then cracks Omega with a clothesline. Down to 15 minutes before the ring explodes. Moxley looks for paradigm shift, Kenny shoves him back and both go into the ropes, boom! Omega went face-first and the ref calls for water to throw on his face. Both on the apron now. Omega digs at Moxley's wound. There are two barbed wire boards on the floor below them. Moxley knees Omega and hits paradigm shift down on the boards! Boom! Moxley has a heck of a time getting out the wire. We hear a ten minute warning until the ring explodes. Piledriver by Moxley, cover, two.

There is no actual timer, so it's just the warning sound. Omega with a high stack powerbomb, cover, two. Omega hits one winged angel, cover, Moxley puts his foot on the rope for an explosion to cause a break in the pin! Omega looks blinded for that explosion. Moxley grabs a bat. The Good Brothers show up and give Omega an exploding barbed wire bat. He cracks Moxley in the upper body with it! Boom! Commentary saying there is less than five minutes left. Good Brothers help Omega hit one winged angel through a chair, cover, 1-2-3.


Winner: Kenny Omega via Pinfall

- Post-match, Omega and Good Brothers beat up Moxley some more and handcuff him. Callis goes to the ring and gives them some directions. Omega yells "this is what you wanted!" while Karl and Doc swing away on Moxley. Moxley is handcuffed and beaten up some more until the time counts down. Omega and The Good Brothers head to the stage to leave Moxley alone. Eddie Kingston runs out to try and help Moxley. He couldn't get him out in time and just covers him as the lamest explosion goes off. Pyro went off at the ring posts, at the corners of the ring, and then from the floor. Live crowd was not enthused with that climax. Kingston just lays over Moxley as the medical staff make their way into the ring to check on them.