Backstage News On WWE Changing Top WrestleMania 37 Match

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan at Fastlane to retain his title. A big change was made to Edge and Reigns' WrestleMania match where Bryan has now been inserted, making the contest a triple threat. WWE has not confirmed that the match will be a triple threat, but that is the plan going forward.

It was reported by Fightful Select that the match being turned into a triple threat was the plan since at least the last week of February

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that Vince McMahon wanted to make some changes to the Fastlane PPV. While the card remained intact, the main event was the key focus.

Meltzer noted that there were reportedly many ideas thrown around, and most of them were not good. The idea to make the WrestleMania match a triple threat was reportedly the best idea.

WrestleMania is nearly sold out as WWE is welcoming back a large crowd. There was some speculation amongst fans that Reigns would get cheered by a crowd due to the popularity of his heel persona. However, Meltzer stated that it is not a concern for WWE, but McMahon reportedly still wanted to make a change from the original plans for a babyface Edge facing a heel Reigns.