AEW star Chris Jericho believes that pro wrestling legends Paul Wight [fka The Big Show] and Sting were not treated with too much respect during their respective WWE runs.

While speaking to Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy, Jericho shared his thoughts on Wight and Sting recently signing long-term contracts with AEW.

“These are guys that were kind of almost insulted in their WWE runs,” Jericho said. “[Sting and Wight were] definitely not treated with too much respect over the last few years.”

Jericho went onto say that unlike WWE, AEW knows how to treat legendary performers.

“We treat our legends with respect, we don’t make jokes out of them and WWE is notorious for that, whether it’s Sting, Paul Wight, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Jake Roberts, Dustin Rhodes, throw in Chris Jericho.

“We know how to treat our legendary performers with respect and make them all look great and make them all worthy of being in AEW because if they aren’t worthy of being in AEW why would they be there?”

Le Champion continued, “Everybody’s that’s under contract in AEW is there and designed to be as much of a star as they possibly can be.”

While speaking on Wight’s unexpected decision to leave WWE for AEW, Jericho said, “He was considered to be a WWE tentpole, one of the foundations of the company but they weren’t really using him.

“But I know the value of [Wight], he’s got one thing you can’t teach, experience and who he is as a character, understanding comedy, drama and when to be violent.

“I also know that he’s a great mentor for some of our bigger guys that we have, Lance Archer and Luchasaurus, those types of guys and most importantly I know how dangerous a motivated Big Show can be.”

Jericho added that 61-year-old Sting still has “a lot left in the tank” as evidenced by his recent performances on AEW Dynamite.

“Here he is getting planted on a powerbomb from Brian Cage and then doing a great Stinger Splash and the Scorpion Death Drop, he’s got a lot left in the tank.”

Wight and Sting are now both full-time members of the AEW roster.

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