Comedy Central featured comedian and the host of’s Wrestle Roasts, Dan St. Germain, was a recent guest on our The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast. Host Nick Hausman ask St. Germain what fans can expect from the show.

“We’re doing Virgil next week,” St. Germain noted. “I think Sable was in the pipe. That’s going to be one. We’re going to do Teddy Hart on Patreon. It’s so funny because on shoot interviews, Bret talks s**t about everybody except for Teddy Hart, and then Teddy talks s**t about Bret. This is like a bunch of hot high school girls yelling at each other. We have a big one planned for WrestleMania, which we have not announced just yet.

“Definitely Cody is going to be fun. There’s a lot of meat on the bone with Cody, and Cody’s going to be fun too because never before has a guy who doesn’t have many scandals, is a great wrestler, is a great promo, but there’s still so much to make fun of him for. It’s like the Bret thing, what the guy thinks himself, so that’s going to be a blast. I know that’ll be a blast.”

St. Germain was then asked by Hausman if he had ever offended any pro wrestlers with one of his roasts.

“I pissed Diamond Dallas Page off at the [Bruce] Prichard roast,” St. Germain recalled. “I think he walked out of the room. That’s what I heard because I made a joke about DDP Yoga. ‘With a shi**y RKO, you too can keep Jake Roberts sober for an hour and a half.’ It was like something like that. I don’t think he appreciated it. I got into a Twitter fight once with Mark Madden, but we saw each other at the Tony Schiavone roast, and he was totally sweet.

“Jim Ross looked fucking miserable when he was there watching us. He’ll be a fun guy to roast, and then there’s some that are just super super easy. Ken Shamrock, we want to do that. We want to do him soon. That guy’s life is f**king wild. That’s the great thing about wrestlers. I can’t wait for the Scott Steiner episode. There’s going to be so many fun ones that are going to come up.”

New episodes of Wrestle Roasts drop every Friday on and all major podcast platforms. You can find the full audio and video from Dan’s interview below:

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