On the latest episode of WWE After the Bell, WWE commentators Corey Graves and Vic Joseph spoke about Mick Foley saying that Lex Luger should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Foley pushed the idea that Luger’s body of work makes him an ideal candidate for the Hall of Fame. NXT commentator Vic Joseph said he could see it happening one day, but isn’t salivating over it.

“I don’t necessarily disagree,” Joseph said. “I wouldn’t say I’m salivating to put him in the Hall of Fame. He had a great career, world champion, Lex-Express, slamming Yokozuna, a lot of memorable stuff. I could see Lex Luger in the Hall of Fame.

“I do think Lex Luger will get into the Hall of Fame in due time. I wouldn’t necessarily say next year, I wouldn’t put money on this year, but I could see that happening. I look at his career and say definitely Hall of Fame worthy, 100 percent its Hall of Fame worthy. When the time is right is the million dollar question.”

Graves spoke about Lex Luger not being in the Hall of Fame, saying he expects him to get in one day but believes his relationships with talent is the reason he hasn’t been inducted yet. Luger was known as being a tough wrestler to work with back in the day and Graves believes that could be a factor as to why he hasn’t gotten his just do in WWE yet.

“I think a lot of Lex’s body of work is overlooked because of personal issues,” Graves said. “Because a lot of people weren’t fond of him as a person backstage. I never met the guy, I have no platform to base that off of, I’ve heard the legends and the stories of him being difficult to work with. This is a dude that had a banger of a match with Ric Flair, the crowd was rabid for Lex Luger, the dude is a big star, I’m not saying this year, maybe next year Lex Luger does deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.”

Mick Foley’s tweet can be seen below:

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