Daniel Bryan recently spoke with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT and looked back at his WWE Survivor Series 2018 match with Brock Lesnar.

That match saw then-Universal Champion Lesnar, representing RAW, defeat then-WWE Champion Bryan, who was representing SmackDown. The Champion vs. Champion main event went almost 20 minutes. Bryan says he was thrilled to finally get a match against The Beast.

Bryan added that he always pictured a babyface underdog vs. killer heel match, but things were different as he was working as a heel on the blue brand.

“I was thrilled, I was absolutely thrilled,” Bryan said. “I wanted the Brock Lesnar match for a long time. But how I always envisioned it was babyface Daniel Bryan! Yes man Daniel Bryan, underdog Daniel Bryan against the killer Brock Lesnar.

“But I had literally just become the Planet’s Champion and kicked AJ Styles in the nuts [laughs]. So it was a really weird thing, but I think the weirdness of it also made it fun and made it more pleasurable for me.”

Bryan praised Lesnar for his in-ring abilities and said he believes Lesnar really loves pro wrestling.

“Wrestling Brock Lesnar, I don’t think anybody appreciates how great Brock Lesnar is and the mind that he brings to wrestling,” Bryan said. “I also think, and from a character perspective I’ve said this on a Talking Smack or whatever, but it’s actually not true, is I think Brock Lesnar loves this.

“He just also loves farming, loves being at home and he’s not going to do it just because he likes doing it, he’s going to do it because, ‘Hey, you need to pay me to put my body on the line’, that sort of thing, right? But his eyes light up when he does this. That’s the thing.”

Bryan talked more about the 2018 Survivor Series match and how proud of it he is, noting that it was a real test for him.

“That match is something that I’m really, really proud of and it was a test for me,” Bryan said. “I don’t think there’s been anybody in the history of WWE who’s been more excited to take a German Suplex from Brock Lesnar than me.

“Just to be like, ‘Ok, let’s see! We got to see what I got here. Am I good?!’ German Suplex… ‘Yep, I’m good’ [laughs].”

Below is video from the match:

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