"Do Not Slap Leg When Kicking" signs reportedly backstage at recent WWE Events

Earlier this week a report came out that WWE is fining wrestlers for "thigh slapping" whenever kicks are thrown in a match.

This is something that's been done for decades as a way to add sound effects to the move. A memo was sent to NXT talent about the new rule and apparently that was it at the time.

Fans may remember when Randy Orton and Tommaso Ciampa had a back-and-forth last year on social media about the use of "thigh slapping."

On Wrestling Observer Radio, it was reported "do not slap leg when kicking" signs were placed inside the gorilla position, just outside of the gorilla position, and elsewhere backstage at Friday's SmackDown and Monday's RAW. Dave Meltzer noted that also looks to be instructions for the main roster, but he wasn't sure if fines were going to be enforced for them.

Apparently, a wrestler on SmackDown did an egregious leg slap that made Vince McMahon mad, and the new edict was made.