Creator, star and writer of the upcoming pro wrestling comedy film A Pro ‘Rasslin Movie: The Legend Of Dirty Ron Mikey Gordon was on today’s episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman started off the podcast by asking Gordon what this film is about.

“Dirty Ron is a fast food mogul’s playboy son who gets cut off for having too much sex and too much fun at his job place,” Gordon described. “So down on his luck, stoned with nowhere to turn, he finds a former dumpster dwelling heavyweight pro wrestling champion played by Rob Van Dam, and this Rob Van Dam character, The Moo Moo Mauler says to Dirty Ron, ‘Hey kid, I can teach you how to be a pro wrestler.’ So Dirty Ron has nowhere else to turn in life but to become a professional wrestler, and hey, the world champion is looking for some dips**t schmuck to give a chance to played by Effy called Rainbow Star. And he gives the guy a shot.”

Gordon then talked about how he got RVD for the film. He also discussed the other pro wrestling stars and pro wrestling connections as well.

“I started working with Rob about six years ago booking stand-up comedy shows,” Gordon said. “I’ve been doing stand-up comedy. I was Afroman’s tour manager and opening act for a few years in 2011-2013. I booked a lot of different shows. I’ve run into him a couple times, working in passing. He was the first person that I locked in that really got everybody else to lock in.

“Rob was a guest at my wedding reception last July and came, and I pitched him the script. He was like, ‘I love this.’ I actually pitched him my second film which is a parody of the movie The Wrestler, which he actually had a little bit more interest in than this script, but I don’t want to spoil anything yet. So he loved the script. He read it. He was like, ‘Alright, you want me to dress up like a crazy old man and jump in a dumpster for you?’ And I was like, ‘Please.’ He’s like, ‘I guess I’m the old f**king dumpster show now.’ Victoria was incredible to work with.

“She lives here in San Diego where we filmed some of the movie. Effy, I’ve just known through connections inside the wrestling business, and honestly, making a connection with Brett Lauderdale and Game Changer Wrestling a couple of years ago and running some co-promoted shows with FIST Combat over the last couple of years has really gotten to broaden my horizons with the current independent wrestlers and whatnot. And Brett Lauderdale and Game Changer Wrestling have helped me a lot.”

Gordon also opened up about the filming process so far. He noted the incredible financial investment he has put into the film so far and his commitment to getting it completed.

“We filmed it in November, and when we got on set, we knew a little bit into it that we were in a little bit over our heads,” Gordon admitted. “Either we were going to rush this thing and put it out there or we’re going to take our time and make it done right, and it didn’t go according to schedule, but when does life ever going according to schedule? Here we are, we’re putting ourselves out there.

“I’m 37 years old. I’ve never had a credit card. I’ve never had a loan. I’ve never asked anybody for a dime in my entire life. So to do this for us, I don’t want to put this as a story about me, but this is a story about me taking pretty much my entire life savings, almost $50,000 up to this point, investing it in this film. We don’t have a film done, and now I need $50,000 to make the rest of it. We’ll be making films for the rest of our lives.”

RVD went viral over a still photo from the film where fans commented how old he looked. Gordon admitted that he was not surprised by how viral it went, and he revealed how committed everyone else in the production have been.

“Rob Van Dam is the biggest star that we’ve got in this film so far,” Gordon noted. “The sixth person to ever be a Grand Slam Champion in WWE. Wrestling fans are very supportive of things inside the wrestling industry, and that’s where we really want to tap into because that’s who we are. We are pro wrestling fans. So when we sat down with Rob and talked to him about this, that’s what interests him, and you’ll see some videos come out in the next couple weeks, some candid interviews that we did. We wanted Rob to not be Rob. Every time, even in ECW, even in WWE and TNA, all the promotions, Rob Van Dam is Rob Van Dam, but here, he’s playing a character.

“He got into makeup everyday. He had so much fun on set. He stayed an extra day for us at no extra cost, and I don’t know if he wants me out there telling that story. I don’t know if anybody wants me telling this either but everybody is investing into this. I don’t think anybody’s being paid their normal rate. They’ve all compromised something to be a part of this because they believe it’s something special. That means a lot to me because they believe in it the same way I do, and it’s scary to ask people to believe in you when deep down, you don’t know if you believe in yourself.

“And that’s not a put on. That’s no bulls**t. When we started this, it was $10,000 and I was still gonna have a life savings. Now, here we are March 1st with my life savings mostly almost completely depleted. I’m eating ramen noodles a lot of nights, which is fine. I knew what I was getting myself into, but here we are, and now, it’s put up or shut up time. We thought we were gonna have a movie at the end of November, and now it’s March and we don’t. So either we’re gonna make this film, or I’m gonna reconfigure my life after this, but one way or another, if Dirty Ron’s got to do some dirty things, this movie’s going to get made.”

You can donate to the IndieGoGo campaign for “A Pro ‘Rasslin Movie: The Legend Of Dirty Ron” by clicking HERE. You can find the full audio and video from Mikey’s interview for Wrestling Inc. via the embedded players below:

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