Gino Hernandez’s Mother Reveals Secret Marriage To WWE Legend

On the premiere of Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential, Conrad Thompson and series creators Evan Husney and Jason Eisener looked back at the 2019 episode of The Mysterious Death of Gorgeous Gino.

Gino Hernandez was an up-and-coming Texas wrestler in the 70s and 80s that died at that age of 28 in 1986. Initially ruled a homicide case, autopsy reports later revealed it was the result of a cocaine overdose. Some close to him still felt he was murdered in a drug-related incident.

A deleted scene from the documentary aired where Hernandez's mother, Patrice Aguirre, revealed she was secretly married to WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka for ten years. An added twist to the story was Aguirre's father also married Snuka's mother.

"When I met Snuka at the matches, and he asked me for a date," Aguirre recalled. "He would always — when we were together — he would call his mother, Louise, who always talked to me on the phone. So, I think he went to Japan on a wrestling tour, and his mother, I convinced her to come and see me in Houston. And she came to see me and my father came in town.

"The three of us went out, and the first night we went out, they danced, I didn't even know my father could dance like that. She came back to the table and we went to the lady's restroom, she said, 'Patricia, your bloody father just asked me to marry him.' And I said, 'What? Y'all only known each other' — and she was a beautiful lady. She was from Fiji. So, they got married.

"I was married ten years to Jimmy Snuka. I just found out recently that he passed away, and I felt very bad 'cause he was — regardless of what people said about him — about the time he married me, was the time that they say he had killed some woman or something. That was very hard 'cause he was around Mica,  he was around me. Gina didn't particularly care for him to be around me, but he was always so kind. Just one of the sweetest persons I've ever met. And his mother, too. His mother ended up being my father's wife. So, we [were] just one, big happy family."

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