Impact Wrestling Star Out Of Action With Injury

Impact Wrestling star Chris Bey is currently out of action.

Bey took to Twitter late last night and revealed that he is currently not medically cleared to compete. He did not elaborate.

"Struggle is only a minor setback," Bey wrote with a gym selfie. "Not cleared to compete. Cleared to rebuild"

Referee Brandon Tolle tweeted well wishes and mentioned seeing Bey back in the Impact Zone soon. Bey responded, "As soon as I can I will"

Bey later told another fan that he won't be working any indie events during WrestleMania 37 Week because he will be at home, presumably due to the injury.

Impact is using the Bey injury in the storylines. As seen in the tweet below, George Iceman noted in this week's "Iceman's Intel" segment on Before The Impact that Bey cannot compete due to an injury, which he suffered while being attacked. Iceman did not reveal who attacked Bey, which allows them to do a storyline reveal when Bey is cleared to return.

"When people see you shining they turn down the brightness... Too bad I'm a star, shining is inevit... Just BEYlieve me when I tell you, I will be back. I'll be stronger than ever. I'll be better than ever and there will be a price to pay. #IMPACTonAXSTV," Bey wrote in response to the Iceman segment.

Bey noted on Tuesday of this week, the same day the Iceman segment dropped, that he was getting back in the gym but had a long road ahead of him.

"Day 1 back in the lab. It's gonna be a long road," he wrote with a Tuesday gym selfie.

Bey has not wrestled since the March 9 Impact episode, when he defeated Ace Austin, who is now the X Division Champion. He worked a Triple Threat the week before that, and a six-man match the week before that.

There's no word on when Bey will be back in action, or what the nature of his injury is, but we will keep you updated. He is being advertised for a May 15 Game Changer Wrestling event, and recent tweets indicate that he plans to work the show.

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