Kurt Angle On If He Sees Himself Wrestling For AEW

Last month, AEW announced the signing of longtime WWE Superstar Paul Wight, aka The Big Show. As for the reason he left the company after spending 21 years there, Wight spoke with Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions and cited issues around the company not using him ever again in a main event rolee. Wight also revealed that Vince McMahon called him personally when he heard the news of the signing and wished him good luck.


On the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show Podcast, Kurt Angle spoke about Paul Wight leaving WWE for AEW. Angle said the move surprised him and he believed Wight would always remain in WWE for the entirety of his career. He believes that Wight might have felt under-appreciated in his recent run with the company.

"I always thought Paul would be with the WWE the rest of his life," Angle said. "They treat him really well, they did a lot for the Big Show. When he quit and went to be a boxer, he lost a bunch of money and Vince helped him out a little bit and got him back in the game. There are a lot of things that occurred where Vince McMahon showed his loyalty to Big Show and Big Show showed it back.


"I thought he was in the company forever. I think Big Show probably felt a little bit under appreciated in WWE the last couple of years, they humbled him quite a bit. Had him job out here and there, I understand why he was frustrated but I thought he would be with the WWE forever. If he's happy, I'm happy."

In preparation for last Sunday's AEW Revolution pay per view, Paul Wight appeared on Dynamite and teased a surprise signing for the company which turned out to be Christian Cage. When Wight made reference to the signing being able to out-work anyone in AEW earlier in the night, many thought that AEW might be bringing in Angle instead.

Angle spoke about the prospects of him coming back to the wrestling ring in 2021 or in the future for AEW. He said he also spoke to Big Show when he heard the announcement of him signing with the company and wished his longtime friend well.

"I don't think so," Angle mentioned, in reference to him ever coming to AEW to wrestle. "I texted Big Show and said congratulations on signing with AEW and he said 'Oh man, I feel like I'm 25.' I was like holy shit, you're going to wrestle? He didn't answer me, but he said he felt like he was 25 again, I guess that means he's going to wrestle, I don't know."


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