Former WWE ring announcer and current WWE Network podcast host Lilian Garcia has announced the passing of her mother.

Mercedes Garcia passed away on Sunday at the age of 88, according to Lilian on Instagram.

Mercedes’ passing comes after Lilian announced in a February 26 Instagram post that her cancer was progressing rapidly.

Lilian’s mother battled cancer multiple times. Back in 2013 Lilian wrote a blog on her mother for the WWE Community website, discussing her fight against breast cancer. Lilian noted in that blog that her mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer back in 1989.

Lilian, who announced her father’s passing from two different types of unidentified cancer on the day after Christmas in 2016, remembered her mother in a new video tweet and Instagram post. She also remembered her mother earlier today in a post for International Women’s Day.

“Heaven has gained an angel and beautiful soul in my mother. My heart cries so hard with her loss because she really impacted my life in every way. From the lessons she taught me, the adventures we took together, the way she nurtured and cared for me, to the tremendous opportunities she gave me as a mother. Her presence was such a light. As I held her hand through life, she always had my best interest at heart and wanted me to know how loved I was. And even when we didn’t see eye to eye, we managed to work through it and grow a stronger bond because of it. Mom, I will miss you so much but I will also honor your life by cherishing everyday and continuing your legacy through me. Thank you for making me the woman of strength I am today and for showing me what compassion and empathy look like. I toast to you mom, the light of my life. You were there for my first breath, so it was a privilege and honor to take care of you and be there for your last breath. Rest in Peace mama. Te amo! [heart emoji] [folded hands emoji],” Lilian wrote on Instagram on Sunday.

You can see Lilian’s recent posts on her mother’s passing below: