Maria Kanellis And Mike Bennett Share Their Thoughts On Their WWE Theme

Anyone in pro wrestling who has competed on the indies knows that the crowd size can vary from show to show or city to city. Throw in an ongoing pandemic, and crowd sizes have been even smaller than what indie wrestlers were used to. Add in a snowstorm on top of that and you get a crowd of 14 people that showed up to a recent event in which Mike Bennett took part in.


For someone who once competed in front of nearly 80,000 people at WrestleMania 34, Bennett talked about wrestling in front of 14 people recently when he joined The Angle Podcast.

"It was awesome. And I'm not even sugarcoating it. It was cool. This whole tour has been awesome. I've had the experience with these ups and downs and different types of emotions, but at the end of the day the emotion of just loving what I'm doing has always been there, which I haven't felt in a long time," stated Bennett. "Just this idea of I love professional wrestling and whether there's 14 people of 40,000 people there, I get to do what I love. It was never an option to me; you show up and you do your job and you leave.


"I'd rather wrestling in front of 14 dedicated fans than 40,000 fans who are kind of like yea whatever that's the 205 guy we don't really care about. I'd rather 14 dedicated diehard fans because those are the people who care about you and those are the people that matter. It's like all of these people who talk crap about me and Maria, they don't matter because they're not our fans. Our fans matter. If you're never going to like me and never going to be my fan... I want to talk to my fans. Why? Because you invest in me, you care about me and in turn I'm going to care about you. If 14 people show up in a blizzard in Oklahoma City then I'm going to show up too because those are my fans."

During his time in WWE, Mike infamously took the last name of his wife, Maria Kanellis. The two had an interesting entrance song that was fitting of a WWE power couple. Both Mike and Maria shared their thoughts on their entrance music and where it ranks among the all-time wrestling themes.

"I loved it; it was amazing. I still love it," said Maria. "It literally represents us so much because it's this ridiculous power ballad and just the goofiness of it but the fun of it too. We loved it and it could've been such a cool character and it's unfortunate we weren't able to do it, but at the same time we'll always have the theme song. My Zebra head is up there, man!"


"All I want is when someone says what's the greatest theme song," said Mike, "I want it to be Billy Gunn – Ass Man – and then Greatest Love. Nothing touches Ass Man."

You can check out the full interview below: